MCO Day 84 ~ Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Today our baking queen baked her very first loaf of hand-kneaded bread, which is Brioche loaf bread and Brioche buns!  According to her, the bread is not 100% perfect as the texture is not super fluffy and pillowy but her sisters and I think that it’s pretty good — super soft, buttery and rich (she used 6 eggs and an entire block of butter for all these). In fact she even marked her Brioche as ‘FAILED’!  That’s how much a perfectionist and critical she is, just like her dad.

Brioche burger buns… but we think they look like ‘Heong Peang’ 😆  Nonetheless. taste and texture are commendable.

Lunch today is Sundubu jigae (Korean Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) again as there’s still one last portion of homemade Gochujang in the fridge which Sherilyn made some two weeks ago. She also made a side of Oi Muchim (spicy Korean marinated cucumber).  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Sundubu jigae which tastes so much better than the ones at Korean restaurants as ours is less salty (and doesn’t give me a bad aftermath of unquenchable thirst) and most of the ingredients are organic.

Dinner tonight is Nasi Hujan Panas from hubby’s kitchen.

Today marks the last day of the Movement Control Order (MCO) and tomorrow begins the next phase ~ Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). Our country is slowly but surely on the way to recovery! 🙏

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

She may look demure and as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but when she sees food, this girl with an insatiable appetite is capable of doing anything and I mean anything… not even the harshest of threats can stop her from shoving forbidden food into her mouth at times. Well, that’s the way this little tough cookie crumbles.

Barely 5 minutes after walloping her dinner last Friday, this suave little rat (she was born in the year of the rat and she ‘steals’ food as swift as a rat too!) and her sisters started to peck on the hot loaf of wholemeal bread that’s just out from the oven the moment our eyes were away from the tray of bread….

If you bake breads regularly, you will know that hot breads with crispy crust taste just so divine! The steaming toothsome flavor of yeast mixed with milk, butter and Manuka honey effused from the hot bread as you bite into the crispy crust can be very addictive. One bite will surely lead you to another bite and another and the outcome is often like this…

… which often leaves grandma beaming with joy and satisfaction

And I admit that I was also a partner in crime muahahahaha!!  Today, grandma will be baking walnut rye bread with figs and we can’t wait to peck on the hot bread this evening 😀

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Homemade Goodies With TLC

Whilst I was busy doing revision with Alycia and Sherilyn on Sunday, my mil kept herself busy in the kitchen the whole day.  She cooked a pot of red bean-lotus seeds-pandan leaves tong sui, baked 2 trays of green tea red bean buns and also baked a tray of Spanish Magdalenas!  She also whipped up some fabulous dishes for dinner that night. The next day, she baked some wholemeal buns and a loaf of wholemeal bread so that the kids can bring fresh bread to school.  All these she made with TLC.  After all,  one of the best ways to lift a person’s mood is through good food, agree? We’re blessed 😀   And not to mention all these good food lift a person’s weight too, definitely!!

Red bean tong sui boiled using my mil’s Le Creuset pot…

Comfort food for little tummies… green tea red bean buns and sumptuous Magdalenas…

Green tea buns oozing with goodness…

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A Galore of Good Food

Ever since my mil came back from Hong Kong, I don’t have to crack my head to whip up food for my 3 kiddos. Everyday, there will be piping hot yummy food served on the dining table – twice a day. There will be cakes, buns and breads baked several times a week, oh goodie!! Kiddos’ finger and toe nails all trimmed by their mah mah and finally their private 24-hour Mandarin tutor is back!

Butter roll sprinkled with sesame seeds and cheese….

Banana walnut cake…

red bean paste as filling for the green tea buns…

green tea buns…

just out from the oven green tea buns…



I saw Digestive biscuits, cream cheese, fresh blueberries and chunks and chunks of cheese in the fridge. I think she will bake cheese cake or blueberry tarts next…. oh goodie!!



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Whipping Up A Hurricane

These days, my mil has been very adventurous in the kitchen. Almost everyday, a surprise would await us ;P

One of the days last week, she whipped up a hurricane. In just half a day, she whipped up these surprises for us:

Baked lemon-orange cheese cake and a big portion of pesto sauce (made from fresh basil leaves, toasted pine nuts, fresh garlic, Parmesan cheese and olive oil)

Macro shot of the lemon orange baked cheese cake.

2 loaves of healthy multi grain bread.

And we had cheese cake and fresh-from-the-oven bread spread with fresh-from-the-blender pesto sauce for tea that day!  What a lovely treat we all had and I had to work out extra hard for the next few days that followed!

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Blue Cheese Bread

This is a backdated post. My mil made a few loaves of blue cheese wheat bran bread about a month ago. It was her first try baking blue cheese bread.

Hubs giving his mum a helping hand in plaiting the dough.

The dough has to be placed in this special wooden bowl sprinkled with flour so that the bread has nice stripes on the body.

The loaves of bread, just out from the oven.

The blue cheese. On its own, no one could stomach the pungent smell, not even for a cheese lover like me or my gals. It tastes very much like vomit and even after rinsing my mouth with water, the aftertaste was still lingering inside, eeeeeesh!! Alycia kept saying she wanted to vomit each time she passed by the kitchen! But the bread did not taste as bad and pungent after being baked in the oven. They tasted very cheesy and quite delish.

While the adults were busy in the kitchen, my 2 older brats helped themselves to ice-creams. As usual, brat #2 had ice-cream drippings everywhere on her body.

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Homecooked Dishes And Homemade Bread

Here are some of the dishes that my mil whipped up last week:

Her ‘lar sau’ stir-fried minced pork with fermented bean paste, garlic, shallots and brown sugar. It’s one of my favorite dishes, yums… iLikey!

Shallow fried ‘char yue jai’ fish, fried till super crispy and with crackling sounds when you bite on the tail and fins, which is Alycia and Sherilyn’s favorite.  They even fight to eat the fish tail hahaha….

Tofu dish with minced pork, shiitake mushrooms and spring onions…

She also baked 2 loafs of purple sweet potato bread….

This week, she baked 2 loafs of orange bread (which she used 1 whole bottle of marmalade jam and fresh orange peel to make the bread) and 2 trays of really gloriously sinful and fattening almond butter cookies. This, I shall post the pix later, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, go drool over the dishes and bread LOL…..

On a side note, do check out my online store as I have loaded pix of some pretty second hand kids clothes for sale. There are also pix of some new and trendy dresses.

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Delectable Homemade Breads And Bread Spread

Before my parents came to KL 1.5 weeks ago, I had a special request for my favorite sugar-reduced homemade kaya. And so my dear mum and dad slogged over the stove for hours and made me these bread spreads:

L to R : Pandan kaya with extra eggs, sugar-free peanut butter, caramel kaya, reduced-sugar strawberry jam and pineapple jam.

The bread spreads went really well with these delish breads which my mil baked:

Rye bread with moh far koa (figs) and roasted walnuts…

Carrot bread with sunflower seeds…

With such delectable homemade breads and bread spreads (not forgetting my mil’s homemade cakes and cookies), I have been gorging on these carbs everyday. I tell ya, I just love bread and kaya and can never get enough of them. And it is largely because of this that I have to pull myself up from bed at 5:45am each morning (before my 3 brats wake up) to run the calories away hah!

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What’s Up?

Guess what my 3 monkeys are doing here with mah mah? Something really interesting is up coz mah mah is whipping up a surprise for them…..




















Manuka honey muffins in Mickey Mouse cups. Nice hor? Tastes nice too coz they are not too sweet and I like the aroma of the Manuka honey.

Now that I know how to operate our android digital oven, my mil has been baking bread every other day. Nice, iLike it!   When she goes overseas again soon, I’ll take over with the baking.

These breads are not baked using a bread maker.  Those of you with bread makers would surely agree on one thing with me – that is the skin of the bread made using the bread maker is hard, right?  So my mil made her breads from scratch and the dough are all proved / fermented for 17 long hours.  That’s why her breads are all soft and the texture is different from those made using a bread maker.

Nice to see, nice to eat but my weight is definitely not nice to see on the scale. I’ve been eating so much bread and muffins that my weight ain’t budging down a wee bit. The only thing I can do is to run longer and intensify my speed every morning, beginning next week when the school holidays start. That’s when I don’t have to rush home to prepare my 2 monkeys for school.

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My Wholesome and Simple Lunch

This is my lunch almost everyday. Homemade bread with Steffi’s sugar-free peanut butter or kaya (LOVE kaya but don’t always eat it as it’s fattening), avocado or organic jams, sugar-free black sesame jam (another of my favourite) or tuna fish.

A ripe avocado in halves, ready to be scooped out to be spread on the bread or directly into our mouths (the gals love avocado).

I had this yesterday. Fresh Avocado on toasted homemade bread with peanut butter and organic strawberry jam. Thankfully Alycia and Sherilyn also love Avocadoes as they are very nutritious and packed with good oil, Vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals.

Read more about avocado here.

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What’s That Nice Smell?

A few days ago, I baked a loaf of bread for the gals. After I had returned from my morning jog, I quickly prepared the ingredients and dumped everything into my breadmaker so that the gals and I can have fresh hot bread for lunch.

When the bread was almost ready, the sweet aroma of bread wafted up from the storeroom next to the kitchen. It’s as if one has walked into a bakery. Alycia asked me what the nice smell was towards lunch time and I brought her to the storeroom where the breadmaker was. She was delighted to see a fresh loaf of bread in the breadmaker.

The gals and I almost wolfed down the whole loaf of bread for lunch.

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Healthy Homemade Nutty Cheddar Cheese Bread

First, just measure and dump all the ingredients into my breadmaker.

All the healthy bread ingredients in the breadmaker.

Add in a small wedge of smoked cheddar cheese from HK.

Switch on my Sanyo breadmaker and ……

2 hrs 40 mins later….. a delicious fragrant loaf of nuttylicious bread, just in time for lunch.

I was in a mood to bake this morning so after I came back from jogging, I quickly baked a loaf of ‘healthy nutty cheddar cheese bread’ for the gals just before they woke up. Took me only 20 minutes to gather and measure all the ingredients and another 5 minutes snapping the pix. Even dumped in 2 tablespoons of my gals’ Sustagen chocolate milk powder for added calcium and DHA/ARA and protein. Instead of putting the usual 2 tablespoons of butter, I substituted it with 1 tbs of butter and 1 tbs of cheddar cheese that sil no. 2 brought back from HK on Monday. The result…. a yummilicious, nutty, cheesy, chewy bread that both my gals couldn’t stop asking for more to munch for lunch.

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