RMCO Day 103 ~ Sunday, 20 September 2020

Feeling disappointed that my craving for sublime sugar-reduced banana loaf couldn’t be satiated after Sherilyn’s failed banana loaf, I succumbed to ordering from a homebased seller on our residential garden Facebook group 🤭

At RM18 for a 500gm loaf, the banana loaf was simply amazing — less sweet, fluffy and with lots of bananas inside out. Even the two most critical foodies in the house complimented on how tasty the cake was.

With so many homebased bakers that popped out during the MCO, I am now spoilt for choices. I can have a taste of homebaked cakes and at the same time help these people ride out this very trying period.

The banana cake was scarfed down by the second day and I only got the chance to try one miserable slice. With two homebased bakers in our Taman Facebook group now on my favorite list, I am now tempted to order another banana cake but can’t decide which type to order – from an old aunty who makes old fashioned sugar-reduced banana cake or from this millennial baker who makes sugar-reduced stunning banana loaf with lots of bananas 🍌

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MCO Day 80 ~ 5 June 2020 (Friday)

This morning’s jog was cut short when it started to drizzle.  Oh how I dislike wet mornings!  I continued running for a short while in the drizzle until it got heavier.  Getting a minimum of 30 minutes run each day is as important as getting my daily supplements. My daily workout is akin to popping a daily happy vitamin 😊.  When I got back from my morning jog today, brekkie was served!  Our in-house chef has prepped a luxurious gourmet breakfast for me and she later prepped something light and healthy for lunch 💝

Breakfast menu:
* Tartine rye toast with smoked salmon and poached egg with homemade Hollandaise sauce and dill;
* Banana walnut bread baked with organic almond flour, organic multi-purpose flour and organic coconut sugar, thus the dark color.

Lunch menu: grilled broccoli, carrots and onions drizzled with Hollandaise sauce and steamed sweet potatoes.

Banana walnut bread was baked two days ago. Today Sherilyn heated up a slice in the oven for my brekkie.

My guilt-free snack of grilled vegetables ~ I can eat grilled vegetables everyday and never get bored of it.  Everyday can be a different combo – from zucchini to pumpkin, beets, sweet potato sticks or wedges, sweet corns, etc.  The variety of vegetables used, herbs and spices used to flavor the vegetables are just endless.

The girls also prepped something for our in-house guards –  potato chips and tortilla with yummy tuna mayo dip, decorated with dill and seasoned with freshly ground black pepper.

Boxed juice and yummy snacks for our friendly hardworking guards. They are also happy beneficiaries of boxed food from hubby’s shop whenever there is surplus food.


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46th Birthday

After I touched the 4 series, I often lose track of my age!  I often have to use my birth year to calculate my age in the current year 🤫 🤭 I wonder whether I’ll still remember my age when I touch the 6, 7 and 8 series.  Do you face the same issue as me?

The original plan for my special day was to go to My Town Shopping Center – a movie for the girls and retail therapy for myself. But late yesterday evening, I received a bunch of writing assignments from my online boss 🤑  So I had to cancel my plan and have been cooped up at home and  writing all day since last night.  But no complaints from me and the girls.  Work comes first. Entertainment has no deadline.  While my fingers were glued to the keyboard, the girls had their fingers glued to their devices. This is what happens when I am busy with work – the girls morph into dopamine-frazzled zombies!

It’s a quiet day at home today. Alycia has gone to her friend’s house to work on a school project and the mil has gone out with her visiting daughter from Hong Kong. I feel no pressure at all rushing off my assignments as I have no driver duty to do, no errands to run and no need to cook today.  I needn’t even have to drive out to buy lunch as Sherilyn settled all my meals!

She cooked broccoli + scallion omelette and sauteed organic mixed fresh mushrooms with butter and cajun. Both dishes were yums and right up my alley!

For dessert, she made salted caramel apple crumble for the birthday mum, with no specific recipe. She assembled the dessert with leftover whipping cream that she used for my birthday cake and the salted caramel apples were for her oats this morning. She whacked several pieces of plain crackers to use as the crumble.

Yesterday Sherilyn whomped up a mango cake for me, in under two hours.

Fresh mangoes were used to decorate the cake into the shape of a yellow rose. The cream is made from fresh whipping cream and matcha powder.

Dinner will be at Stone Nine by Jiro Shabu again, a place that I’ve fallen in love with after our first dining experience last weekend.

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Pomegranate Chocolate Cake

My baking queen’s last bake for the year 2018 on 31 December 2018 was a hyper-delicious pomegranate cake, cafe style, complete with decor.

It’s pretty unbelievable that a 13-year old baked this!

When Sherilyn was much younger, I had suspicion that she had ADHD as she was always hyper-active (and kept getting herself into accidents till I bought an accident insurance for her when she was 1 year old), didn’t need much sleep (even up to this date!) and could not focus in her studies. We were always in loggerheads simply because she was bull-headed and so am I! She loves to answer me back whenever I say that she’s stubborn by snapping this remark at me “whose genes do you think I have?

When Sherilyn was 10 years old, my suspicion was quelled. She baked a gluten-free strawberry cake for her granny’s 70th birthday, all on her own. And then she googled many other recipes and baked tons of other stuff. My all-time favorite is her meat pie.  That was when I saw how focused she could be when she was doing something that she loves.

Ok, back to this hyper-yummy pomegranate cake!

Sherilyn spent over 5 hours on the cake. She had wanted to bake the cake on 30 December, i.e. on the actual day of her dad’s birthday to surprise him but we were out the whole day and I had to stop her from baking.  Thus she baked it as a belated birthday cake for her dad the next day.

This cake is truly very pomegranate-ish.  Every bite of the cake has fresh, juicy rubies of pomegranate in it.  Even the cake batter and butter icing have pomegranate juice in them.

The pastel pink butter icing is composed of white chocolate, pomegranate jam (which she made a week earlier), butter and sugar.

Pomegranate jam made using freshly juiced pomegranate rubies, lemon juice and a little sugar:

The chocolate cake is coated with a layer of dual pastel colored butter icing, which she used blue pea flower for the blue and pomegranate juice for the pink.

She baked three cakes using organic cocoa powder, sliced the cakes into half and stacked them up to a taller height. The cakes are sandwiched with dark chocolate butter cream.

Mixing the blue pea flower colored water into the butter cream:

The chocolate wings for the decor are made from frozen melted dark chocolate:

This cake tastes 100% like one bought from a fancy schmancy cafe.  Even after 3 days when we ate it today, it still tastes good.

Even her hyper-critical foodie dad said the cake tastes “OK la”.  When this comment comes from him on anything that we bake or cook, this means it’s GOOD.  When he pushes the food aside and said “lousy or no good”, it means it is still good but not up to his hyper-high standard la. 🙄 🙄

Even Alycia who is always hyper-critical of everything that Sherilyn cooks or bakes commented that the cake tastes like some cafe-bought cake but said that the decor needs some improvement if she has intention of selling her cakes 🤑

I give my baking queen a 9/10 rating for this cake 😍.

She’s really on her way to selling her cakes and bakes very soon! 🤑


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Sherilyn’s Holiday Baking

The Baking Queen in the house aka Drama Queen aka Sherilyn has embarked on some baking projects to kill time during the school holidays. This is the best activity for her to distract her from all the electronic gadgets in the house.

Here’s what she baked over the past 2 weeks:

Homemade pizza with the dough that she made from scratch:

Pizza toppings ~ mashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, overnight sauteed broccoli with fresh mushrooms, overnight ‘unwanted’ chicken breast from dinner and mozarella cheese. She ‘recycled’ leftover dinner into a yummo pizza!

Pancake using the Japanese pancake mix that her doting koo ma from Hong Kong gave. Sherilyn mixed the pancake mix with dried blue pea flowers tea from her granny’s garden. She was so delighted to have finally made a blue colored pancake using natural blue coloring 💙

Organic sweet corn fritters with kafir lime leaves (everyone’s favorite!):

A loaf of banana bread with pecans. I love this. This has a tad room for improvement though in that more bananas should be added and lesser flour used.  She made this with only 2 leftover bananas in the kitchen and whipped it up in under an hour. But it tastes like an expensive banana bread sold at some fancy cafes. This is off-the-charts delicious when it’s lightly toasted in the oven the next day. You’ll get crispy exterior and spongy interior.  Stays good in the fridge for over a week.

Nope, these are not coconut candies, though they smell like it. These are a work-in-progress project. They are bath bombs made using baking soda, extra virgin coconut oil, lemon juice and essential oils. Sherilyn’s still experimenting these and they are not saleable / usable just yet.

Lemon meringue tarts, which is another item that you’ll find in a fancy cafe costing over RM15 each.

The other day we were at Antipodean for breakfast after Cass’ appointment at the hospital. The hubs asked if I’d like to takeaway any of the cakes and tarts  at the cafe and I told him that his Baking Queen could bake all those items ranging from chocolate brownie to oversized chocolate chip cookies, lemon tarts, banana bread and carrot cake. So thanks and no thanks.  Our Baking Queen bakes the best cakes, tarts and cookies 😁

Evading the paparazzi again 🙄

The lemon meringue tarts are such a hassle to make. There’re 101 steps and our baking queen spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen to whip them up.

She baked a large round tart and several smaller ones to give away to her dance teacher and to her beloved kakak Maria.

Chocolate molten cake baked in the microwave oven for Alycia’s 15th birthday on 5 December 2018.

And these cookies were baked yesterday. A batch of butter peppermint cookies…

… and a batch of chocolate (using organic cocoa powder) peppermint cookies.  She used my Peppermint Essential Oil from Young Living.  She used 4-5 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil for each batch of cookies.

Sherilyn’s next project will most likely be gingerbread cookies for Christmas! And probably another meat pie which everyone loves.


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Easy Chocolate Brownies

Today Drama Queen embarked on her first post-UPSR baking. It’s chocolate brownies using Kris Jenner’s (Kim Kardashian’s mother) recipe.  She Googled for the recipe, watched it briefly on You Tube and then darted to the kitchen to start work. This time, mess was minimal. After baking, she washed all the gadgets and even mopped the floor. Trophy daughter, hey? 💗

The recipe wasn’t followed to a tee.  Drama Queen tweaked it to our preference.  Sugar was reduced by half and mashed bananas were added too. And the outcome was superb. The chocolate brownie was awesome and the moment it was  taken out of the oven, we scarfed down a big chunk of the cake even before it was fully cooled down.


Drama Queen likes her brownies with a scoop of Sunnyside Farms Cookies N Cream ice-cream.

Everything about this chocolate brownies was perfect, from the texture to the level of sweetness, the color (not overly brown/black) to the taste.

Perfection!  This girl’s got talent. I rate this brownies 9/10.

New project – our best-in-the world umami meat pie.


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Microwave Muffin In A Mug

This is a throwback post.

I had forgotten all about this fun activity we did with the girls (supervised by my mum) in Ipoh during the December school holidays last year until I saw the photos in my Google Photos album when I was browsing the album.

Busy mummies and daddies, you’ll love me for posting this up! 😉

If your kids love muffins and cup cakes but you can never  squeeze out the 1 hour to bake for your kids (I am seriously guilty of this!), fret not. All you need is probably 10 minutes or less to bake a muffin in a mug instantly! In the microwave! 😉

Below – My mum supervising Sherilyn and Cass. Unfortunately, Alycia has zilch interest in the kitchen.

Image may contain: 2 people

Image may contain: 1 person

Below – one with fresh blueberries…

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Below – Sherilyn’s Oreo chocolate microwave muffin in a mug…

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Below – Final product…

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Only 10 – 15 minutes to whip up this yummy muffin! Perfect for hectic school mornings and tea-time.

Ingredients for Microwave mug cake:
4 tbsp self raising flour
4 tbsp caster sugar (you can reduce the amount if you wish)
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 medium egg
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp vegetable/sunflower oil. You can substitute it with butter if you want a more buttery taste.
A few drops vanilla or other essence (orange, peppermint etc)
2 tbsp chocolate chips/nuts/raisins/fruits/Oreo, etc (optional)

Use the largest mug you have to avoid it overflowing in the microwave.
Add the flour, sugar and cocoa powder to the mug and mix.
Add the egg to the mixture. Mix in as much as you can but don’t worry if there’s still dry mix left.
Add all the other ingredients apart from the chocolate chips, etc (if you are adding) and mix until smooth. Add the chocolate chips and/or the nuts/raisins/fruits/Oreo and mix well.
Centre your mug in the middle of the microwave oven and cook on high for under 1 minute **, or until it has stopped rising and is firm to the touch.
Watch it rise as it cooks!

** It takes under a minute or 1+ minute to microwave bake the muffin depending on the voltage of the microwave oven. If the muffin is over-baked, then the texture becomes rubbery.

Happy trying! 😉


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Lemon Cheese Cocoa Sponge Cake

A day before my mil left for Hong Kong, she dug out whatever cake-baking ingredients that were in the fridge that were almost expiring to whip up a delish cake for us. There was no specific recipe for the cake. When I asked her what cake she was baking, she said it’s a ‘whatever ingredients that I have’ cake LOL! Nonetheless, the cake tasted fabulous, similar to those sold in bakeries.

This is her creation :

It is a cocoa sponge cake sandwiched  with fresh cream cheese (made with whipped cream cheese and lemon juice).  Topping is also lemon cream cheese and sprinkled with white chocolate coated rice crispies.  I must say that this innovatively baked cheese cake is very tasty…. not ‘jai’, not sweet, very fluffy, very cheesy and very chocolaty.  YUMS,  iLike!  She also cooked some dishes to deep freeze them so that we could have some instant meals after she had left. So good hor?

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The Tastiest Blueberry Cheese Tarts Ever

My mil made some blueberry cheese tarts the other day and it was really the tastiest, juiciest and freshest blueberry tarts ever, simply irresistible and delicious. It was so nice that the whole batch of tarts were polished off in a day. The pastry was crispy, the cheese filling and fresh cream were not too ‘jai’ and the blueberries were juicy. Oooh, I wish she would bake them again soon! Yesterday she baked a loaf of green tea swiss roll with red bean paste filling and it was really delish too. Today she’s going to bake a loaf of bread with ham, red onion and basil. Can’t wait to try them but darn it, I am guilt stricken as I’d skipped the gym today coz rascal #3 again woke up at 6:30am (again!!) to bug me till no end, sigh….

Are you drooling now?

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Goodies Made With Love From Home

When she’s around, I don’t have to worry about food on the table – 3 meals a day. She prefers homemade breads, cakes, cookies and homecooked food. When she’s around, she would discourage eating out and even discourages buying bread, buns and cakes from the bakery for she will bake them.

Here are some of the goodies that she made recently:

Pandan chiffon cake (sugar and oil reduced)…

Oatmeal-cranberry-almond cookies (sugar reduced)…

Marble cake. She baked 2 loafs of marble cake and a batch of oatmeal cookies in one afternoon!

And this is my breakfast… now you see why I was darn worried when I hurt my back and could not exercise for 4 days.  With so much good food, I cannot afford not to exercise for even 1 day.

Stir fried leek flowers with fresh ‘kai pay koo’ (chicken drumstick fresh mushroom) and fishballs…

Crispy pan fried fish…

Loh kai yake (braised chicken wings).

A very tasty bowl of ham choi – siew chee geok (preserved salted veggie soup with roast pork trotters, tomatoes and onions).

Now she’s gone and will be away in Hong Kong for several months.  I shall miss having piping hot and delish homecooked food served 2x a day.  I shall miss looking forward to what she’s whipping up in the kitchen and in the oven for us to have tea and breakfast every other day.  I shall miss staying cool and sweat-free during meal times.  Now, I have to take over the kitchen.  I shall be sweaty and smell of oil all over during meal times as I will be the one slogging over the hot stove, boo hoo hoo…


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Whipping Up A Hurricane

These days, my mil has been very adventurous in the kitchen. Almost everyday, a surprise would await us ;P

One of the days last week, she whipped up a hurricane. In just half a day, she whipped up these surprises for us:

Baked lemon-orange cheese cake and a big portion of pesto sauce (made from fresh basil leaves, toasted pine nuts, fresh garlic, Parmesan cheese and olive oil)

Macro shot of the lemon orange baked cheese cake.

2 loaves of healthy multi grain bread.

And we had cheese cake and fresh-from-the-oven bread spread with fresh-from-the-blender pesto sauce for tea that day!  What a lovely treat we all had and I had to work out extra hard for the next few days that followed!

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Healthy Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese And Pistachios

Here’s another of my mil’s creations:

Carrot cake with cream cheese, lemon and roasted pistachios for the health conscious. It is almost oil-free (with no butter or oil used) except for the low-fat Philadelphia cream cheese as topping and is flour-reduced and sugar-reduced.
Mil chopping the pistachios, ready to srpinkle them over the cake which she will spread with whipped philadelphia cream cheese with lemon.

I lurve it!! But not Alycia and Sherilyn. They didn’t even want to taste the cake just by looking at it and I don’t know why albeit the cake looked so good and tasted good too.  Perhaps they didn’t like the idea of having veggie in a cake.

Since I had no one to fight over the cake with me as with most cakes, I whacked almost the entire cake all by myself 😀

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Delish Homecooked Food And Homemade Cakes

These are some of the dishes that my mil cooked last week:

Turmeric (kunyit) chicken which is everybody’s favorite, especially moi!  I always polish off all the chopped turmeric and shallots, yums!  And then have yellow lips and teeth, hahahaha!

Braised turnip with carrots, mushrooms, sliced pork, dried cuttlefish and Chinese parsley. Another of my favorite dish.

Pan fried ikan kembong stuffed with fresh turmeric – the gals’ favorite. My 2 gals LOVE fried fish and this is one dish that can surely bring a big smile of their faces.

A pot of double boiled abalone soup with cordyceps, lean pork and Chinese wolfberries or goji berries. A real delish and healthy soup. This is the hubby and rascal #2’s favorite.

My mil also baked a tray of red skin banana muffins (sugar reduced). This time, she added President whipped cream and fresh plain yoghurt to the batter and the muffins turned out really fluffy, soft and delish.

Are you drooling now?

Oh yes, on top of these, she also baked 2 loafs of purple sweet potato bread and yesterday she baked blue cheese bread with wheat bran! And we also received 2 loafs of huge Italian Panettone Christmas bread from my sil all the way from Hong Kong 3 days ago. So much carb-laden food at home and all so irresistible!

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What’s Up?

Guess what my 3 monkeys are doing here with mah mah? Something really interesting is up coz mah mah is whipping up a surprise for them…..




















Manuka honey muffins in Mickey Mouse cups. Nice hor? Tastes nice too coz they are not too sweet and I like the aroma of the Manuka honey.

Now that I know how to operate our android digital oven, my mil has been baking bread every other day. Nice, iLike it!   When she goes overseas again soon, I’ll take over with the baking.

These breads are not baked using a bread maker.  Those of you with bread makers would surely agree on one thing with me – that is the skin of the bread made using the bread maker is hard, right?  So my mil made her breads from scratch and the dough are all proved / fermented for 17 long hours.  That’s why her breads are all soft and the texture is different from those made using a bread maker.

Nice to see, nice to eat but my weight is definitely not nice to see on the scale. I’ve been eating so much bread and muffins that my weight ain’t budging down a wee bit. The only thing I can do is to run longer and intensify my speed every morning, beginning next week when the school holidays start. That’s when I don’t have to rush home to prepare my 2 monkeys for school.

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