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This is my 3rd tag in 2 weeks. This time, got tagged by Samm (Just My Lil’ Organic Life). As DH is quite conservative and traditional in his thinking, he left the chinese name choosing task to my mil who in turn tai-chied it to her eldest daughther and son-in-law in HK who are very proficient in the chinese language.

Alycia – when I was still preggy with Alycia, I had wanted to name her Ellisa but my mom said why not choose Alycia, which, when the name is broken up is a combination of both DH’s name, Alan (Al) and my name, Shireen (the sound cia). That’s how the name Alycia came about.

Alycia’s chinese name is Kay Lynn, pronounced as Kai Ling in Mandarin and Hoi Ling in Cantonese. Meaning of it? Kai means victorious / triumphant (yes, she is my victory after years of battling with infertility and a very risky pregnancy). Ling means petite and dainty (oh btw my brat is not at all petite and dainty, how ironic). That’s all about I know about this chinese name… don’t really know how to write the chinese characters. I’ve written the meaning and han yi pin yi down in a book.

Sherilyn – when I was preggy with this babe, I wanted badly to name her Chloe or Chelsea but on 2nd and 3rd thoughts, dropped the idea as I didn’t want some people with horrendous pronunciation to pronounce Chelsea as ‘chee see’ (meaning pig’s poop in cantonese) or pronounce Chloe as lolli or mispronounce the names into some crappy names altogether. So why did I name her Sherilyn? Because I like it so, no real reason actually, and Sherilyn means dearest / treasured.

Sherilyn’s chinese name is Kay Yi, pronounced as Kai Yee in Mandarin and Hoi Yee in Cantonese. Again Kai means victorious / triumphat (she’s also another precious baby) and Yi simply means glowing health / vitality.

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