Sherilyn’s Too Spoilt

We were at Bangsar Village for lunch 2 Thursdays ago. After lunch, daddy brought the gals to New Zealand Ice Cream and bought them each an ice cream on a cone. Alycia chosed vanilla and Sherilyn chosed raspberry. Thereafter we went to shop for groceries at the supermarket and the gals were still licking their ice creams. When we were at the check out counter, Sherilyn dropped her ice cream cone on the floor. Goodness, her reflex action was at the speed of lightning. The moment the cone and ice cream landed on the floor, she burst out waaaaailing out loud as she covered her cheek with her right palm – exactly like a drama queen crying, complete with pathetic actions. She was truly very upset that her favorite ice cream was no longer in her hand. For once, I felt so sorry for her and I just knew that the only way to subdue her is to get her another ice cream. After I had cleaned up the mess on the floor, daddy brought her upstairs to get her another ice cream on the cone – a strawberry flavored ice cream this time. I told daddy that he has really spoilt the girls rotten. If it was a McD ice cream, I wouldn’t have felt the pinch but a scoop of that ice cream cost more than RM5 …. and Daddy and the girls had a total of 4 scoops in a day!

Sherilyn all smiles again with a brand new ice cream on a cone.

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