Pink Hello Kitty Dress

There is this pink Hello Kitty dress at my supplier’s warehouse, which can be purchased from my online store  that I am very, very tempted to get for myself.  I have been a Hello Kitty fan all my life!  When I was younger, I used to eat, sleep and breathe Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio. I still have my collection of Hello Kitty collectibles nicely kept in a drawer at my parents in Ipoh.   My hands still get itchy  whenever I see cute Hello Kitty and Sanrio things 😉

For someone who sells clothes, it is only natural that I have a wardrobe bursting with clothes. Many of them are worn only once.  Some are brand new and still not worn yet. If I add this Hello Kitty dress to my collection of clothes, I know I will probably only wear it once or twice.  I still have several dresses that I have ordered from my supplier that have not reached me yet and they are for ME!  No doubt the dress is in my favorite color pink and has my favorite childhood character on it, but but but, sigh….!

So I turned to Cass and asked her if I should get it.  Cass scrutinized the dress and as frank as she has always been with her opinion with me, she told me that I will probably look FAT in it!  Errr, have I ever been FAT?!  But a child’s opinion is always forthright and I think I will probably look fat in it.  And honestly, do you think a 41-year old mother of 3 kids will look ridiculous in a pink Hello Kitty dress?  I asked Cass this question and she went “ERRRR….”  as if not wanting to spill out the cruel truth from her mouth.   So, it is a no go la Hello Kitty pink dress 🙁

In case you like it, you can order it from me though 😉






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Little Helpers

In order to earn their outings and rewards, my little ones not only have to help out in house work but work from my online store as well.  Alycia was the most helpful and was very swift in unpacking the stock from the parcels when they arrived on Monday. Her stock checking skill was impeccable too and she managed to help me tally the stock received against my record… over 150 pieces of them without much sweat. She has definitely inherited my attention to details and accuracy plus points.  After she had tallied the numbers and sorted them according to the designs, I spent 2 days checking the clothes and sending them out.  It ain’t easy at all when I had to cook and do house work at the same time without any helpers.

And this princess wannabe could not be happier and satisfied with this princess gown that I ordered for her *rolls eyes*! I wonder if we would have any wedding dinners to attend next year…else she could wear this during CNY, her birthday and for X’mas next year haha!  Then the dress will sit in the closet for 4 years before Cass could wear it. But I think I would have given it away already, before yellow stains appear on the dress.

And the littlest Princess Wannabe wanted to try on one of the sexy Toga dresses too.   Too bad Alycia has no interest AT ALL in dresses and princesses * sobs*


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Would Your Man Shop For You And Your Kids From Online Stores?

NO, my man would never buy clothes, bags and other stuff for me and my kids from online stores. But yes if it’s done at a physical shop. My man never buys anything online. Well, none that I know of. Ever since I started an online shop 3 years ago, my clothes and my kids clothing are sourced mainly online – from my suppliers – 95% of them. Why not since they are at wholesale price and it’s so convenient for busy mums like me? Even my shoes and some lingerie were purchased online from my suppliers. I have even purchased supplements for Baby from a shop in the UK since 3 years ago and still do.

Anyway, back to the topic of my post. The majority of my customers are female shoppers. But when I get a male customer inquiring about a product, I feel doubtful of their intention. How many men will actually comment in a public social networking site to inquire about a ladies wear or a girl dress, right? His comments will be visible by the eyes of the entire world!  My doubt will quell when they have paid for the goods that they had earlier asked about. And that’s when I start to feel bad that I had qualms about them earlier.    I must also admit that I have a slight feeling of envious of the customer’s wife. How lucky is she that her hubby takes the time and trouble to shop for her and her kids from online stores.  Recently I had a male customer who went through all the albums in my online store in FB for about a week, made over a ‘hundred inquiries’ and spent a few hundred bucks worth of clothes and kids accessories for his daughter and wife. About a month later, he bought from me again and went through the same process again. And he did not even ask for a discount though he bought so much from me. Out of gratitude, I gave his daughter a free gift. Oh, how I love customers like this 😀 I know my man will never ever do that and I know many men will not do that either. But I admire those daddies and hubbies who do that for their kids and wife out of love.

Would your man do this for you and your kids?

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My 2 Underaged Store Assistants

I almost flipped when I saw my stock at the door yesterday. My husband needed a trolley to push the boxes of stock back. There were over 100 pieces of Doomagic pillowcases, Disney Storybook Pillows, Sesame Street Sunglasses, Thomas Train sets, headbands, clothes and many more. I just didn’t know how to get started. But I had a light bulb moment again *ting ting!@@* Since Alycia had just finished her final exam, I roped both my older girls in to help me and they were excited, really excited and happy. Each time my stock of kids’ clothes and kids stuff arrive, they will be more excited than me.

Here you go, my 2 earnest store assistants helping me and I must say that they are really good, even Sherilyn… who managed to help me count my Doomagic pillowcases and the figures all tallied with my record!

After a hard day’s work, I rewarded them with something that they chose from my stock – Disney seals for them to do painting / stamping.

The parcels all ready at the door step, for the postman to collect them today. This is just 1/3 of the stock. I have some more stashed inside my cupboard and some lying in the living room When my soon-to-arrive stock comes next week, I will put them into pos laju flyer bags. I’ll bet my 2 earnest helpers will be more than glad to help mummy out *thank God for giving me girls!!*

Do check out my online store website, Old And New Stuff For Sale or my Facebook page (Facebook is more updated with new collection!) for trendy ladies and kids clothing and cool kids stuff at prices you will love!

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Home-Turned Garment Factory

2 nights of losing sleep… that’s the price I have to pay for having a one-man-show shop to cut down operating costs, save for the 3 little hands I get occasionally….

Eye sore and heart attack sight for me….over hundred pieces of clothes to check and pack… nice to take order, oh really nice, just type into my Excel spreadsheet only but when the stock comes from my 6 suppliers, I tell ya, I feel like jumping down from my unit haha! Coz each time my batch of stock arrives, I only get 3-4 hrs of sleep.  If I promise my customers that they will get their clothes by the 15th, by hook or by cook, I must ensure that they get it by the 15th, unless there is delay beyond my control.

Every part of the house is filled with clothes and pos laju bags…not to mention thread and dust….

Child labor haha!  But they willingly volunteered to help me… who says girls are no good hor?

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Another Hectic Day Today

Today is going to be another stressed-to-the-max and hectic day for me. My main supplier is delivering my batch of stock to me. I am also expecting any parcel from one of my kids apparel suppliers. I have over 100 pieces of clothes to sort out in the evening, which will last until mid night. And my house is going to look like a garment factory again with clothes strewn in every corner, pieces of thread flying everywhere and pos laju bags stacked up on the floor. I am planning to cook fried mee hoon (that’s the easiest 1-pot dish with all the good stuff in – eggs, meat, veggie, noodles) this afternoon. My kids and I will have that for lunch and dinner. I am also going to rope in Alycia and Sherilyn to help me with some of the processes like folding the clothes after my round of QA inspection and sealing the Pos Laju bags.

When my customers’ clothes are all packed and ready to be collected by the Pos Laju postman, I am one very happy woman. My house is clean again. I can have a little respite… until the next big batch comes again in less than a week. This pic was taken early last week. I needed a huge garbage bag to place all the parcels for the postman to carry.

Baby doesn’t want to miss out the ‘fun’ too…

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Of Veggie, Fruits And Sweet Corns

Baby who used to love eating veggie when she was younger has now turned her back on the greens. She only eats selected veggie and even this, I have to cut the greens up into real tiny pieces and conceal them with her food so that she doesn’t see anything green amongst the rice or noodles! Baby is no fruit lover too. This may be one reason why she is often constipated. Thank God she is quite acceptable to red dragon fruits and this fruit is really effective in helping to move her stubborn bowels.

This is Baby’s latest craze – sweet corns. She can graze on them non-stop until I stop her. Most kids love sweet corns. I don’t know of any kid who doesn’t like these sweet little grains, do you?

Baby feasting on organic sweet corns. Sometimes I see those yellow grains amongst her poop too yikes!

Do hop over to my online store, Old And New Stuff For Sale to check out a new addition to my store – kids’ clothes! They are irresistibly cute, pretty and priced very resonably 🙂

Here are just a few samples:

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New Clothes Anyone?

I finally had the time to be a model today and donned on some of the clothes from my online store . My 2 older girls had followed daddy and mah mah back to Ipoh yesterday while Baby, my helper and I stayed behind.

Code – ID3223 (premium clothes)

Code – ID2017 (premium clothes)

G1003-D002 – Sweet Lotus Leaf Round Neck Dress

F1002-D010 – Dress – for medium size ladies

Y1004-T032RR – Top (Rose Red) – for medium size ladies.  Baby wouldn’t let me off the hook and insisted that I held her hand when my helper snapped my pix.

WTSDC1072: Jersey Short Sleeve T

Baby who saw me trying on the clothes followed suit but she shrieked when her body got stuck muahahahaha!!

For those of you who are willing to pay a little more, you can now get premium clothes (imported from Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan) between RM60 – RM75.  Just hop over to Old And New Stuff For Sale and click on the ‘Premium Clothes’ category under the ‘Search By Category’ tab on the right side bar.

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My Friday

It has been a very hectic week for me. This afternoon, I was at the paed’s clinic at PMC with Baby. Her pee smelled a tad foul today and there was a tiny red patch on her down under. You can read more about this in my health blog. I will update it later tonight or tomorrow. I have been forcing Baby to drink lots of barley water, coconut water and Refresh (E.Excel) the whole day today. She’s been drinking water like a camel today and her pee is becoming clearer too with all the water pumped into her body. Hopefully she’ll be A-ok, otherwise we will have to make a trip to Penang during the school hols to pay a visit to Baby’s surgeon. 

My 2 batches of stock arrived yesterday. Tomorrow there will be another batch of clothes arriving. Here’re just a few of the items. You can hop over to Old And New Stuff For Sale to have a look at the new products.

This purple sleeveless dress is really pretty – can be worn to the office with a jacket over or to a dinner.

This black and white dress is perfect for the office.

This pretty off-shouldered layered dress can also be worn to the office with a jacket over or to a party.

This V-neck Bohemian dress can be worn with an inner tube and is ideal for weekend wear or even to the office, with a jacket over.

If you have any old or new stuff that you want to sell, you can sell them at Malaysia’s eBay – my blogshop 😀  Just snap some pix of your stuff, write a description of the stuff and email me.  I am still waiving the listing fee for your advertisement for the time being. 

Have a great weekend peeps and happy school holidays to all you parents. 

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Sell Any Of Your Old Or New Stuff At My Blogshop!

This invitation is open to everyone! I am pretty sure many of you have stuff that you want to dispose of but don’t know where to dispose them or who to give them to. Sometimes, you feel that it would be a tad too ‘sayang’ to give your stuff away and have thought of selling it. Well, now you can sell your stuff both old and new at my blogshop, Old And New Stuff For Sale!

You can sell just about any stuff – old baby clothes, your old clothes, bags, costume jelweries, accessories, belts, iPod, your old car (!!) and anything under the sky that you have EXCEPT for pornographic stuff, illegal stuff, banned stuff and stuff that I don’t support.  Listing of your stuff at my blogshop will be subject to my review and approval. You only pay me 20% in handling / listing fee and commission. For eg. if someone buys your old handbag at RM20, you only need to pay me RM4, that’s it!

You can also make nice stuff – costume jewelries, crafts, kids’ stuff, even cakes, cookies, etc. and sell them at my blogshop.

This is the procedure:

1) Take pix of your stuff
2) Write description of your stuff
3) Set pricing for your stuff
4) Email the pix and description of your stuff to
5) I will post your pix and description of your stuff in my blogshop
6) Any enquiries from interested customers, I will direct them to you.
7) Payment will be to my bank account.
8) I will transfer the money to your account less 20% (10% handling / listing fee + 10% commission) to be paid to me.

You like this stuff? If you love my stuff, quick go through your wardrobe and garage/storeroom to look for old stuff now, snap pix and email them to me.   Spread this news to your friends and relatives too.  You don’t have to go to eBay or sweat it out at the weekend bazaar to sell your stuff now!   Sell it at Old And New Stuff For Sale.

BTW, I got this idea from self-made millionaire Rob Kalin when I read from last month’s Reader’s Digest about how he made his millions doing this at his website. He is only 29 years old and he grosses more than USD12 million a year!! Well, I don’t dream of making this much, just a million a year will suffice 😀

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Sale At My Online Store!

My online store, Old And New Stuff For Sale is turning 1 month old on 4 January 2010 and is growing stronger by the day. To celebrate this occasion, I am offering a 10% discount on items that begin with the code ID for the period 1 Jan 2010 – 7 Jan 2010 only.

Don’t miss out this great opportunity and quick hop over to Old And New Stuff For Sale !

Here’s wishing all my readers and customers a very blessed and happy new year!

We are having a poolside BBQ at my condo tonight and later watching fireworks and lazer lights display at KLCC at the comforts of our home on the 5th floor of the condo.  How are you celebrating your New Year’s Eve tonight?

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