Got Tagged Again – 7 Random Things

Got tagged again, this time by Leena (sweet revenge huh?) on 7 Random Things About Myself. Good tag, at least this will give my readers an idea of what kinda person I am.

1. As my blog title says it, I am a health freak, also a fitness nut and cleanliness freak.

2. I’m a worry freak too, love to worry over every single thing.

3. Like Leena, my sense of direction sucks too.

4. I am an Atkin’s follower and currently living on a low-carb diet, don’t eat rice, noodles, potatoes, candies and keep white flour products to the minimal.

5. My favourite colors are pink, baby blue and violet.

6. I am super impatient and my temper flares up very easily, thanks to my dad’s genes.

7. I weigh myself on the scale at least twice a day. You call this eccentricity or character flaw?

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