Update On Little Ethan’s Fight Against Leukemia – 2 July 2015

Baby Ethan went for a procedure for insertion of CVL (Central Venous Line) yesterday at SJMC. The purpose of the CVL is to save Baby Ethan from having to be poked and prodded on his hands or legs for an IV line each time he goes for chemotherapy.

Looking at this picture here brought me a flood of memories on Cass when she was hospitalized for 3 weeks at GMC Penang after her surgeries.  Due to an unfortunate complication, her gut was kinked and she could not eat or drink for 3 weeks.  Her surgeon also inserted a CVL near her collar bone so that liquid nutrients (TPN – total parenteral nutrition) could be fed to her intravenously.

This is Baby Ethan after the CVL procedure in the OT yesterday (1 July 2015). He’s a tough little soldier!

2/7/2015 : Picture above shows Baby Ethan’s 1st chemo through the CVL line – no more poking!

Kindly continue to pray for Baby Ethan’s full recovery. Pray that each of his chemo session will cause minimal or no discomfort. Pray that he will be able to fight Leukemia and continue to live like any other normal child would. And pray that God grants Ethan’s mother, Mary Anne (she’s a single parent) with a ton of strength to grapple with the situation.

For those of you who would still like to donate towards Ethan’s Medical Funds, you may send a Whatsapp message to my friend, Mary Anne Loh at 010-220 4123.

Mary Ann Loh’s MBB account number is 1143 9318 6527

No amount is a small amount.  A little contribution from everyone would add up to a big amount and this would help to ease Mary Anne’s financial burden.

Thank you for your generosity! 🙂



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33-Month Old Boy With Leukemia – Prayer and Donation Request

What is most heartbreaking for a mother is to see her child suffering in pain. If you are a mother, I am sure that one of your most feared nightmares is when your child falls sick. You get worried sick even when your child is down with fever and pray fervently for your child’s recovery.  But when the doctor tells you that your child has a serious sickness or disorder, your entire world collapses, literally. I had gone through it all when our doctor told us that Cass had a high grade Kidney Reflux with a Duplex Kidney on the right side. It was double whammy for my hubs and me. I am glad that this is now behind us and we are now rallying together with Cass in her journey to complete healing from incontinence.  Having a child who is seriously sick or needs medical attention regularly is life altering.

My friend’s 33-month old son was diagnosed with Leukemia a month ago in May 2015. From a bright, bubbly, active and happy baby boy, Ethan is now having mood swings, temper tantrums and semi-paralyzed from the waist down after many sessions of chemotherapy, bone marrow extract and Dexa oral medication. He feels very uncomfortable and does not like to walk, stand or move much these days.

I am pleading everyone to please say a prayer for Ethan for a complete recovery from Leukemia. He really does need lots of prayers. I also plead for some kind souls to pledge a donation towards Ethan’s high cost of medication.  Ethan is currently undergoing medical treatments at Sime Darby Medical Center (SJMC) and his mummy is a single parent.  My friend has another older son.  She works in a hotel in the Klang Valley to support her family.

It does not matter if you donate just RM10, RM20, RM100 or RM1,000 or any amount that you are comfortable giving.  Ethan’s chemotherapy sessions are very, very costly and your kind contribution will help ease my friend’s burden. Each pop of chemo session costs a few thousand to tens of thousands of Ringgit. In addition, Ethan is also consuming Izumio hydrogen water, which adds to her already sky high medical bills.

For those of you who would like to contribute towards Ethan’s Medical Funds, you may send a Whatsapp message to my friend, Mary Anne Loh at 010-220 4123.

Mary Ann Loh’s MBB account number is 1143 9318 6527

Your small contribution would mean a LOT to Mary and Ethan and I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you are making the move to donate.

Ethan before Leukemia…

Ethan post chemotherapy…

The swelling on his tummy is caused by his swollen liver 🙁

Please help Ethan to get well soon.

You can also drop by Mary Anne Loh’s Facebook page to read more about her journey with Ethan in battling Leukemia.

Do share this post in Facebook so that more people read this post and would contribute towards Ethan’s Medical Funds.

Thank you, xie xie, terima kasih, nandri, domo arigato… from the bottom of my heart 🙂


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