PayPal Money Finally Withdrawn

Yay! Today, i finally transferred my 2nd batch of $$ in my PayPal account into my elder brother’s account in Singapore. My brother will then cash out the money for me and pass it to me next month when we meet up in Ipoh. As for my 1st batch of $$, it’s still in my 1st PayPal account and I’ll transfer it to my sil’s US bank account later. Pretty troublesome…. don’t know when PayPal will ever solve the glitch.

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Money In My PayPal Account :) :)

Woohoo…..I can finally see money in my PayPal account. 2 weeks ago, Bloggerwave sent me my payment, then last week I received payment from Blogitive and today, 5 more payments from Blogitive and 1 royalty payment from Cremaid. What a sense of achievement I get looking at my account in PayPal.

Blogitive is rather prompt in their payment and I must say Cremaid is the quickest. 3 days ago, I had posted an article for them and today, Cremaid e-mailed me to inform me that my post has been selected to appear on the Conversation “ Hotel Discounts”. This post will be syndicated to the widgets included inside each of the participating posts. And today itself, Cremaid sent me my payment, as promised by them of a 24-hour payment.

Gee…. seeing money in my PayPal account really motivates me to write more.

Now, I better key in my youngest sil’s US bank account number into my PayPal account to transfer my funds into her account.

I wonder when PayPal will resolve their technical glitch.

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