Electromagnetic Acupuncture

On top of the daily therapy exercises on the fitball, trampoline, gripping exercise and pelvic floor exercise, Cass went for her first electromagnetic acupuncture session on Tuesday to treat her bladder issue.  Though I have read that acupuncture and electromagnetic acupuncture can be effective in treating weak bladder issues, I am not sure if it would work on Cass. But I am willing to take a gamble and hope to get a ‘windfall’ with her issue being resolved in the shortest possible time.


Sat 19 Nov - 4

As always, Cass was as brave and tough as ever, without shedding a drop of tear.  The treatment can be very painful at certain points of the body and even hubs and I had to cringe in pain at certain points.  For me, the most painful point was on my thighs and for the hubs – on his back. On the head, it felt as if there were a bunch of crabs with sharp claws clawing bitterly on my scalp. Painful yet ticklish. I sought treatment for my daily hand numbness and hubs sought treatment for sports injury.  Cass did not even utter a single sound, except for clenching her fist in pain.  My brave little soldier.  She is indeed the bravest and toughest cookie I have ever met.