Cecelia and Nicholas’ Marriage On The Rocks Now?

I am sure everyone is following closely the hot juicy news on Edison’s sex scandal.  Rumors have it that Edison had proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years and begged her to marry him in order to save him from being killed by some triad members from the girlfriend’s wealthy family. He had also checked into a sex rehab center in the U.S. as advised by his girlfriend’s family.  Rumors also have it that Edison had threatened to slit his writs if his marriage proposal was turned down. Do you think this is true love or is he just trying to save his own life and reputation?

Now I am just waiting to read news on Cecelia and Nicholas’ marriage. It seems Patrick (Nicholas’ dad) has encouraged his son to get a paternity test / DNA test to see if the baby son is indeed his or Edison’s. I just don’t understand these celebrities. Why are they always embroiled in such complicated relationships? I think if Cecelia and Nicholas really want their marriage to work, they should really go for a marriage retreat or a marriage family counseling, like the ones from the internationally renowned Mort Fortel.

Mort Fortel is well known round the world for saving many marriages and for providing free marriage help.  Hopefully with marital help from professionals like Mort Fortel, Cecilia and Nicholas’ marriage will survive the storm. It would be really sad to see the couple break up.

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Another Piece of Shocking News

I’m sure many of you have read the unbelievable and shocking news of a 10-year old boy who molested a 5-year old girl at a childcare centre here in yesterday’s newspapers. The boy had locked the girl in the bathroom before pushing her down to the floor and molested her. Luckily another kid heard the girl’s screams and alerted the teacher. What made the boy do such a horrible thing? He’s only 10 years old and most boys his age have still not discovered about the birds and the bees yet. I can only surmise that the boy must have had saw his parents’ intimate moments together or he could have caught hold of and watched x-rated movies or porn magazines in his house.

Childcare centres are supposedly safer than homebased babysitters as they are governed by Government acts and rules, yet this unimaginable incident had happened. I’m sure many parents who have no choice but to send their young daughters to childcare centres are now worried sick over this incident. If the caretakers at childcare centres are not careful and vigilant enough, this unwanted incident could have happened again, at any childcare centres. I am thankful I don’t have to send my 2 toddler daughters to a childcare centre but at the same time, I am worried about Alycia’s safety now as she attends a pre-school. Maybe it’s time the relevant authorities put in force certain policies and rules to tighten the safety in childcare centres and pre-schools so that parents can leave their kids there in peace whilst they are away.

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Sickening News Everyday

Every morning when I go through the newspapers, I read sickening news of rape, murder, plane crashes, fatal accidents and missing children. The latest news is on the young girl who had been sexually assaulted with objects stuck to her private part before being murdered and her body stuffed into a sports bag and left in a shop. The pervert who did that must be a sick psychopath. The one on the missing malay girl, Nurin is also heartbreaking. I can reall feel for her parents. The anguish the parents have gone through, especially when they received news of a murdered young girl stuffed in a sports bag could be that of their little girl. How would you feel if you were the parents? And some sick people could even have the heart to make prank calls to the parents. What have the world become? The days where we could just cycle round the neighborhood the whole evening have become history to our children. I guess my gals will never have the opportunity and freedom like I had to play outside our house and cycle round the neighborhood without parental supervision. I guess they will have to be escorted to everywhere they go until they reach adulthood.

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