7 Modern Updates for Your Home

Your home’s design should spark joy and comfort, as well as offering an easy-to-manage environment that doesn’t get on top of you. Modern design is popular for this reason, as it creates a more open, updated, and manageable space, as well as introducing updated aspects that make everything a little easier than it used to be.

Here are 7 great modern updates you can introduce to your home, any time.

1.  Smart Technology
No modern home would be complete without smart technology. Smart tech has fast taken over almost every aspect of the home. Consider:

i.    A smart security system, such as cameras or a video doorbell
ii.   Smart heating to more easily control your home’s temperature
iii.  Smart lighting, to control your home lights from anywhere
iv.  Smart voice technology, so you can control your home simply with your voice

2. LED Lighting
Modern and sleek lighting design for your home should include LED options. LEDs are flexible for any room of your home, meaning you can alternate design depending on the room. You may want brighter LED strip lighting for the kitchen or under cabinets, and you may want bright overhead LEDs for your living space. LEDs are versatile lighting options.

3. Open Plan Living
For more open and modern living, try embracing an open plan. If you already have the space to work with, then ensure that your design between kitchen and living space is consistent and works well as a complete picture. If you don’t already have an open plan, you can consider knocking down a wall if you’re able, or else trying to create a more fluid living situation, like switching rooms around so that the living space is directly next to the kitchen (and taking off the door from the frame is always an option).

4. Sleek Kitchen Cabinets
Eliminate any old-fashioned cabinets with period features like antique handles and update your kitchen cabinets to a simple, bright design. You may want to replace old cabinets with soft push-to-open designs to get rid of handles altogether.

5. A More Modern Fireplace
If you enjoy having a fireplace, but want to eliminate the traditional or period design, you can always update to a wall-mounted or inbuilt electric fireplace, to complement the sleek and modern design of your home while still being able to enjoy the warmth of a cozy fire. Companies like stonewoods.co.uk provide a variety of modern fireplace designs, suited for any home.

6. Switch to Minimalism
Avoid outdated clutter altogether and switch to minimalist living, so that you can have a bright and open space which only uses the basics of modern design features so that your home feels clear and fresh.

7. Modern Art
Introduce modern art to your living space to give it that edge. Bold and geometric shapes can add a more modern touch, and think plainer art pieces in black and white rather than extensive and colorful canvases or portraits.

Whether you’ve always been a lover of a more modern design scheme, or whether you would like to switch and try something new, these 7 modern updates are must-haves for your home.

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RMCO Day 76 – 79 (24 – 27 August 2020) ~ Random Updates

I love the colors of sunrise – the cheery scattering colors of apricot, pink, blue, grey and white splashed across the crack of dawn.  I know I’ve posted many similar pictures of sunrise in my blogs and I am still going to post more as I can never get enough of it.   If I could capture the most beautiful sunrise, only then, will I stop capturing them. Every sunrise gives me a brand new hope of a new beginning and a new ending to bad events and memories.

Sunrise on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 @ 6:55 a.m.

Sunrise on Thursday, 27 August 2020 @ 6:45 a.m.

If you look hard enough, you will see that KL Tower is illuminated in the colours of the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysia flag) in commemoration of our country’s upcoming Independence Day.

Cass is down with a mild UTI attack since Sunday and I’m self-treating her at home. I’m praying very hard that the pesky bacteria will not get a chance to travel up to her kidneys.  Thus, Cass has to follow my strict anti-UTI regimen. If she gets high fever with pain on her kidneys, then she has to be hospitalized.

A very meaty lunch on Monday with hubs.  Totally not my kind of lunch with an overload of protein, though I’m on a low-carb diet. My perfect kind of meal would be 70% vegetables, 10% carbs and 20% meat. As I get older, I find that my body cannot stomach too much meat or food for that matter. I find that I can still stay healthy with the bare minimum of food and lots of clear fluids.

Our edible garden on a squeezy balcony:

If you’re an avid edible garden planter, you’ll see that we have spring onions, sand ginger, Thai purple basil, stink grass (good for body detox and actually smells great), Malabar purple spinach and Chinese celery.  The spring onions are planted from purple onions, Malabar purple spinach from stems and Chinese celery from the root end  of the bunch after we ate the top part. So do not discard your vegetable stems and kitchen scraps.  They can be regrown into beautiful organic vegetables.  Everyday kitchen scraps from vegetables can be turned into new ones very quickly that even apartment-dwellers can do, and it’s a good way to teach kids about where food comes from.  We use organic soil and use kitchen scraps (egg shells, fruit peels, unwanted fruits, etc) as organic fertilizer.

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How Often Do You Service Your House Air-Conditioner?

An air-conditioner has to be serviced regularly so that it can perform optimally.  Regular servicing also improves the efficiency of our air conditioner. Experts warn that for every year of operation in which you do not service your aircon, it loses 5% of its efficiency. After 3 years therefore, the efficiency of your air conditioner will have decreased by 15%. This adversely affects its performance, as well as your electric bill!

I clean our air conditioner filters regularly – at least once every 2 weeks – as the filters often get clogged with dust and pollutants.  When the filters are clogged with dirt, you aren’t getting the full effect and your air-conditioner has to work harder to push cool air out, thus more power is used, which means you’ve got to dig deeper into your wallet every month to pay your electric bill.

For air-conditioner, ideally it should be serviced at least once a year.  But we don’t. Both hubs and I are usually so occupied with our work respectively that servicing the air-conditioners will be the last thing on our mind. Plus, the thought of  cleaning up the mess that the technicians leave behind after the job is done is enough to make me procrastinate this yearly affair!  Instead, we have them serviced once every two years.  And this is how shockingly dirty the insides of our air-conditioners are after two years from the last service!

Oh. My. Freaking. Gawd!! Check out the inches of dust, dirt and mold!

I can’t believe that we’d been inhaling such dirty cool air every night for more than a year! No wonder there was a period of time that I kept getting the flu no matter how hard I work on at preventing it.  But after switching the position that I sleep on the bed and the air-conditioner no longer blows at my face directly, I’ve not had another episode of flu.  I now sleep on the inner side of the bed, next to the wall, directly beneath the air-conditioner and no longer feel any cold air lashing out on my face.  Poor hubs has to sleep on the other side of the bed, facing the cold air (23C). Sometimes he sleeps in the living room to avoid the air-cond (good, as I don’t have to be tortured by his thunderous snores 😆 ).

How often do you service the air-conditioners in your house?

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Long Water Cut Preparation

I’m not new to water cuts and water rationing. If you are a Klang Valley folk, water cuts and rationing are nothing new. I was affected by the worst water rationing in the history of Klang Valley in the year 1998 (the year Commonwealth Games was hosted by KL) and yet, the OCD me survived, though the hubs (boyfriend then) had to bear with my occasional outbursts on no water days  😅 The water rationing that year lasted for more than 1 month!!  In times like these, I wish  I was still staying in my beautiful hometown of Ipoh, a place where water cuts and rationing are hardly ever heard of.  Water is plentiful in Ipoh.

The girls have not really experienced a water cut that lasts more than 1 day.  Our condo has one of the largest water ‘tangki’ compared to other condos, I was told. BUT then again, it depends on how prudent the residents are with their water usage. Our condo also has a special pump that pumps water from a tank on the basement to the 18th floor where the water ‘tangkis’ are. So if the Syabas water tanker truck driver is kind enough to drive into the basement and drop off water into the water tank, then we will not be affected by the 3-4 days water cut after all. That’s just wishful thinking.  We’re quite prepared for the long cut and our water reserve in our own unit can last us for one or perhaps two days. The water is only for bathing, toilet use and for simple washing of utensils. Strictly no heavy cooking for the next few days until water supply is back!

Whatever water tumblers, cookie jars, jugs and containers that we could find in our house were all used to store water.

Tubs and containers in the master bathroom… no toilet washing for a few days until water supply resumes. Can only do dry cleaning of the bathroom. This is pretty hard for the OCD me, who must scrub bathrooms and toilet seats every single day! 🤫 🤭

I asked the mil to cook bigger portions of dishes yesterday so that we could have the same dishes for dinner today.

Braised pork ribs and ‘tau kok lup’ in glass containers are for dinner today.

Fruits are limited to easy to eat fruits. I stocked up on organic Juliet apples and yellow Kiwi. Last night I washed the apples clean and stored them in a plastic container. The girls can eat them for the next few days – no peeling of skin and no cutting are allowed.

I’ve also stocked up on disposable plastic cups. We still have some disposable paper plates left. We’ll be eating with disposables for the next few days. Our dinner for the next two days will be ordered online from restaurants located at places unaffected by the water cut.  Praying hard that we will not have to resort to moving out of the condo to our friend’s house located about 30km away or check into a hotel for civilization!

Is your area affected by the 3-4 days water cut? It’s really tough when you have active children who sweat buckets and come home with sweat drenched clothes eh? I dread the thought of their smelly dirty laundry piling up in the house for days!!

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Homemade Natural Baby Powder

I am a sucker for baby powder. I cannot live without it, literally.  I’ve used baby powder all my life. After each shower, I lather my body generously with baby powder.  Just LOVE the smell of baby powder. Who doesn’t love the smell of babies, yeah?  And who doesn’t love the dry feeling under the armpits and thighs after a cooling shower?  I also use baby powder as loose powder on my face.

But is baby powder safe to use?

All the while, I thought it was.  Mum used baby powder to dust our tushie after each diaper change. In fact, mothers since the dawn of time have used baby powder on their baby’s tushies to keep them dry and nice smelling, as well as to prevent nappy rash.  Baby powder is a staple on every baby product aisle but in recent years, there have been so much negative articles on the dangers of using talcum powder and baby powder that you wouldn’t want it near your baby or yourself anymore.

Baby powder has fallen out of favor in recent years due to it’s main ingredient, talc, being listed as a possible carcinogen. Many commercial baby powders contain synthetic fragrances which can be irritating to baby’s sensitive skin.

Some of the reported dangers of using baby powder / talc powder include:

1. Breathing issues and lung damage.
2.  Talc powder is associated with ovarian cancer and women who use powder on their genitals have more than a 40 percent increased risk of cancer, according to The Huffington Post.
3. Cornstarch used in talc powder can worsen a yeast infection of the skin, creating a really bad diaper rash that will have to be treated with anti-fungal cream.

So scary, right?

These reasons are scary enough to prompt me to make my own baby powder using only organic and natural ingredients.  And it’s SO  easy and fast to make it at the comforts of your home. It takes 10 ~ 15 minutes at most to prep a 50g bottle of baby powder.

You’ll need:
1. Organic arrowroot powder or organic corn starch. Be sure to get only organic powders and not GMO powders. Some recipes use kaolin clay and bentonite clay. But I am not 100% sure of the safety of these clay powder, thus I’m sticking to organic plant powders.

2. Pure essential oils. You can choose the fragrance of your choice. For my first batch made two weeks ago, I used tea tree, peppermint and grapefruit essential oils from Melaleuca. For my second batch which I made yesterday, I used tea tree, peppermint and lavender essential oils. I use about 6-7 drops of each essential oil. You can use more if you wish.

3. Funnel

4. Sterilized bottle.

~ Pour the powder into a bowl.
~ Drop the essential oils onto the powder.
~ Mix well with a clean spoon.
~ Pour the baby powder into a bottle using a funnel.
~ Shake well before each use.
~ The powder will turn slightly lumpy over time as there’s moisture from the essential oils.  But not to worry. The powder is super soft and does not harden. Pour the powder onto your palm before use. Using your finger tips, press on the soft clumps to break the  the powder before applying on your face and body.

This homemade baby powder is safe to use and does  not cause tightness and dry feeling on your body and face.  My homemade baby powder is super smooth and moisturizing on my dry and sensitive skin.

If you intend to apply the baby powder on your baby, you can try adding something soothing and mild like dried chamomile flowers and calendula flowers, powdered in the blender or food processor.



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Decorating The Home Without Breaking The Bank

Decorating your home is one of the greatest joys you have as a homeowner. You are able to turn your space into anything you want, and really get that stunning atmosphere into your home that you always wanted.

white house interior window home wall decoration indoor clean property shelf living room furniture room decor apartment modern interior design design decorative mirror picture frame style elegant contemporary photo frame elegance stylish modern art window covering

It can be a fun project when you come to decorating the house, but it can also be an expensive one depending on what you want to do. Of course, if your bathroom or kitchen is in serious need of being rebuilt then you cannot expect it to cost pennies, and you might need to look at online signature loans to fund it. However for small changes in the home you can make a big difference with a tiny sum of cash.

Use Tape Instead Of Nails
This is a great option even if you don’t own your home. If you don’t want to end up with a ton of different holes in your walls, one way to hang up art is to use some tape. You can buy adhesive wall strips online really cheaply, and a piece of art can make a massive impact on your home.

Paint one wall
If you want to add a splash of colour to the room but you don’t want to fork out for a 30 litre tub of paint, but a smaller tin and only paint one wall. This can create a lovely feature to your home and it will make the room look much more modern.


If you seem to have a lot of random areas in the home which have no character, you can rectify this instantly by buying a plant. No longer will you have boring corners of the room, you will have a stunning plant blooming and adding life to the space. It can make a massive difference to the dynamic of your home, you’ll be surprised what an impact it can have.

Bursting With Plants, a 1910 Portland Four Square for a Florist and Barista

A Picture Ledge
As with the hanging strips, this makes it much easier for you to have lots of images on display without drilling a load of holes in your wall. You will only need to drill one hole into the wall in order to put your picture ledge up. Once that’s up you can have lots of images on display to brighten up the space!

Keep displays simple
Rather than throwing up every single ornament you own onto your shelves, narrow it down to your favourite items to make a bolder statement. It will make your display look much more tidy and will allow you to show off the items you love the most in your home.

Bunting might seem like something you only hang in the streets of a patriotic village, however it can also be a cheap tool to add some vibrancy and life to your home. Pick a bunting for every season and hang it on your fireplace or a prominent place in the home for that instant seasonal touch. It will add colour, character and a stunning feature to your home.

Stylish kids #playroom ideas from blogger Caroline Knapp - House of Harper

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Top Kitchen Organization Tips And Storage Ideas

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a kitchen space that doesn’t work for you. Whether it’s a lack of space for storage or that you have too much stuff and it looks cluttered no matter how often you clean and tidy it. There’s good news, though, even the smallest kitchen space can be organised to great effect. You just have to know the tips and tricks to pull it off. Check out these top tips for keeping your storage game tight to organise your kitchen.

1. Wall Storage
Professional kitchens make their tools accessible by making use of wall storage. Whether it’s a magnet strip for your knives or a wall mounted spice rack – it gives you another area of space to store your goods. Most importantly, that frees drawers and cupboards up for other items that you may not want on display. There are plenty of ready-made wall hanging storage solutions that provide a variety of different options.

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2. Hanging Storage
Having hanging pots and pans is a great way to make use of every area of your space. It means that you have more pantry space as your pots and pans aren’t hogging it all.  

3. High Level Cabinets
People tend to avoid installing cabinets that are near the ceiling, but you’re missing out on a lot of space. Yes, you will need a ladder to access it, however, it’s the perfect spot to store dishes and items that you only use once or twice a year. That type of thing is taking up valuable space in your kitchen that could be used by something else. So, think about where you could fit high level cabinets, above your kitchen window, is the perfect spot as it tends to be completely free and clear.  

4. Maximise Drawer Use
You may be one of those unlucky people who have drawers everywhere in the kitchen, yet not enough cupboards. There’s hope for you! Utilise wall storage for your cooking utensils and turn your drawers into a pantry. It’s the ideal spot for spices, jars, and even canned goods.

5. Pocket Organiser
Does the cupboard beneath your sink look terrifying? Is it impossible to put your hands on the cleaning products you need? Use a pocket organiser, which will hand on the back of the door, for your cleaning tools. It keeps everything handy so you don’t have to sift through piles of cleaning bottles to find the most important tools.

6. Cutting Board
If you struggle with counter space be sure to invest in a large cutting board that can sit comfortably over your kitchen sink. You have a ready-made workspace there and it’s important to utilise every aspect of it.

7. Rolling Drawers
Another excellent way to manage your cupboards is on rolling shelves. It’s the perfect solution if you have deep cupboards. You can push things to the back without worry as you know you can easily access the items when you need them and you won’t forget about a can of beans for three years because it got hidden at the back.

8. Corkboard
One trick for super-efficiency is to line the inside of your cupboard doors with cork. You can use it to pin recipes, measuring spoons, or other small items to get the most out of your space.

9. Shelves on Shelves
You can invest in stackable shelves which sit on your current shelves or even buy a shelf that hangs on an existing shelf. Of course, you’ll want to be sure the existing shelf is sturdy enough to hold additional weight, but this is a great trick to really harness your space. If the shelf isn’t particularly sturdy then you can use it for lighter items – they need storage space, too.

Stacking Plate Rack

10. Magazine Holders And More
You can take advantage of old magazine holders by using them to store your aluminium foil, parchment paper, and storage bags. You can either slip them into a cupboard or hang them on the inside of a cupboard door. An old filing rack can be repurposed to keep your baking trays completely organised. You can use magnets to store your spices, whether on the fridge or on the inside of a cupboard. Pan dividers are available and make storing your pans far easier and most importantly, easily accessible.

magazine file to store aluminum foil, plastic wrap, zip bags, etc. I'm kind of into space savers...

Making the Most of a Pantry-Less Kitchen


Even the tiniest kitchen can be made to work – it’s all about using your innovative side to find ingenious ways to take advantage of every bit of space. If people can live comfortably in literal tiny houses, you can definitely take advantage of these awesome tips to create a kitchen space that works for you! Don’t forget to check out Currys promo codes to get the best deals on your kitchen gadgetry needs and more.

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Deodorizing A Stinky Oven With Used Tea Leaves

I learnt a trick from the mil on how to deodorize the oven in the cheapest, fastest and efficient way.

She used to put a  halved used (squeezed) lemon into the oven and turn on oven at low heat for about 15 minutes to deodorize the oven after baking fish. Now she has switched from lemon to used tea leaves.   And the aroma of the tea leaves are much stronger than lemon.


1. After brewing Chinese tea, keep the used tea leaves on a heat-proof plate.
2. After baking fish or any food with a strong and pungent smell, deodorize the oven with the used tea leaves.
3. While the oven is still hot, place the tea leaves on the heat-proof plate into the oven. Lower temperature to about 20C and warm the tea leaves for about 15 minutes.
4. Turn off the heat. Let the tea leaves remain in the oven for a few days.

When the oven door is opened, you’ll get a very fresh tea aroma from the oven!

So don’t junk away your tea leaves after brewing them.  Besides de-stinking your oven, used tea leaves can also be used for:

1. Use as Incense: Use a Japanese tea leaf burner or on an old skillet with a low heat setting to roast the tea  leaves and get them smoking slightly. The smoke has a pleasant aroma and is effective in absorbing bad odors in the house.

2. Soothe sunburned skin: Wrap used, damp tea leaves in a cloth and press or gently rub on sunburned skin. The tannic acid in tea has a cooling effect and helps repair the skin.

3. Clean windows and mirrors: Wrap used, damp tea leaves in a cloth and wipe glass surfaces clean; use this instead of chemical glass cleaner. Buff the glass after the treatment with a soft cloth to remove the thin film of tea.

4. Prevent rust in cast-iron kitchenware: Rub your cast-iron pans, pots or teapots with used tea leaves. The antioxidants in tea react with iron and form a protective film that prevents the formation of rust.

5. Keep your cupboards dry: Tea leaves are very effective in absorbing excess moisture. If you place dried used tea leaves in an open bowl and keep it in a damp cupboard, the leaves help to reduce the dampness. Make sure to replace/dry the leaves from time to time.

6. Deodorize your refrigerator: Tea leaves are extremely efficient in absorbing odors  Put used tea leaves in a bag and place it in your refrigerator to get rid of bad odors.

7. Improve your compost: Used tea leaves are a great addition to any compost. They create a very rich soil and help to improve the smell of partially working compost piles.

8. Deodorize your cutting boards and kitchen utensils: Rub used tea leaves on cutting boards and knives after using them for onions or other strongly smelling foods. The tea leaves deodorize them and help to sterilize them through the antibacterial properties of camellia sinensis.

9. Enjoy a relaxing tea bath: stuff a small gauze bag with used tea leaves and put into the bathtub. The tea helps to sterilize your skin and acts as a tonic. You could also create an exotic bubble bath by adding some nice soap and baking soda to your bath and let the leaves float freely (it actually looks kinda like in a fancy commercial if you have tons of used leaves from our Rose Oolong left over…).

10. Use as fertilizer: Tea leaves are full of minerals and brewing extracts only a small percentage of these rich resources. Place used tea leaves around acid-loving plants (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, etc. love it, so do rhododendrons, azaleas and many more) or dig into the soil around the roots.

11. Make a tea pillow: Stuff used tea leaves into a pillowcase. Granted, you’ll have to save the leaves of your tea for a little while until you have enough to fill a pillowcase, but the Chinese belief that tea-stuffed pillows soothe headaches, relieve insomnia and reduce blood pressure. The aroma of the tea leaves also acts as a natural sleep enhancer.

My mil has a pillow stuffed with tea leaves that she collected over the years!

12. Wipe your baby’s bottom: Wrap used, damp tea leaves in a soft cloth and soak in tea. The leaves are antibacterial and help to sterilize your baby’s bottom eliminating odours at the same time.

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FREE Give-Away of Ecover Cleaning Products!

This was what we had for dinner last night – stir-fried egg noodles with fish cake slices, meat slices, cabbage and fried eggs.   The girls savored  their oodles of yummy noodles to the very last strand! After dinner, they had to help to wash the dishes and clean up the dining area.  Our part-time helper could not come yesterday, thus the MIL dished out something simple at home.

homecooked egg noodles 27 jun 2014



I am so thankful that someone had just couriered 2 bottles of environmentally-friendly dishwashing liquid to me just a few days ago. With Ecover’s gentle dishwashing liquid,my girls helped to wash the dishes without the need for wearing rubber gloves yesterday night! 🙂

 photo Ecover1_zpsca909a58.jpg



So what’s so special about Ecover dishwashing liquid?

Since 1980, Ecover is the world’s best known brand of environmentally friendly household cleaning products. Ecover is powered by nature and produces cleaners derived from plants and minerals. This means its products are free from harsh and sometimes harmful chemicals, that may cause dry skin and blisters to the skin.

 photo Ecover3_zpsd64c3857.jpg


After using Ecover dishwashing liquid, my hands did not have the ‘tight’ and dry feeling.  That’s because  Ecover products are dermatologically tested and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Ecover products are made in Belgium and the bottles are made from sugar cane-based  polyethylene and are 100% recyclable. Their eco surfactants have been tested to provide powerful cleaning with complete biodegradability and low toxicity. A win for us and for Mother Nature!

After the girls were done with the dishes, I used Ecover cream cleaner (similar to Jif but without the harsh chemicals and overpowering smell) to wash the kitchen sinks, without the need for wearing rubber gloves!  The cream cleaner is almost free from fragrance, which I like!  I am allergy to the overpowering smell of most bathroom and household cleaning products as they choke me up and make me feel dizzy when I inhale them.  But with Ecover, cleaning is just a breeze 🙂

 photo Ecover2_zpsa19027b8.jpg



Are you starting to turn green with envy with my free IMPORTED cleaning products from Ecover? 😉
Envy not as Ecover is now having a GIVE-AWAY!!   YES, FREE Ecover products for 3 lucky winners!!

1st lucky winner gets to receive one bottle of lemon & aloe vera washing up liquid (dishwashing liquid) worth RM18.90
2nd lucky winner gets to receive one bottle of camomile and marigold washing upliquid (dishwashing liquid) worth RM18.90 and
3rd lucky winner gets to receive one bottle of cream cleaner worth RM12.80

How Do You Stand A Chance To Win?

All you have to do is to comment in this post with a slogan (not more than 100 words) as to why you deserve a bottle of Ecover dishwashing liquid or cream creamer.

Closing date for submission of slogan is 23 July 2014 and I shall announce the winners in a separate blog post.

Hurry submit your slogans now. Just click on ‘Leave A Comment’ to type out your e-slogan.  Each reader is  allowed to submit only one slogan ya.

Good luck! 🙂


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The New, 3rd Generation Electrolux Ergorapido Vacuum Cleaner

Did I tell you that ever since I took over the role of full-time slave  maid, I told the hubs that I desperately needed a cordless vacuum cleaner?  But the stingy hubs said NO, he ain’t going to buy a new cordless vacuum. He said that I could use his other Electrolux vacuum cleaner which is still good, which he bought a few years ago. But that has messy cords, for Pete’s sake!  The other day, I finally dug out the old Electrolux vacuum and gawd did I hated using it as it is dang heavy to lug it around!  After vacuuming just the living area, I gave up and assigned my daughter to keep it back in the store room.  Just when I had given up hope on ever owning a cordless vacuum cleaner, my guardian angel sent me a brand new, 3rd generation Electrolux Ergorapido vacuum cleaner that is C O R D L E S S!  WOOHOO!  In bright love red color some more 😀  My guardian angels must have heard me whining and decided to send me a cordless vacuum for my birthday! 😀



The new 3rd generation Ergorapido vacuum was recently launched at Harvey Norman @ Ikano Power Center. In conjunction with the launch, Electrolux and selected Harvey Norman outlets will be running a special promotion from March 13 – May 15, 2014 under which, anyone who brings an old broom to the outlet will get a rebate of RM100 on the spot when purchasing an Ergorapido model of their choice! For the promotion-participating outlets, you can visit Electrolux Facebook page

The Ergorapido is so easy to use and so light to lug it around. Even my three daughters can help me to vacuum the floor now!

Check out the Ergorapido in love red, I think it matches my cushions too 😀   This stylo mylo gadget is now a permanent feature at the corner of our living room, sleekly attached to the wall socket for power charging.

Electrolux vacuum 2


And the suction power is pretty ‘terror’ too.  In just 15 minutes, see the amount of dust, dirt and hair it has sucked!

Electrolux vacuum 1

Cleaning the filter bag and container is also easy peasy.  First, I used a piece of tissue paper to wipe away the dust and dirt.  Then rinsed the dust cup/container with water and briefly washed the filter with water and air dried the parts in my balcony.  If you are lazy to wash, just use tissue paper or a piece of wet wipe to wipe off the dust and hair will suffice.

You can watch the video on the awesomeness of the Ergorapido vacuum…

I ♥ my love red Ergorapido vacuum!

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Easy Way To Julienne Cabbage

I discovered something that will ease my kitchen chore yesterday. The discovery popped up in my head when I was trying to figure out a quick way to  wash, soak and julienne my 2 heads of cabbage without much mess and hassle. My girls and I love cabbage but I have always tried to avoid buying cabbage as I hate, simply hate cutting the cabbage into strips. I find it messy, especially in a shoe box size kitchen, with a micro mini counter top to work. But yesterday, at the ripe old age of a few days shy of 41 years old, I just realized that cooking a stir-fried cabbage dish can be so easy! LOL!   It’s true when they say that you grow wiser with age muahahaha!

All I had to do was to reverse the order of how I prepare the cabbage. For decades, I used to 1) remove leaves of cabbage 2) soak them in a basin  3) after few rounds of rinsing, julienne the cabbage into strips  4) whine and fuss how messy it is when cabbage strips and water drop on the kitchen floor   5) clean kitchen floor

Yesterday, I cut the cabbage head into half (BEFORE WASHING & SOAKING), as shown in below picture…

cabbage 1

Also, you have to cut off and discard stalk end. Remove any discoloured or wilted leaves and discard.
Cut each half in two again.

How to prepare cabbage : Photo of step #3
You will notice that there is a white hard stalk inside, so you cut that out too.
Then I julienned/cut the cabbage into thin strips. It is SO SO easy to julienne the cabbage when it is in its original form as the leaves are stuck tightly and neatly to each other, making the chopping job so much easier.

Once the chopping is done, use fingers to loosen the strips of cabbage leaves in a basin of water. I always wash 3 rounds before soaking the veggie for a few hours. I also use my fruits and veggie wash from Melaleuca to wash my veggie.

Drain water off the cabbage with a colander before stir-frying them.  Yesterday, I made a big portion of stir-fried cabbage with minced pork and egg sauce.  I kept one portion which will be my lunch today 😀

Cabbage slices

I know many of you already know this easy way to wash and cut your cabbage but if you are still as blur as a sotong like me and love eating cabbage, this method will help ease your cabbage cooking job a lot 🙂


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Best Way To Clean Up Raw Egg Spill

For the first time in my life, I accidentally dropped an egg onto the kitchen floor yesterday. I was rushing to prepare half-boiled eggs for my Miss Demanding and then at the slip of my hand, the darn egg slipped through my fingers and lay DOOMED on the floor!

If you handle raw eggs a great deal, you will know how difficult it is to pick up tiny cracked egg shells that’s dropped into the raw egg mixture. It is also a nightmare to have to clean up  slimy raw egg from hard surfaces such as the floor or countertop as the eggs just won’t soak into the kitchen paper, tissue paper or cloth at all. The raw egg will slip out of the material, creating an even bigger disaster.

As it was the first time I cleaned up the mess, I used toilet papers and newspapers and I had to use  a big stack of newspapers to clean up just 1 broken egg mess on the floor!!

After cleaning up and cursing like a foul-mouthed mother, I googled  ‘best way to clean up raw egg spill’ so that I won’t have to waste so much time cleaning up the next time this happens again.

So this is what I gathered and the magic ingredient is table salt!

1) Cover the cracked open egg with table salt.
2) Leave the salt until it is completely absorbed by the egg.
3) Brush the salted egg onto a newspaper. It will come off the floor or surface very easily.
4) Dispose of the egg. Take more care with your next egg!
5) Spray disinfectant on affected area. For me, I sprayed Sol-U-Guard disinfectant from Melaleuca

Raw eggs are a source of salmonella. After handling raw eggs, always wash your hands thoroughly with water and anti-bacterial soap. Dispose of broken shells and raw eggs in a sealed plastic bag away from children and pets. Wearing protective gloves is highly recommended.

Here are some pix copied from WikiHow on how to clean up spilled raw eggs:




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How To Chop Onions Without Tears

When the MIL is   around, I never have to peel onions or garlic. I hardly ever have to cook. Now that she is overseas for several months, I am in charged of the kitchen. I so hate to peel and chop garlic and onions.   I hate the smell that lingers on my my fingers after the job is done. Now that I have a part-time maid who comes in the evening to help me, I will leave the job of peeling and chopping onions and garlic to her. Bless her for that!  In the morning when I have to cook lunch,  I will avoid meals that have onions and garlic in them 😀

Yesterday the girls told me that they wanted bread pizza for lunch today.  Their wish is my command, so this morning, I had to chop some onions and darn it, those big Bombay onions made me teared really badly! It was so bad that I could barely open my eyes and the tears were dribbling out so generously from my eyes that I was afraid that I would get blinded by the tears and chop off my fingers!  Once I was done chopping the onions and meat, I went straight to my PC and googled for tips on how to chop onions without tears haha!

So if you are just like me, here goes the tips…

1) Use a very sharp knife when cutting onions. The enzymes are released when cells are broken or crushed; using a sharp knife slices through the onion rather than crushing and thus, fewer enzymes are released.

2) Chill your onions in the freezer for 10 – 15 minutes before cutting them. This reduces the amount of the acid enzyme released into the air. This was found to be the most effective way to reduce tears by the television program Food Detectives.

3) Wear gas tight goggles or a mask.

4) Wear contact lenses. They create a barrier between the surface of your eyes and the gas.

5) Cut the onion under water.

6) Cut the onion near running water or a cloud of steam. Steam from a kettle or pan of water will do the trick.

7) Breathe through your mouth (to draw the gas over your wet tongue) or stick your tongue out.

8) Put vinegar on the chopping board. The acid denatures the enzyme.

9) Soak the onion in water. The enzyme is denatured by the water-air boundary.

10) Soak the onion in salt water. The ionic solution denatures the enzyme.

11) The candle method. Light a candle and set it near the cutting board before cutting the onion. The gas released by the onion is drawn into the flame of a candle.

12)  Point away from the tubes. Because onion “flesh” is tubular in construction, pointing the tubes away from you while cutting will keep the onion from spraying in your eyes. Of course, a breeze of any kind can send the fine, misty spray toward your eyes, so pay attention to air currents too.

13) Whistle while you work. Whistling makes a significant airflow, specifically away from your face, which keeps the onion mist away from your eyes. Just pick a catchy tune that you won’t want to stop whistling and you can cut as many onions as you need.

14) Chew bread or gum. Many people report that chewing, especially gum, helps avoid tears when cutting onions.

Do you have any other method that works pretty well too?


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Lunch In A Thermos Pot

My multi-colored fried rice is ready and it is 11:30am now.

After frying the rice, I transferred it into my Shuttle Chef Thermos pot before placing the pot into the insulated outer pot to keep the rice warm. My 3 rascals come home from school at different times of the day from 12:30pm, 2pm to 4:30pm, thus, they will have nice and warm food for their tummies, leaving this super busy lazy mummy free from reheating the food 3 times.

The Thermos Shuttle Chef is perfect for busy mothers who only have very little time to cook in the morning. With a Thermos Shuttle Chef, you can prepare your food ahead of time and you can shorten the cooking time. You prepare the food as per normal in the inner pot and bring it up to a boil on a stove top, then simmer for a few minutes to ensure that all the ingredients are at the same boiling temperature. Then you place the inner pot into the outer pot and put the lid on. The outer pot has vacuum-insulated double walls so the food keeps cooking slowly in its own retained heat. Let’s say you start to cook at 6am, by the time you have your dinner at 6pm, the food would have been slowly ‘cooking’ for 12 hours in the Thermos pot. In the morning, you can even prepare your lunch or evening meal to be eaten in the office before you head off, place the pot in the outer container and then store it in an upright position while travelling with complete safety.

It also works equally well to keep food cold and will keep chilled foods under the 5 degrees Celsius, necessary to prevent food poisoning and bacteria from growing. I have yet to try putting cold food in this Thermos pot. We mainly use it to keep our meals, soups and ‘tong sui’ warm.

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Welcoming The Rainy Season :)

The long drought period has finally ended and I was dancing the happy dance with the girls when it finally poured cats and dogs last week. I had been waiting for that day to arrive for over 3 months!  I can now put behind my worry and fear of the impending water rationing plan that had been threatening us in the dailies for the past few months as the rain water is now filling up the dams, thank God!  But I am welcoming another new worry now – our laundry.  During the rainy season, our clothes do not get dried fast and have the musty odor the next day after wash. While I love living in a condo, one of the things that I have to grunt is the lack of space in the kitchen and balcony for the laundry. With an existing headache of finding a space to put a new dishwasher, another headache is the damp clothes piling up everyday during the rainy season. When the hubs and mil saw the eye-sore sight in the dining area yesterday, the hubs bought a new clothes rack yesterday, which we will have to place in the dining area temporarily, directly under the ceiling fan to air-dry our clothes LOL!  Well, it is still more practical, economical and space-wise than a clothes dryer which we do not have space to put and shoots the electricity bill sky high.

Eye-sore in the dining area…

This weekend,we will also have to go shopping to get Alycia another pair of black shoes for her school.  Last night, the hubs had to use a hair-dryer to dry Alycia’s pair of black shoes which was still very damp, which she only started to wear 2 weeks ago. She passed her probation and is now a school prefect. And guess what? The hair-dryer got over-heated and is now spoilt!

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Microfiber Mop From 100 Yen Shop

I love shopping at 100 Yen Shop.  After dropping off rascal #2 at the ballet school, I can spend over an hour at 100 Yen Shop browsing the range of amazing yet affordable products.  Last Saturday, I found this magic microfiber mop that I have been wanting to get ever since my role now includes housekeeping.  I saw a similar one from Scotch Brite (3M), where the mop head attaches to the stick with velcro. I was very tempted to buy it but could not find the refill on sale.  Moreover, it’s pretty costly. So I told myself to check out 100 Yen Shop and was so happy to find one last Saturday!

As the stick is lightweight, even my daughters can help me to mop the floor now. After moping, I can just rinse the mop head before dumping it into the washing machine for a wash every evening. Now that I am a full-time domestic maid, I am always on the look-out for household gadgets and accessories to make house cleaning an easier chore for me. The next gadget that I am targeting is the dishwasher. Already got the nod of approval from the boss and BODs at home, so next week we will charge the electrical shop to get one. The only reservation I have now is our kitchen — am very worried that extensive renovation will be needed to install the dishwasher.

Cheap and easy to use – the stick cost RM9.90 and the microfiber mop head only cost RM4.90.  So convenient and easy to wipe hard to reach places like under the bed, under the sofa, under the fridge and all the nooks and corners without even having to move these big furniture.

Will be visiting 100 Yen shop again soon to get the disposable wet wipes for my Kao Magic Mop Stick.

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