Gesture Of Appreciation

This black sesame chiffon cake is for Alycia’s Mandarin tutor today.  I give her stuff all the time.  Last week, I gave her a box of mooncakes and some pomelos. Whenever the mil is around, she will give her homemade cakes and breads.  This is my gesture of appreciating Miss M as she’s one of the most accommodating tutors I have known.  She is on a 24-hour standby call from Alycia, literally.  Alycia calls Miss M all the time to ask her for help in homework as her yellow banana mummy and daddy cannot help her.  Alycia also takes picture of her homework and Whatsapp Miss M… and expects an immediate answer from Miss M, else she will call Miss M to chase her for the answer *roll eyes*.  For this, I am very thankful to Miss M for accepting all these nonsense from my girls without any complaint.  Miss M teaches Cass Mandarin too and used to tutor Sherilyn until Sherilyn started going to after-school tuition at a nearby tuition centre recently.

I think I am going to keep Miss M as our Mandarin tutor for as long as she can help my girls.  She’s God-sent!

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