RMCO Day 10 ~ Friday, 19 June 2020

After 4 days straight of eating delectable rich curried food from hubby’s shop this week, I had to run an extra mile today, in the glorious 10-ish a.m. sun.  It feels absolutely satisfying to be drenched in sweat with rosy cheeks after a 40-minute jog 🏃‍♀️.

I had a light mid-morning breakfast of sugar-free yoghurt and added swirls of sugar-free crunchy peanut butter and homemade caramel, made by our baker daughter.   Today’s breakfast is light and easy as we’re going to be digging into Nasi Kerabu from hubby’s shop for lunch, which is just an hour away!


Today our baking queen rolled out tangy and zesty lemon curd tarts.  She split the baking into several days and started prepping the tart dough first earlier this week. Next day she baked the tart shells. And the following day she prepped the chocolate cream for the chocolate tarts.  Yesterday she made the lemon curd and today she filled the tart shells with it. All these were done in between online classes and house chores (her duty this week is washing dirty dishes) with the OCD mother screaming at her to wipe away crumbs, flour, sugar and cream droppings on counter tops and floor before the ants feast on them and make her ballistic 🙃

Lemon curd that tastes like a hundred bucks! This jar comes from the juice and zest of 4 lemons. I eat it straight from the jar, like ice-cream, yumms!

When life gives you lemons, go make lemon curd and lemonade. Sherilyn made me a glass of super sour lemonade sans any sweetener or honey, which helped to melt away the beef rendang and Nasi Kerabu from hubby’s shop 😆

Sherilyn also cooked Japchae today and that’s for her breakfast tomorrow as she won’t have the time to cook anything tomorrow — she’s attending a Fighting Course for PT3 students conducted by teachers at her tuition center.  I’d paid over RM500 for this 3-month revision program just before the Coronavirus pandemic. No one could have guessed that a month later, the Ministry announced that all government exams for this year will be scraped off due to the pandemic and partial lockdown, except for SPM, which will be postponed to the first quarter of next year. Since we’ve paid, the course will still proceed as planned.  I think it’s still very beneficial that she attends this course (to be conducted online until the MCO is lifted) so that she gets to learn everything that she missed out in school throughout the MCO.

In the evening, Alycia toddled out of her room and sprang a surprise on all of us when she cooked! The girl who hates to be in the kitchen and hates greasy hands actually cooked a new recipe which she’s just watched on You Tube and couldn’t wait to try it out!  It’s some kind of Korean tofu noodles pancake, using a little Japchae that her sister cooked, and added soft organic tofu, eggs and flour.  Very impressively addictive, I must say, and it’s pretty healthy too as she used very little oil and didn’t add any salt to the batter 😁

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Homemade Banana Orange Crepe

I made a batch of banana and orange crepe early this week.  Though I had made them without referring to any recipes and had just mixed all the ingredients together without any proper measurement, the crepes turned out very well and were a big hit with the gals.

Alycia who loves cooking never fails to volunteer helping me in the preparation of the crepes. First she helped me stir all the ingredients.

Then she helped me pour the sliced bananas in.

The batter ready to be pan fried.

Want the recipe? Hop on to my other blog  to get it.

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Healthy Homemade Pancakes

Alycia has been bugging me to make pancakes for lunch as I’ve not made them for months. During the initial months of my pregnancy, I just could not stand the sight of food that are sweet, including pancakes and my favorite cakes and breads.

Yesterday, I made them this wholesome pancake made up of organic wholemeal flour, organic unbleached high protein flour, wheatgerm, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, almond nibs, 3 large scoops of milk powder and 2 eggs. 

To make the pancake more appetizing and flavorful, Alycia requested for a slap of strawberry jam, peanut butter and kaya on her pancakes.  I then cut them into triangle slices like pizza and the gals love them to bits, including Miss Spitty Spat Sherilyn.

Read more about my healthy pancakes here.

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Alycia Makes Pancakes

Alycia loves eating, playing with her masak-masak (toy cooking set) and anything that has got to do with food. Yesterday she tried her hands at making pancakes for lunch. After I had poured out the wholewheat flour, chocolate milk powder, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheatgerm, eggs and water into a large bowl, she helped me mix and stir the batter.

Alycia mixing and stirring the batter.

Fresh from the pan wholesome pancakes for toddlers and mummy too.

Alycia can’t wait to taste the pancake that she had helped to make.

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