Melagel For My Open Wounds

Time flies. Today is the 8th day after my bad fall on the road during my routine morning jog. I injured both my palms very badly and had open wounds on both palms. The left hand is more severe. As the impact of the fall was very strong, both my hands are very weak now and is still bruised on the left palm. The veins and upper arms are still achy as of today.

On the first day of the fall, I applied Dettol cream. On the 2nd day, I applied Melaleuca oil aka tea tree oil and Betadine cream but little did I know that the oil and cream stung my flesh till I felt giddy. The sting lasted for an hour, during which time, I could feel the oil going into my veins and stinging my entire arms, gosh!  For 2 days I suffered. Stupid me. I should have asked the pharmacist or ask my doctor friend if I could apply ointment onto an open wound directly. On the 3rd day, I applied Melagel from Melaleuca and VOILA, NO PAIN wor!!  I was so relieved when there was no sting after application of Melagel. Since the 3rd day up until today, I have been applying nothing by Melagel and Renew (both from Melaleuca) on my wounds and had both wounds bandaged up as I had to wet my hands all the time (tough life I have!) and have to use the mouse to type most of the time.  I leave my wounds unbandaged during bed time so that the wounds can dry up fast. Today is the 8th day and I am so happy that I do even need to bandage up my wound when I bathe Cass.  However, I still put on a pair of plastic gloves when I wash the dishes or have my hands in contact with dish washing liquid or detergent.

This is the wound on day 1 of the accident. Fresh wound, red with blood and hurt till I felt giddy. Can you see the flesh shining? That hurt the MOST!

My left hand today.  My left hand has a very deep gash on the palm with a small chunk of flesh scraped out by the tarred road.   After 6 days of Melagel topical application, the open wound has closed and I can see a layer of  pinkish skin growing 🙂  Thank God my palms did not turn gangrenous, had no pus and I do not even need to get sutures to close up the open wound.

Though the wound has healed fast, my hands are still feeling a tad weak and I cannot even price open a mangosteen. Darn the basket of mangosteen sitting in my kitchen, luring me each time I walk into the kitchen. I am so going to buy a huge bag of mangosteen to wallop when I regain POWER on my hands and can whack open each mangosteen in just 3 seconds LOL!

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