Pregnancy and Parenting Guide

Do you remember the very first time you said “ Honey, I am pregnant” to your hubby when the pregnancy test kit showed a double line? I still remember that particular day vividly. We were at the fertility clinic and the urine test results showed a positive.  Hubby and I had gone through years of infertility and I had gone for fertility treatments to conceive Alycia. Throughout my pregnancy with Alycia, I was worried sick every single day that I would suffer a miscarriage. I surfed the internet very often to read about early pregnancy, how the fetus was growing, symptoms of miscarriage, birth and labor and much more. I had even printed out articles on pregnancy which filled up 3 thick arch files and read them religiously everyday to check my baby’s development.

If you are pregnant for the first time, it would be really good if you have access to a parenting and pregnancy resource like This comprehensive website on pregnancy and parenting provides useful information to parents, especially first time expectant parents.  Anyone can register for free. Members can join an online forum where they can post queries and replies, watch interesting online videos, read related articles and much more. Help is always at hand with Gurgle by your side throughout your pregnancy and motherhood.

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How Do You Cope With 14 Kids?

I was watching channel 77 with my gals several days ago and there was a program called ‘Kids By The Dozen’. It featured one couple with 14 kids! I can’t even imagine my life with baby no. 3 though I know the day will one day come true as my hubby loves kids – the more the merrier so says my hubby. Montessorimum has posted in her blog that the trend now is that most families have 3 kids. Well, maybe 3 is still manageable but more than 3?? I wonder how these families cope physically, emotionally and especially financially. I really admire mothers with more than 2 kids yet manage to cope so well in every aspect.

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