My New Work Station

This is my old work station – all cluttered and squeezy.   Totally no space for me to put anything else on the table…. The table was bought from Ikea too 4 years ago.

And this is my new work station, bought from Ikea on Sunday…. so spacious and iLove the little storage space with transparant plastic containers. This is the latest design from Ikea. Nice or not? Say nice lar!
I wanted to get myself a bright pink office swivel chair but had forgotten to put the stock into our cart upon check out, bummer!! Must get hubs to make another trip to get that pink swivel chair. I know the color is a bit off but I love pink… or maybe I should get the swivel chair in bright red to match those red containers. BTW, I also got a bright red cabinet from Ikea to store my stock and it’s now placed in the living room. Now, the house is very red, very ‘hoong’ and hopefully this will generate some good vibes and chi to the entire household!  Hmm, must do something about the unsightly cables and wires under the table though… 

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I Really Need A Larger Computer Desk

That’s the picture of my workplace. I took a snapshot of it on Saturday after the computer guy took my CPU away to have it fixed.  With the archaic tower CPU, my desk is even more squeezy. That is why I can never eat and work at the same time coz there is just no place for me to put a bowl or a mug.

Maybe it’s time for me to get a larger computer desk. I’ve blogged about it in a number of paid posts on wanting to get a larger home office and hey you know, I’m not really bull-shiting in my posts, I truly want to get a larger computer desk for my home office!

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