Sick Girl

Drama Queen woke up feeling sluggish yesterday morning.  She sat at the dining chair staring blankly at her toast when she got up from bed, then sat on her bed after her shower staring into space and looked pretty unusual of herself. I immediately asked her if she was feeling OK and she told me that her throat felt a little scratchy.

When she got home from school at 4-ish pm yesterday, she felt really rotten and immediately crumpled on the sofa still in her school uniform and a jacket.  After a short nap, I dragged her up from the sofa and made her down a packet of Izumio.  Half an hour later, I made her eat some guava, orange and red dragon fruit that I had cut for her (and her sisters) earlier.  After a shower, she slept until 10pm, got up, downed another packet of Izumio with 2 capsules of Super Lutein and ate a slice of purple sweet potato bread. Then went back to sleep.  Hubs woke her up at around 1am to feed her with water.

This morning, I told her not to go to school since final exam is over but she vehemently fought back and said she was OK and went ahead preparing herself for school. I got her to bring a packet of Izumio to school.  When she came back today, again she plonked herself on the sofa with her school uniform and jacket still on.

I encouraged her to eat a small bowl of pork + carrot porridge and drink a glass of fresh coconut water.

Pork ribs porridge with carrots, seasoned with scallions, pepper and vegetarian (soy protein) crispy floss. This bowl is for Cass. Drama Queen’s portion has no meat and crispy floss.


You must be wondering whether I fed her with any medicine?

NO.  Mummy is the quack doctor of the house and self treated her 😀

Hopefully Drama Queen is NOT down with Dengue fever or Zika.

Today I read with interest a blog post written by my Facebook friend, Jacqueline Koay. She used to be a gynae in the UK and then Indonesia. She is now a prolific writer.  Here’s what she wrote in her blog:

These are the regular things a doctor prescribes:

Antibiotics (not needed in most cases)
Charcoal tablets for diarrhoea.

None of the above actually cures anything. The biggest fallacy is taking medication for fever: fever is just the body’s reactions to fighting an infection or overheating. There’s a disturbing report that parents actually inadvertently OVERDOSE their children with paracetomol. IF YOU HAVE YOUNG CHILDREN AND YOU USE PARACETOMOL, PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE.

People often get confused between flu and cold. And between bacteria and virus-caused infections/illnesses. Antibiotics cannot kill off virus, so if you have a virus-caused infection, taking antibiotics serve no purpose whatsoever – it could even make you weaker by knocking out your immune system.

As for painkillers, more and more people are becoming addicted to painkillers. It starts with casual pill-popping, and if continued unaware, it becomes something deeper and darker. You can read the New Scientist article here.

It’s difficult to stand by and do nothing when your child is sick. Worry eats you up. But know that the commonly prescribed medication does nothing more than make you, the parents, feel better.

These are the main things to watch out for:

High temperature (cool the patient down; failing that, go straight to hospital)
Raging thirst
Floppiness, confusion, blinding headaches
Red blotches – with symptoms above (meningitis)
Projectile vomit
Anything way out of ordinary

This is no means medical advice, but a post to raise parents’ awareness that most of the prescribed medication are for peace of mind rather than actual cure.


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That’s How Alycia Eats Her Medicine

Alycia who once gave me and the entire family a real tough time feeding her medicine can now eat her medicine without any fuss. I must say she’s even better than me when it comes to this. I hate medicine and I can never swallow any type of liquid medicine without barfing. All I need to do now is to put a treat in front of Alycia, pour the medicine out in the measurement cup and there goes my baby – she’ll drink the medicine without any complaints but if the medicine has a strong smell, she’ll pinch the bridge of her nose like this :

Notice her watery eyes? This particular medicine has quite a strong taste and she almost puked; I quickly stuffed a pinch of Mexican bun into her mouth which stopped her from puking instantly.

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Alycia’s Super Cranky

After taking her medication last night, Alycia was super cranky, whiny, edgy, emotional and clingy. Just before bedtime, there was a major meltdown. She was bawling and howling away and threw herself into a major fits of rage all because of a tiny box of Kellogs cornflakes that we got from the hotel when we stayed there about 2 weeks ago. I didn’t really know what she wanted. She kept repeating “I want that crispy cornflakes from the hotel, the one with the picture of a green chicken on the box”, over and over and over again as she bawled. When I gave her that particular box of cornflakes which we took from the hotel, she kept saying that the box of cornflakes is not crunchy anymore as we had kept it for so long. She wanted me to call daddy right away to bring her to the hotel to get a few more boxes of that cornflakes. She just went on and on bawling and screaming. I was not feeling well myself and I just couldn’t tolerate her nonsense though I know it was partly beyond her control, due to the effects of the medication. Long story cut short, after calling daddy, he rushed home from his office (thank goodness his office is nearby), carried her, did a ‘bom cha cha’ with her and then opened the packet of cornflakes for her to eat. When Sherilyn saw her sister eating cornflakes, she too joined in the craze and I had 2 toddlers munching on cornflakes on my bed at 11pm! I was enraged! After satisfying her with the cornflakes, daddy had to brush Alycia’s teeth again whilst my maid brushed Sherilyn’s. With all the ding dong, we only went to bed close to midnight.

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Children’s Vapor Balm

This is the baby vicks, brand name Children’s Vapor Balm by 21st Century that I applied on Alycia and Sherilyn when they had cough. It’s made from real strawberries and is light pink in colour. Only costs RM6.95 and can be easily purchased from pharmacies. Even i love the smell, even feel like eating it when I smell it coz it smells so appetizing, haha…

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