Expelling Phlegm

Poor Baby C has a huge built-up amount of phlegm stuck in her throat. Her cough sounds chesty and ‘phlegmy’. Each time she coughs, she will cry as the phelgm will be stuck in her throat and irritating her, to the point of making her puke.

Yesterday, my mil put Baby C on her tummy on her lap and then ‘beat’ Baby C’s back with her cupped palm, similar to how you would burp a baby. This is supposed to induce the phlegm out.

Baby C was feeling much better since last night. She could sleep through the night without coughing and with no stuffy nose.   That’s the power of mama’s power-boosting and immunity-boosting milkie!

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Alycia’s Not Getting Any Better

Alycia’s cough is still not getting any better.  The phlegm has  increased and she kept vomitting the phlegm out each time she coughed.  This morning after drinking milk, she lay on the couch, then coughed and coughed and puked everything out.  Later during breakfast, she vomitted again, including the medicine that I had just fed her. She has also not poo pooed for 3 days as she has been eating very little.  Daddy will be bringing her to see the paed again later.

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Chinese Remedy For Phlegm

Alycia has a little phlegm, thus the reason why she puked this morning, I reckon. She also has a little tummy upset and indigestion coz daddy has been feeding her with too much ice creams and cakes over the weekend. All these contributed to her phlegm. Daddy never listens to me, he shows his love towards his 2 precious princesses with food and each time, this is the consequence…. sigh…. and he has to spend lots of money on their medical consultation later. Sigh…… what to do, that’s daddy’s way of showing his love!

Each time Alycia has phlegm, she tends to puke and choke easily. My cousin recommended ‘hao zhou san’, a type of chinese medicine made of monkey’s internal organs which she swears by its effectiveness when mixed with pearl powder. I’ve also heard of its effectiveness in a parenting forum but I somehow tend to have qualms about chinese medicine, especially about monkey’s internal organs, eeuuuu!

I know many parents here have been feeding ‘hao zhou san’ to their children and swear by its effectiveness but I’ve also heard of an isolated case which came out in the chinese papers recently that a toddler slipped into a coma as a result of eating ‘hao zhou san’.

Right now, I’m contemplating feeding Alycia with ‘hao zhou san’ and pearl powder but the paranoia in me feels doubtful. Would be glad to hear your stories and experience with ‘hao zhou san’.

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