Jinx Tuesday

Four years ago, I fell flat on the hard tarred road while running outside, resulting in a very nasty injury to both my palms with open wounds so bad that I could see raw flesh that stung to the core of my bones each time I wet my hands.  The wounds only healed after about 3-4 weeks. Healing was very slow as I had to wet my hands all the time — washing butt, cleaning and cooking.  Ask a SAHM or WFHM what could be one of the worst things to happen to her and she’ll tell you injury to her hands coz even if she has injured her hands, by hell or high water, she still has to find a way to get the house chores done and have 3 meals placed on the dining table.  Thus, I am always very careful not to injure my hands. If I can’t use my hands, everything will come to a standstill at home.

This morning the same jinx happened to me.  I was brisk walking downhill and accidentally tripped and fell flat, landing on my chin and both my palms *OUCH* 😖😭

During the landing of the fall, my left fingers, in particular the second and third fingers were badly bent over. For a moment, I thought I had fractured my fingers as the pain was really bad.  The skin on some parts of my palms and fingers was also partially grazed off. But the injury this time ain’t as serious as the one that happened four years ago.  Driving is difficult as my left fingers hurt at every movement. I can barely bend or straighten my fingers now.  Even simple tasks like pressing the flush button on the water cistern and opening the door are quite impossible for my left hand now 😓

Good thing is though my chin landed on the hard textured bricks, there was only a superficial bruise.

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Car Accident

Hubby had a harrowing car accident yesterday evening. He was at Kerinchi Link when his car skidded on an oily road. He was only driving at 60km/hr and if he had gone faster, I shudder to think of the consequences. He sprained his shoulders and fingers though. Either a vehicle leaked oil or some heartless people with the evil intention of making money from accidents had poured oil on the road. When his MPV skidded, it obviously spun and all he could do to prevent the car from tipping or careening was to manouevre the steering wheel like an F1 driver, while his car swerved and grazed the divider like a bumper car. I can imagine how scary that near-death experience was coz I had experienced it twice – once when the hubs and I were traveling back to Ipoh on the highway during a very heavy downpour. Our car skidded, spun round and nearly crashed onto the divider. Thank God we were saved and our car did not crash onto the front car and there was no vehicle behind us. The second time – I had just found out I was pregnant with #2 and was deep in my thoughts while driving to work. As I was going down a curvy slope on the Kesas highway, my car skidded, spun 360 degrees and it nearly hit the divider too and thank God once again, my car and I were spared from damage and harm. I thank God that the hubs was spared from harm or something more tragic in yesterday’s accident.   And thank God my kids and I were not in the car with him.

His car is now in the workshop and will be stuck there for 3 weeks. The estimated cost of repair is a few thousand Ringgit.  The front bumper is totally wrecked, some electronic items inside the front of the car were also damaged and the back bumper has to be replaced too.

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A Jinxed Monday

Hubby had a meeting with his client in PJ this morning. On his way back to his office after the meeting, he met with a car accident. A man in another car, who despite saw hubby’s MPV coming, made a quick U-turn but stepped on his brake all of a sudden when he saw another on-coming car. Hubby could not brake on time and crashed onto the car. The front of hubby’s MPV was badly wrecked, so is the other party’s car. I must thank God that hubby was spared of injuries in the accident. If he were hurt in the accident, like how my brother was hurt in a nasty car accident 20 years ago, we would need to hire a good attorney, like the professional personal injury attorney Omaha based to help us with the accident compensation. I heard that the attorneys from Demerath Law Office in Omaha offer free consultation to their clients and will only charge them if they are successful in obtaining a recovery for their clients.

I hope hubby’s MPV will be fixed within 2 weeks, otherwise he will have to rent an MPV which will cost him a fortune.

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Black Saturday

It was a black Saturday for Sherilyn yesterday. She had a fall once, knocked her chin against a table, got her fingers pinched by a door and had a near miss serious case of having her 4 fingers squashed by the same steel door which broke her thumb last year.

Sherilyn my little fearless samseng was jumping on the couch as if it was a trampoline yesterday. She loves doing that and despite me warning her, threatening her and smacking her for doing so, she is still fearless. I was busy preparing for dinner yesterday when Sherilyn was jumping on the couch. I told her to stop jumping but she wouldn’t listen. Seconds later, I heard a loud thud and she had fallen off the couch, forehead landing on the floor. She bawled but luckily there wasn’t any bruise on her forehead. Less than an hour later, she had forgotten about the fall and started to jump on the couch again, so out came the whip and she stopped jumping.

About half an hour later, I was outside at the wet kitchen trying to shoo a cat away from tearing up the garbage bag. Sherilyn rushed to the kitchen to see what was happening. When I came inside and was about to close the steel kitchen door, I almost wedged 4 of Sherilyn’s fingers on her left hand which she had placed on the back opening of the door, i.e. the exact same place where she broke her thumb when she was playing with the door last year. Luckily, I didn’t shut the door fast enough and my maid was quick enough to pull Sherilyn’s hand away. Phew…. gave me a real fright.

A few hours later, Sherilyn accidentally knocked her chin on the table when daddy was catching her and again, luckily there wasn’t any bruises. Just before bedtime as I was coming into the bedroom from the bathroom attached to my room, I didn’t see Sherilyn behind me and she had placed her right hand on the opening of the door. I shut the door and this time, her fingers got wedged but luckily again, there was no bruise…. she just got a shock and so did I!

What a black Saturday it was and I must thank God that Sherilyn had escaped all the minor accidents unscathed. I hope she has learnt her lessons.

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Hubby’s Car Got Hit

2 nights ago after a game of basketball, DH went for supper with his basketball mates. After supper, as DH was about to make a right turn at a corner, a drunkard hit his new car and the bugger wanted to escape. There were dents and scratches across the left doors. Fortunately DH’s basketball mates are all lanky and muscular and they jumped out from DH’s car and tried to prevent the drunkard from escaping. The drunkard whose breath smelled heavily of alcohol got intimated by the group of muscular guys and without any coercion admitted his fault, gave his identity card and business card to DH and agreed to pay the repair cost and end of story. Now, DH got to get his car fixed. Sigh, DH seems to be unlucky driving MPVs… his first MPV was submerged in flood water last year, then when the MPV was fixed, it got stolen and now the 2nd MPV got hit pulak. Really freaky!

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