Sending Flowers To Your Loved Ones During The Pandemic

Science has proven what many already believed, that flowers are good for your soul and mental well-being!   Flowers are pretty, colorful, smell great and within their delightfully-delicate petals, our blooming buddies hold the secrets to make us feel happy.  Flowers have the magical ability to lift our mood, reduce stress and depression and generate a more optimistic outlook in life.

With the recent global Covid-19 pandemic, there is a significant impact on every aspect of life, including how people live in the new normal. With many people impacted negatively by the pandemic, there are more reasons why we need flowers in our lives.  Home quarantine and isolation can be a lonely and depressing experience; it can lower our mood and the vulnerable in society could have serious implications on their mental wellbeing.

If you are currently separated from your wife, daughter, mother, girlfriend, friends or loved ones because of border restrictions and social distancing, you can reach out to them from afar by sending them flowers via online flowers delivery services such as those from PlantShed NYC flowers, the best New York florist that’s around!

Fire Island Flowers

If you’re having many missed moments with your loved ones that you would have spent together if not for this pandemic, a beautiful bouquet or pot of flowers sent to them from a New York florist will make them feel loved though you’re miles apart from them.

Flowers are one of the best ways to spark some joy to the days of your loved ones during this drat pandemic.  Sending flowers to your loved ones is a great way to connect and communicate and truly make an impact on your  loved one’s mood in a way that’s otherwise not accessible due to social distancing and restrictions on traveling.

Sending flowers may be a simple gesture, but it is truly more than that.  Flowers are an absolute delight to have.  Stay safe folks!


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