Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

All three of my pregnancies were plagued with pregnancy-related health problems. When I found out that the IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) was successful after just one cycle, I was in seventh heaven. I just could not believe that I was pregnant, not until I could see the fetus’ heartbeat on the ultrasound scan. However, when the morning sickness or rather round-the-clock sickness set in, followed by a host of other pregnancy related problems, I was miserable. I was so miserable and in discomfort that I hardly smiled throughout my pregnancy. Apart from the terrible morning sickness, I also suffered from most of the common pregnancy related problems ranging from acne on my face, bleeding gums which resulted in a pregnancy tumor in my gum, dizziness, heartburn, lack of appetite, insomnia, varicose veins, a sensitive uterus, a threatened preterm labor, backache and recurring yeast infections.

I was attacked by yeast infection almost every other month during my first pregnancy. Despite being prescribed with oral antibiotics, topical medication and vaginal suppositories, avoided sugary and cheesy food, the yeast just loved my down under so much that it kept coming back all through my pregnancy! Yeast infections and pregnancy are akin to sugar and ants.  If you are pregnant, chances of you having yeast infections are high due to the changes in hormones in your body. The yeast infections only stopped bothering me after Alycia was born.

Yeast infection during pregnancy is a very common problem and it is more frequent during the last two trimesters of pregnancy. Sufferers of yeast infection will have increase in the amount of thin, white, odd smelling discharge, along with having some itch. If you are one of the unfortunate ones suffering from recurring yeast infections, you may want to check out Monistat Vaginal Therapy. Monistat relieves symptoms rapidly and targets infection site to start healing yeast infection instantly. Just click on the links provided above to find out more about this product.

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Wacky Pregnancy Hormones

I had 6.5 hours of sleep last night.  When I sat in front of my computer after breakfast this morning, my eyes drooped and my mind was shut instantaneously. I took a 20-minute nap after breakfast. Now, it’s 2pm and as I’m typing this, I can barely open my eyes and my mind is about to go blank. I think I need another 20 minutes of forty-winks now. This pregnancy, I feel sleepy all the time. When I wasn’t pregnant, I had very high energy levels. I would wake up at 5:30am to blog every morning and then go for a run round the neighborhood or at the park for at least 30 minutes everyday. I hardly feel sleepy though I only have 5 hours of sleep everyday and I don’t nap in the afternoon. These wacky pregnancy hormones are also making me feel moody all the time. I’m here counting my days to my big day, just can’t wait to see my baby and get over with all these wacky pregnancy hormones…. once and for all.

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Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

I had my 4th attack of leg cramp last night. Leg cramps are by far the most painful ordeal I’ve ever experienced, apart from suffering from a blocked milk duct which caused a terrible breast engorgement for 1 day and several months of painful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after I had delivered Alycia. Luckily hubby was next to me in bed to help massage my leg to release the tensed up / hardened muscles. If I were alone, I think I’ll scream myself in pain till the muscles release by itself, which may take up to a minute. My Ob&G said that the leg cramp is caused by lack of calcium. I wonder how that can be coz I’ve been popping 600mg of Calcium tabs and drinking a glass of fresh milk everyday, apart from eating Calcium rich food. Did you suffer from leg cramps too during your pregnancy?

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Pregnancy Rash

I have recently developed these tiny red and itchy pregnancy rash on my belly.   The rashes tend to flare up and become red when I am hot and sweaty.  They are rather itchy and if I scratch them, the itch is even more intense.   I try hard not to scratch them but when they are really itchy, I rub the area with my knuckles.  I read that scratching the belly will cause stretch marks.  Keeping the area moisturized will also prevent the itch.  I use Palmer’s cocoa oil, baby oil and pure Vitamin E oil.

Do you have these rashes too during your pregnancy?

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Light Meals For Me

As my belly is becoming bigger each day, I can only stomach light meals but frequent meals throughout the day.  A heavy meal would leave me feeling really uncomfortable and at times have slight heartburn.  After breakfast of a hard boiled egg, some fruits, a glass of fresh milk, a handful of almonds and some cookies almost everyday, I would only have appetite for something really light for lunch like Canapés with butter, chicken floss and Japanese cucumber or a piece of toast.   I really admire some preggy women who can eat a big plate of nasi lemak for breakfast,  a big bowl of noodles for lunch and a big plate of rice with 3-4 dishes for dinner.  I can never eat like this, during all 3 of my pregnancies. 

Did you have a good appetite when you were preggers? 

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Sensitive Uterus

I did mention in my earlier posts before that I have a very sensitive uterus.  When I was carrying Alycia, I was ordered by my Ob&G to be on partial bed-rest as I had frequent contractions that started at week 20.  My tummy would harden and get cramped when I needed to pee, to poo, when I ate, when I was under stress, when I moved too much, when I was in a car ride, etc.   Basically, my uterus is just ultra sensitive to movements.  Any activity that touches the uterus would make my uterus hardened.  My cervix also shortened at week 20+ and I was told by my Ob&G that if I did not take leave from work, I would go into pre-term labor.  The same thing happened when I was carrying Sherilyn but my cervix did not shorten this time.

I have been getting these hardenings on my tummy and contractions for the past 2 weeks.  It’s worst when I have to bathe the gals, squat down, get up from a lying position, need to pee and poo, when under stress and when I move my body too much. The hardenings were pretty bad yesterday.   Yesterday, 2 of my hubby’s aunts came to our house for dinner.  By the time my helper finished washing up everything, it was already way past 12 midnight.  I had been standing and working in the kitchen almost the whole day – teaching my helper how to make a pot of good soup, helping out hubby’s aunt when she cooked, boiling water, washing bottles, bringing food out from the fridge, storing leftover food in containers, bathed the girls and checking everything before I went upstairs to sleep just to make sure my careless helper did not leave any unfinished food in the wet kitchen till the next morning.  Had I not helped out, I think my helper wouldn’t be able to sleep until 2am.  I was really exhausted yesterday.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the fetal specialist.  I’ll see what Dr Patrick has to say about these hardenings on my tummy.  Hopefully my cervix has not shortened this time, else I would have to be on partial bed-rest again.

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Relief For Varicose Veins

I finally bought myself a pair of support stockings from the pharmacy to relief the bulging varicose veins on my legs.  The pair of stockings cost me RM89, freaking expensive!  Though I had bought the stockings for 3 days already, I had only worn it once for half a day yesterday.  It’s really troublesome to have to wear the ultra tight stockings.  Not only do I feel hot and uncomfortable wearing it, I have to be careful not to wet it when I go to the bathroom or bathe the kids.  I even have to hand wash the stockings myself coz I don’t trust my new maid with it as the pair of stockings are made of delicate material and tears easily. Hopefully the varicose veins will subside soon but I will need to wear the stockings diligently everyday to see some results.

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No Longer Sexy Legs

That’s how ugly my once sexy legs are now. Old wives tale has it that if you’re expecting a girl, the baby girl will steal all your beauty away!

The varicose and spider veins are becoming from bad to worse everyday.

The veins on my left leg have now spread to my foot and ankle. I now look like a diseased person. Maybe I should really consider doing treatment for the varicose and spider veins. I’ve just written a review on this and I am really tempted to do it after delivering my baby.

The varicose veins are slowly but surely attacking my right leg now.

I am really hoping that these varicose and spider veins will subside after I have delivered my baby.

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I Am Shedding Skin!

Something really funny is going on with my skin.  I am shedding my old skin to get new skin!  Remember I had posted earlier about my dry and peeling skin?  First, the dryness and peeling were on my hands and tummy.  After about 2 months of skin peeling, I noticed several days ago that the ‘new’ skin on my hands and tummy is soooooo smooth, soft and supple just like baby skin!  Now, the skin on my legs is starting to peel.  When Alycia saw the awful skin on my legs yesterday, she said “mummy, your skin looks like santan!”  I burst out laughing when she said that coz I guess what she meant was the peeling skin looked like grated coconut!  Yes, she’s so right, the peeling skin really looked like grated coconut sprinkled on my legs ROFL!  Nevermind, I can expect to have smooth and soft skin on my legs very soon.   Boy, what’s happening to me?  Why am I shedding skin like a snake?  Can pregnancy hormones cause wierd things to happen like this?

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Relief For Dry and Peeling Skin

This is the picture of my belly with skin peeling taken a week ago.

Picture of my skin peeling from my arm taken a week ago. 

I have finally found a relief for my dry, peeling and itchy skin.  Here’s what I am doing now :

1) Apply either Jojo oil or Cocoa oil as first layer immediately after my bath, when my skin is still damp (twice a day)
2) Then, apply either Rosken Dry skin relief or Vaseline on the skin (twice a day).
3) Just before bedtime, I will apply another layer of Rosken Dry skin relief or Vaseline.
4) I’ve stopped using a bath loofah to scrub my skin.
5) Bathe with very little body shampoo  – almost half the amount of shampoo used.
6)  Use a very gentle body shampoo with moisturizer.  I’ve recently even switched to a soap-free and PH neutral body shampoo.
7) Apply very little amount of powder on my skin as powder can also dry up the skin.

Now, my skin does not itch ANYMORE and the peeling has stopped considerably. Downside is I smell of cocoa and petrol all the time and my body is perpetually sticky, yucky! What a big turnoff to hubby eh? LOL!

Even after my clothes are washed, they still smell of petrol from the Vaseline. But who cares as long as my body doesn’t itch anymore and I can have a good night’s sleep.

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Dry Skin Relief

My gynae recommended JoJo E oil from Garden Of Eve and this tiny bottle costs RM5o. Have been applying Jojo oil on my body twice a day for the past 5 days after my shower but sadly, it does not seem to bring much relief to my extremely dry skin.  My skin still looks very dry, is peeling and looks withered.  I wonder if it’s caused by my baby absorbing all my nutrients, thus the reason for my dry and dull skin.

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