Communion Dresses

Chinese New Year is just a week away. Have you done shopping for all your CNY clothes and paraphernalia yet?

We went shopping for our girls’ clothes on Monday, which was a public holiday. Surprisingly, the shopping mall that we went to was unusually and unbelievably quiet. We were speculating why this popular shopping mall located in the heart of KL was so quiet on a public holiday. Could it be that times are bad and people are shunning the malls in a move to cut down on spending? Or could it be that people are apprehensive of the alleged terrorist threat targeting popular spots in KL?  Thank goodness these days you can shop online for anything and everything under the sky to save you the hassle of driving  downtown to the shopping malls.

I noticed that many people, including yours truly are shopping online these days. Many items like apparel, household gadgets, electrical items, bags, air tickets, groceries, just to name a few, are slightly cheaper when purchased online.  My mum is now hooked on online shopping and has been purchasing quite a bit of stuff from online stores. Her latest purchases were some luggage bags and kitchen appliances.

Just yesterday, some gorgeous Communion dresses caught my eyes. I did not even know that  in some countries, little girls dress up to their nines on their first communion.

Cass would look so resplendent in these Communion dresses on her future baptism day.


These elegant Communion dresses can double up as flower girl dresses too. I am so in love with them and if you are too, you can check them out at Jesusspeaktome.


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New Disney Swim Suit

Last week, daddy bought the gals new swim suits as they have outgrown their old ones.  Moreover, the old ones are skimpy bikinis and thus not wind-proof.  Daddy has always wanted to get them a full body-suit where their bodies will be all covered up so that they will not catch a cold when they get out from the pool.  When I saw this cute Disney swim suit with a picture of Minnie Mouse on it, I fell in love with it immediately.   Daddy who is always over-protective of his 2 princesses even got the gals a matching Disney swimming cap each and a pair of goggles each.  Daddy spent over RM300 on the swim suits, swimming caps and goggles.  I can’t believe kids’ swim wear are so costly these days.

I think the swim suit looks a tad like a professional skater’s costume, don’t you think so too?

Alycia was so crazy over her new suit, cap and goggles that she wore the suit at home for a few days and pretended to swim and surf in them.

The gals can even wear the swim suits for their outings as they look more like dresses than swim wear. 

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Giordano Junior

Got these clothes for Alycia from Giordano Junior. There is an on-going promotion now where for every 3 items purchased, there is a 30% discount. Wanted to buy more as the tops and skirts were not very costly and very funky, but then again I told myself that Alycia does not need so much clothes, plus she outgrows them really fast.

Sexy striking green sleeveless blouse and a denim jeans skirt with floral prints at back of skirt.

Cute baby doll spaghetti top with smockings. Goes well with her new Pumpkin Patch jeans.

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Pretty Socks

Apart from the Disney panties, mah mah also bought the gals some Marks & Spencer socks with pictures of  Disney’s Princess and Forever Friends bears on them. The socks are really very pretty but this time, they are really huge.  Though the size is for ages 3-4 and 4-5 but they are way too long and big, even I can wear them, I kid you not.  I guess guai loh kids have long body and long feet but tiny hips coz their range of panties are terribly small.    

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Pretty Disney Panties

Aren’t these Disney panties pretty?  Even mummy feels like putting them on, especially the ones with little pink and baby blue heart shapes on them.  Mah mah recently sent the girls some Disney’s Marks & Spencer panties.  However the ones for Sherilyn (for ages 3-4) are really small and tight, even for my little skinny rascal. The ones for Alycia (ages 4-5) are just right but I think she would outgrow them in a few months.  But no worries, Sherilyn can wear them if they are still good.  I think I better tell my mil to get 2-4 size bigger for the girls in future.  Once, she got a pack of  Marks & Spencer panties for ages 6-7 for Alycia and they fit her nicely.  Funny this Marks & Spencer – their clothes are always on the large size but the panties are terribly small.  I wonder what body shape the guai low kids have.

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Nice Kids Clothes From HK

These are some of the clothes that sil#1 bought Alycia and Sherilyn from Hong Kong recently. Most of the clothes are from Mothercare and KingKow. The gals are really lucky to have aunties and grandparents who dote on them and generously shower them with clothes, toys, books and food all the time.

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