Busy Week

The entire last week was a busy week for everyone ~ hubs with his back-to-back catering events, Alycia with tests every other day in preparation for the PT3 and UEC exams  in 2 months in addition to PT3 History and Geography projects, Drama Queen with homework, tuition and church activity, Cass with exam revision and me, I provide support to everyone in the household, including the mil 💪 .  If there is a title to describe what I do, it would be “One-leg-kick PA, driver, tutor, cook, maid cum small entrepreneur”.

In between homework and revision, Cass ‘de-stressed’ herself with gardening 😄 👩‍🌾.  We are simple people and I’ve taught the girls to find happiness from simple inexpensive things within the house.

Here, Cass is composting fruit peel into the soil of the potted herbs in our tiny balcony garden. The latest additions to our herb garden are spring onions and coriander. The spring onion is springing well and I see tiny shoots sprouting from the coriander roots. Our spinach didn’t quite make it after sprouting a few baby leaves.

Sunday was the most hectic day for me.  Didn’t have much time to revise BM with the vomit-blood inducing kid as I had to chauffeur Alycia and her friends to the mall for them to work on their PT3 History project and Sherilyn to and fro church.

I pre-ordered our Sunday dinner on Saturday evening from Dragon-I @ Mid Valley, delivered FREE to us by Food Panda. I found out about Food Panda when they approached me to write a review on their company several years ago. I’ve since been using Food Panda to order food from our favorite restaurants. Love it that they provide FREE delivery and accept COD.

This is my pre-order meal from Food Panda:

Food was delivered punctually at 5:45 p.m. on Sunday!  Quality of the food is almost perfect. My only beef was that plastic containers were used.  Well, this is unavoidable given that most food delivery companies have little options other than plastic ware or cardboard boxes.

We had an early bed time last night as I got so incensed with the vomit-blood inducing kid with a “exam so what, no need to study la!!” attitude that I refused to revise with her at night and sent her to bed at 9:30 p.m. 🤮  It’s time that she learns to be responsible over her  lackadaisical attitude and faces the consequences. I can’t be sitting by her side, spoon-feeding and shielding her from falls and failures anymore. Whatever her results are this time, I am mentally prepared to accept them.

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First Outing Without Kakak

This is our very first dining out without a live-in maid – it was a buffet lunch at Genji Japanese restaurant @ PJ Hilton.  After having the luxury to have a ‘kakak’ to help me out for the past 10 years, I now have to adjust my life living without a live-in maid.  Now there is no one to help me lug a big bag when we go out and no extra pair of hands and eyes to help keep an eye on the girls. It’s manageable now that Cass is 4 years old, except that I have to ditch the huge back-pack  and carry a bigger handbag myself, which ain’t that glam but oh well, that’s what most mothers without a live-in helper does right? I can’t carry my Coach handbag anymore but have to replace it with a huge blue and white stripes Oriflame mummy-baby bag, which does not really go well with most of my outfit. The first time I carried that huge blue and white stripes bag, Alycia gave me a shocked and sarcastic remark.. “mummy, are you going to use that bag? It’s for the BEACH!!” LOL!!

It’s been 2 weeks since kakak Dyah left us and though life is pretty tough without a live- in helper, I am slowly but surely getting used to it.  I just have to invest more in expensive hand moisturizing creams and gloves. And online business is now taking  a small break too until Alycia’s exam is over and until things at home are more settled.

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