Lantern Party

Alycia got well in time to attend the lantern party held at her pre-school yesterday evening. There were hundred over people – kids, their parents and maids and the garden of the school was an ocean of human. We had to wait for almost an hour for everyone to arrive before the walk round the neighborhood with the lanterns. Whilst walking, Alycia accidentally tripped and bruised her left knee. She then demanded that daddy carried her like a princess all the way back to her school!

It was the very first time the gals had celebrated mooncake festival in such a grand scale with so many friends. They enjoyed the walk and also the food….food that I rarely feed them with – KFC nuggets, sausages, pizza, fishballs and crab balls, jellies, cakes and fried meehoon.

After the party, daddy brought them to the bakery and asked them to choose a cake. Alycia chosed a cheese cake and we had cheese cake for supper. It was certainly a day of ‘food freedom’ for the gals.

Alycia and Sherilyn waited patiently for the walk round the neighborhood with their lanterns.

Whilst walking round the neighborhood, Alycia accidentally tripped and fell and bruised her left knee.

The girls enjoying their food inside the class.

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It’s another one more month to the Mooncake festival but daddy has already bought Alycia and Sherilyn lanterns and candles to play. Daddy also bought one lantern for little aunty Wei Wei (hubby’s cousin sister who’s 4 yo), cousin Ernest (hubby’s 1.5yo nephew) and little uncle Conor (hubby’s baby cousin who’s 6 mo) who will be arriving KL from Hong Kong and London next week.

Last night, for the first time in their lives, Alycia and Sherilyn played with lanterns and lit up candles outside our porch.

Alycia with her beloved mah mah.

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