Baked / Grilled Squids

I bought a bag of calamari (squid / ‘sotong’) from the pasar malam yesterday. My three piranhas are big  fans of the ‘sotong’.  No wonder they can be quite a ‘blur sotong’ at times 🦑

I told the girls that I’d like to try baking the squids in the oven but we would have to wait for another day as their grandma had already cooked dinner.   But my drama queen could not wait to try  out prepping this new dish.

Once we got home, I cleaned the squids before storing them in the freezer. But this eager beaver chef wannabe quietly removed one squid from the freezer, cut it into rings and off she trotted to her phone to Google for an easy recipe to bake/grill the squid in the oven.

She found a very simple Mediterranean recipe for baked squids and only a few basic ingredients are needed:
1. Salt
2. Olive oil
3. Black pepper
4. Lime juice

Just marinate the squids in the above seasoning, place the squids on a rack (rack over an oven-proof tray) and grill/bake at high temperature (200C) for 5 minutes.  Be careful not to over bake the squids or they will turn chewy and rubbery.

Remember, only 5 minutes at high temperature.

And the baked squids were PERFECT : al dente, not chewy at all, juicy and the lime juice gave it a very zesty tang.

Yummy, the girls and I love the baked squids! This recipe is a brilliant back pocket recipe for busy nights.

Sorry, other than this picture, I don’t have a close-up picture of the baked squids. Had I not quickly snapped this picture, there would  not even be a single piece of squid left for me.  Remember, they are merciless piranhas when it comes to food!

Not even a minute out from the oven and the 3 piranhas dashed over to the tray to attack the hot sotong! Thank God no one had burnt tongue 😛

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Big Rat In The House

Someone did it again. After sneaking out my favorite Whittaker’s hazelnut dark chocolate bit by bit on a daily basis and finishing almost the entire bar, she left one itsy-bitsy piece of chocolate in the Tupperware container for me.

Because she was scared I would reprimand her for eating chocolate everyday and say that she’s a greedy little girl, because she was lazy to wash the container and because she had an itty-bitty piece of conscience left that made her feel bad. Thus the pathetic piece of chocolate left in the container for me!

That frigging bar of Whittaker’s chocolate cost RM25 and gone in  days!

Next time, I have to stash all my chocolates or buy a container with a padlock to keep all my favorite food out of bounds.

The hubs is right. We have reared piranhas!



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School Holidays Activities

While Alycia hibernates in her bedroom revising for her trial PT3 exam, Drama Queen spent her time baking in the kitchen and Cass did what she loves most ~ burying her face in her novels and making a ‘Massage Coupon Book’ for me 💖

Other than working out at the gym for 1-2 hours daily and taking short 10-15 minute breaks every hourly, the big girl is cooped up in her room revising. She even stayed home while the rest of the family went out for lunch yesterday. Hope she does well in her coming exams!

Three more days of sleeping in and lolling around in the house and it’s time for the girls to go back to school, to face the toughest part of the school year ~ final exam for Drama Queen and Cass and two major exams for Alycia. And then it’s the school holidays again. I. Can’t. Wait.!!!!

As I am typing this post, It’s 12 noon and there’s nothing much to forage in the pantry but I am SO lazy to drive out to get food for my brood and the queen.  It looks like we will just reheat all the frozen food or toast some bread and fry some eggs. I just don’t feel like exposing myself to the hot afternoon sun and haze and shower again. But somehow, I will still need to drive to my favorite bakery to get a loaf of banana olive bread and resume my driver duty later in the day.

The Cookie Monster with 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies which she baked last night. While everyone else were in bed, she continued with moping the kitchen floor and washing up all the baking utensils. That was my condition to her before I bought her all the ingredients ~ MUST wash up, clean up and leave a spanking clean floor free of flour and ants!

My coupons for massages from my baby girl.  It’s a good start for her to start earning her pocket money 🤣

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After School Snacks

Wednesdays are CoCo (CoCurricular) days. Drama Queen and Cass will be home late, at around 4ish pm. Whenever they are back from school, they look and behave like feral dogs — they will dart straight to the kitchen to check every nook and corner in search for food.  At the sight of food, they will stuff them quickly into their mouths, as if they have not eaten for days! Don’t get me wrong. They bring food to school everyday. I feed them well.

Below – Cass’ snacks after CoCo yesterday (Wednesday). She had a packet of Izumio hydrogen water, papaya, a piece of ginger + spice biscuit, grandma’s fresh-from-the-oven palm sugar butter and almond meal cup cake and  a mug of sugar-free Hershey’s cocoa milk. She walloped all these down and 2 hours later, she had a heavy dinner!


My girls are growing up really fast. They are no longer the little ones that need coaxing to finish the food. Drama Queen has come a long way. For 6 years of her life, I had to endure with her storing food in her mouth at every meal. On some nights, she would sit at the dining table from 6 – 10pm struggling to finish her bowl of rice + dishes; often she fell asleep at the dining table with food still stored in her mouth. Now, she is the champion of the 3 girls when it comes to eating.

With 3 fast growing girls, the dishes on the dining table are ALWAYS polished off clean. And I have to replenish the stockpile of  snacks in the pantry every SINGLE DAY.

Honey, now you know why I have to do grocery shopping every single day!! 🍗🍕🍔🍎🍏🍒🍖🍱 🙀


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Holiday Activity – Cookie Baking

This idea was entirely Drama Queen’s.  And I entrusted her with the entire task as I knew she could handle it pretty well.  Except for helping her with the oven and checking on the doneness of the cookies, Drama Queen enlisted the help of her 2 side-kicks on this holiday cookie baking project today.

She got the recipe from her favorite You Tuber – LaurDIY, which is sugar-free banana chocolate chips cookies.

The 3 girls had a whale of a time in the kitchen. I was too busy with work to supervise. And they were so glad that I wasn’t there to poke my nose in their job.

Cass – I am so happy that this whole thing is WITHOUT adult supervision! Shoo shoo mummy!  We can handle this!

The outcome of the cookies was not bad.  The cookies were crispy on the outside and slightly soft in the inside. It’s like eating crispy banana muffins.  Weight watchers will love this cookie as it is sugar-free and made from organic unbleached flour.  The sweetness comes entirely from the ripened bananas.  I must say that it’s pretty good, coming from 3 girls under 13 years old who treated this as a real life child’s play masak-masak.

Even the girls’ favorite kakak Maria has 2 jars of cookies to bring home today 🙂


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Yummy Kitchen Tales

My 2 kitchen side-kicks helping me to peel and chop garlic and onions. I am SO thankful for them coz I HATE this chore!

They bicker and fight a lot but when they yak and laugh non-stop with each other, it really warms my heart 🙂

From a mere kitchen helper just earlier this year, Drama Queen has been promoted to Commis Chef!  I can now delegate such easy task as sauteeing veggies, cooking omelettes, sauteeing meat and simple pan-frying of dishes to her.

She’s great at whipping up delightful salads too…

When the 3 of them are in the kitchen, we always have loads of laughter, albeit commotion do erupt when things go wrong like someone accidentally cuts her finger, breaks a bowl or  burns a dish!  It is NOT uncommon that a dish is burnt when I leave it entirely to her to cook.  It’s A-OK.  Failures are fertilizer to success.

In action – Drama Queen cooking tomato omelette, ala Taiwanese.

The tomato omelette that Drama Queen whipped up, all by herself and it’s really delish.

One of our simple dinners at home – blanched veggie, tomyam white pomfret fish and Taiwanese style tomato omelette.

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The Girls’ School Sports Day

We reached school before 7am this morning for the girls’ sports day and spent 7 frigging long hours in school!! Today is the day that the girls have been waiting for months. They have been diligently practising the Sports Day dance and running events for many months. While today is the day that they looked forward to, it is the day that I scorned at! Can’t blame a puteri lilin, can you? If there is any activity that involves exposure to the hot sun, no thank you, you can count me out and I won’t blame you 😀

Breakfast in school at 7am to fuel the girls for a long and tiring day…

This fiery cili padi can really eat spicy food, I kid you not!


The four teams in the school  – red, yellow, blue and green with super heroes as their mascots. Red Team was Flash, Yellow Team was Spongebob, Blue Team was Captain America and Green Team Ninja Turtles.


In previous years, the Sports Day event was held at various stadiums. This year the school has a new track of their own. The new track was officiated today in pomp and grandeur.

The school kids doing the Sports Day dance.  Can you spot Cass in blue?

Alycia was second runner up in one of her running events. Their house clinched first place in the marching event and mascot decoration. All her hard work yesterday paid off.

Sherilyn who is a girl guide stood for hours on end under the fiery sun, to help hold the tray of medals in the prize giving ceremony after each event.  I was so worried that she’d collapse under the hot sun!


It’s been yonks since I last drank a cup of cold ice Milo from the good old Milo truck, often seen at Sports Day events.  Seeing the Milo truck brought back lots of sweet memories of my very own Sports Day in school.  One of the best things to look forward to during my Sports Day was a cool cup of iced Milo from the truck.  As it was Cass’ first time, she was really, really excited and queued up under the scorching sun over and over again to get her free cup of ice Milo.

I lugged along a few packets of Izumio hydrogen water along with me as I knew that everyone would need it badly to rehydrate and recover from the blazing heat @ 35 degrees Celsius. For 3 years straight, Alycia and Sherilyn had fever after attending their Sports Day event under the ferocious sun at the stadium. This year I preempted the fever with Izumio!  I had a blasting headache after 7 hours in the sun but the headache was subdued with 2 packets of Izumio…amazing!


Here’s another refreshing tip for hot Sports Day event – cold ice water that you can bring along from home.  It’s anytime healthier than sugar-laden boxed, bottled or canned soft drinks from the canteen.  I kept 2 bottles of water in the freezer the night before and removed them from the freezer in the morning of the Sports Day.  The bottles of ice water was cool until 2ish pm.  Sipping ice water while you’re under the hot sun feels like water dousing off the fire within, so refreshing and good way of preventing a heat stroke.

Cass’ team did not win in their 50m relay event. One of her team mates’ shoes were yanked off her feet when she was running LOL! She wasted a lot of time running back to retrieve her shoes.  Cass was a tad disappointed for not winning. She had been telling me before the Sports Day that she was hoping to win a medal.  Her wish now is to take part in next year’s Sports Day to claim her medal 😀
After a long and exhausting day in school, we had lunch at our neighborhood coffee shop and then segued to the roadside durian stall to indulge in durians again! 😀

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Little Kitchen Helpers

The girls helping koong koong and granny in the kitchen yesterday, in preparation for our Dongzhi festival dinner at home in Ipoh…

helping in d kitchen 22 dec 2013 -2

helping in d kitchen 22 dec 2013

The girls helped to scrape arrowroot skin and to remove peanut skin. While they were helping, granny fed them with  papaya haha!  I have made it compulsory for the girls to eat fruits everyday, even when we travel.   They normally eat fruits in the morning, on an empty stomach but in Ipoh,  I relax a bit and they are allowed to eat noodles, fish balls and other food before eating fruits much later 😉


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Little Miss Social Butterfly

Little Miss Social Butterfly has parties and activities lined up this school holidays. Yesterday, she had a birthday party to attend. In the morning, BY – Sherilyn’s BFF since pre-school came to our house to have a pre-party girly preparation. BY helped Sherilyn paint her finger nails and choose her clothes for a ‘fashion show’ event at the party!  The birthday party was held at the pool-side and the bunch of 8-year olds did some water playing too.

Next week, the enrichment centre that Sherilyn goes to is organizing a trip to Kidzania.  Both Sherilyn and Alycia will be attending.  On the 19th, the enrichment centre will be throwing a X’mas party and little Miss Congeniality has been reminding me of this party every single day!

After our trip from Singapore, BY’s mother will be throwing a party and we will be attending too.

Just two weeks ago, Sherilyn attended a birthday party of another friend.

Sherilyn is only 8 and her list of parties and activities out-number mine and her sisters!

Now, Sherilyn wants to join her BFF in a hip-hop dance class. This I am very eager as well but she has too many activities as of now.  She is still learning ballet. So for now, I have not decided if I should let her join the hip-hop dance class.

My girls are all singer wannabes. They are always at You Tube watching and listening to the latest pop hits. They dance and sing alongside the singers.  Even Cass has jumped onto the singing bandwagon with her sisters.  She can sing Katy Perry’s Roar very well and they love Miley Cyrus as well.  A few nights ago, my eyes almost popped out when I saw them watching Miley Cyrus’ very sexy (and appalling) moves on You Tube over and over again!   Oh my, my girls are behaving like they are teens thought they are still quite far from being teens. And my princess wannabe now tells me that she wants to be a singer when she grows up *face palm*!

BY and Sherilyn’s birthdays are just 1 day apart. And I think they do have a slight resemblance in their facial features as well.



I ordered some KFC for the kids for lunch yesterday.  Seeing how happy they were reminded me of my happy childhood too, with my bunch of neighbors, who were all boys but I blended in very well with them (thus I was very tomboyish back then) and I still miss them at times.




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Haze Holiday – 25 June 2013

The girls have been getting bored and restless today, which is the second day that they are kept away from school due to the haze.  Besides watching TV, playing with the laptop and doing some work that I have given them, they goofed around and played ‘Getting Married’.

Alycia : “Sherilyn, do you take Jonathan Wong as your awfully, err no, lawfully wedded husband?”

Sherilyn : NO!

Alycia : What?!! You must say yes!!

The 3 girls then cracked into a loud guffaw and they continued playing ‘Getting Married’ until Sherilyn finally said “Yes I do” LOL! Girls play, I just love to see them having such care-free and stress-free moments, enjoying their childhood instead of rushing off their homework and getting all stressed up preparing for exams.

If the API remains at below 200, the girls will return to school tomorrow but I am not letting Alycia stay back for extra curricular activities. How’s the API at your side? Did your kids go to school today?

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Girl’s First Train Ride

 I had wanted to bring the girls for a train ride from KL to Ipoh since KTM launched the ETS (Electric Train Service) not too long ago.  Apart from the monorail train ride in KL, the girls had never been on an inter-city commuter train ride. Since the girls’ grand aunt was able to accompany us, it was a perfect timing to bring the whole rambunctious jing gang up the train. Thankfully we managed to get a front seat, which had ample space for us to put our luggage bags and paraphernalia.  We were in Coach B, which was WiFi enabled but heck, though I was connected to the ETS WiFi on my handphone, the WiFi strength was really bad and I could not surf at all. The toilet was also located at the back of Coach B, which made it easier for me to bring the girls to experience peeing in a moving train lol!


Occupancy in our coach was only about 40% full, so there were many empty seats for rascal #2 and #3 to roam about and choose where they wanted to sit, throughout the 2 hours 15 mins train ride.  My social butterfly made friends with 2 little Indian girls seated behind us and they exchanged snacks.  Sherilyn gave her a bun and she gave Sherilyn a packet drink.

The wall-mounted TVs were right in front of our seats and besides getting the privilege of large space for our belongings, we had clear view of the TV too.


Rascal #2 walloped 3 big buns during the train ride.

Peeing had never been this fun on a moving coach lol! The cleanliness of the loo met my high standards.

Will there be a second time boarding the ETS? Why not? For sure I will bring the girls for another train ride. It was definitely way more fun than being belted up in a car!

For North bound rides, ETS is only available from KL to Ipoh.

You can call 1 300 88 5862 to inquire and even make your booking through the phone. We booked our tickets through this toll-free number and tickets must be picked up by 5pm the day prior to boarding the train. We boarded the train at KL Sentral station. You can opt to board the train at the main train station in KL too.

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Bye Bye Angry Birds, Welcome Smurfs and Animal Kaiser!

I think I can say good bye to Angry Birds and start to welcome yet another craze in my home. Just like any other kids, my girls  are riding in the Smurfs band wagon now but their obsession is not as bad as Angry Birds. Good ol’ sporting granny has bought them each a nice Smurfs tee when she came to visit us last week.

The Smurfs heat ain’t that hot anyway. I can feel that it is slowly waning too. Alycia’s biggest obsession now is Animal Kaiser cards as most of her school classmates and tuition class mates are hardcore fans of Animal Kaiser. Her obsession is driving me nuts as I don’t like to see my almost 8-year old daughter drawing ugly creatures during her free time. She told me yesterday that one of her good friend from school (a boy) wants to visit her to exchange Animal Kaiser cards *rolling eyeballs*!

Do you have a kid who is also an Animal Kaiser fanatic too?

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Why We Love Wednesdays and Saturdays

My girls love Wednesdays and Saturdays. That’s because they are my Princess wannabe’s ballet class days. That’s when she gets to meet her fellow ballet classmates, who all seem to possess the same style and traits as her. They say birds of a feather flock together, how true this adage is haha!
For Alycia and Baby, they get to tag along and enjoy the 1 hour of eating, hanging around in 100 Yen Shop, shopping at our favorite bakery and shopping at the nearby mini market while waiting for Sherilyn. Even I look forward to Wednesdays and Saturdays!

These pix were snapped today, which is Sherilyn’s ballet day. After dropping Sherilyn at the dance centre, I did my usual errands – grabbed some good deals at Guardian Pharmacy, got some buns and cake at our bakery and did some grocery shopping at the nearby mini market.  Today, I was way too well prepared and brought along 4 shopping bags to put my stuff… after being caught with no plastic bags on a Saturday, twice!  Simple day for us but the girls enjoy themselves nonetheless. Happy Sunday peeps!

My gifts from above…

Pretty girls in pink…

Pretty and demure as they might appear, but really, they drive me up the wall the whole day. Everyday.

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Nasi Lemak Crazed Girls

My 3 girls are great fans of nasi lemak. Even Baby loves eating “nashi lumak” and can chomp down a small bowl of the coconut milk rice on its own. Alycia loves spicy food and can stomach the sambal and chicken curry. Sometimes when the sambal is too spicy for her, she will gasp and run to the fridge to gulp down milk. But this will not deter her. Whenever my bones are feeling heavy and I don’t feel like cooking, I will take away 2 packets of nyonya nasi lemak after jogging round the neighborhood in the morning. When the girls are back from school, I will heat up the rice in the microwave oven.

Here’s Baby’s bowl of nashi lumak, which she can polish off in a jiffy…

Not bad what right … carbo, protein, iron, fat and fibre, all packaged into one yummy treat… and cheap too!

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Jelly-Crazed Girls

My girls are jelly-crazed. They love all types of jellies, especially those colorful ones in a small cup. But I don’t like the idea of them eating those as no. 1 there is chocking hazard and no. 2 there are too much coloring and food additives in these jellies, expecially those that are made in China.

When my parents were here, Alycia pestered my mum to make Konnyaku jelly. Everyone loves this chewy jelly, including moi!

Check out how much fun they had helping granny to prepare the jellies:

Cutting fruits for the jellies…

When the just cooked jelly turned cold after half an hour, it became like this….

.. and the girls had so much fun eating them and pulling the strands of jellies, as if they were eating some kind of magical food ….

… digging and fingering every single strand of jelly left in the pot…

The strawberry flavored Konnyaku jellies with pieces of fruits were polished off in 1.5 days!  And then granny made jellies again the next day!

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3 Little Samsengs

Friends and strangers always tell me that I’m lucky I have 3 girls as girls are more demure and not so hyper active, more laid back and not so rambunctious BUT I beg to differ. I always tell them, “wait till you come to my home and you’ll see their true colors!”

Check them out at home. Tell me, do your daughters sit like this? Or just mine? I never sit like this! So I wonder who they learned this from??

On another note, I’m glad that Alycia is a responsible jie jie. Her Mandarin tutor has assigned a task to her – that she is to flash cards of Mandarin characters of 1-10 to Sherilyn at home. And she obediently toed the line, brought the flash cards along with her and flashed them to her sis on our way to church on Sunday!

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