Letting Off Steam

A fatso made me hopping mad this morning.  Forgive my rather unkind words but I just have to let off steam here. See the man in black in the photo below? I don’t know him. But he couldn’t b**rdy control his words and unleashed the wrath of an angry woman because of the insulting words he said about me right behind my back.

The story goes like this…

This morning I had breakfast with the hubs, mil, the girls and our good friend, Alan Yun at a kopitiam.  My chair was back to back with the fatso in black tee (occupied later by the lady with her face blurred in the photo). Mid way through eating, fatso complained to me that my chair was too near his, so fine, I pulled my chair nearer to our table. A few minutes later, his woman arrived and he began to gossip loudly to her in Cantonese about my butt and chair!! How dare him!

Fatso – the lady behind me is not sitting properly. Look at her chair. Want to sit also don’t know how to sit.

Me – (starting to feel steam released from my ears)!!

Fatso –  Look at her putt (butt). Only half her putt is on the chair.  Sit until like that, yadi yadi yadaaaaaa…

OMG, like an uneducated so-free-till-nothing-to-do phat phor (nosy lady) at the market!!

I felt a wave of fire swept through my head and I turned over to face him and unleased the ball of fire right on his face! And KABOOM I morphed into a nasty angry b*tch 👽, trying so hard to control the F and B words from my mouth as my daughters were around.

Me in Cantonese to Fatso loudly, so loud I felt all heads at the kopitiam turned towards my direction:

“I like to sit like that, can’t I? Mind your own business. You’re a man, but such a busy body. My butt is small and I can’t occupy the entire chair. Jealous ar? !!”

Suddenly, everyone who was chatting at our table stopped short in shock. Fatso stopped short of gossiping too. I think he didn’t realize himself talking so loudly that I could hear him talk about my butt right behind my back, loud and clear.

GAWD! Never have I seen such a nincompoop of a man, insulting a woman’s butt right behind her.

Check out his fat butt on the chair. Some of the fats are jutting out from the holes on the chair behind and he expects my butt to be like that too? WTF!

Still in a fit of rage many minutes later, I ranted to hubby and the girls loudly that I have no more appetite to eat anything as some dim-witted people who have no business to mind about my butt  just spoiled my mood, just so the jerk could hear me.  I was expecting a backlash from him but he was as silent as a mouse after my outburst.

I was still ranting loudly throughout breakfast in Cantonese and English, voicing out my utter anger over the jerk just so he could hear it. Before I left, I asked Sherilyn to take a pic of the jerk. How dare he insult my butt and how I sit. Totally  none of his toot toot business.  Shame on you Fatso!

*End of rant and get off from soapbox*
Please, no backlash / negative comments on this post. Thank you.

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Award-Winning Dawdler

Someone just spoilt my afternoon and I am still burning with anger!

Just a moment ago, I received a call from a sales staff from a bank trying to sell a product to me. I wasn’t interested and I told him straight. Then he said that he won’t take long and just wanted to give me some quick info on the product.  But I am freaking busy alright.  I had and still have 1001 things to do and I just told a white lie to the caller: “I am in a meeting right now”.  And before I could swipe the end button on my phone to end the call, some smart alec hollered loudly across and said “NO, YOU ARE NOT IN A MEETING!”  


I am certain that the caller heard that!! Though I didn’t give a hoot.

I quickly swiped the end button on my phone… then shot killer dagger stares and spewed lava on this eat-full-nothing-to-do kid! She’s got a Math exam tomorrow and she had already wasted an hour in the bathroom faffing around and when she came out, she hadn’t even taken her shower!!   I was so enraged I wanted to swallow her up. I would if I were a ruthless giant.  As I am typing this post, this dawdler is at the balcony tending to her plants. Aaaarrrgh… I so want to swallow her up right NOW!!


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Ranting And Letting It Go

I am feeling the blues today. It feels like Monday today though it is a Tuesday. Yesterday was a replacement school holiday for Alycia and Sherilyn as it was their school sports day on Saturday. We went out shopping the whole of yesterday. Hubs bought new Nike shoes for everyone, including a pair of running shoes for me in my favorite color PINK 🙂

So what’s causing the blues and misery?

Work related. One of my suppliers to be exact. I have had enough of her crap. She has been giving me different stories, giving me different EDAs (estimated date of arrival) for my stock and deviating from her original EDAs (by few months!) and practicing double standard in the way she handles her business and customers. It is because of these crap from her, I may be seen as an incompetent seller in the eyes of my customers, delaying their orders for such a long time. And the quality of her clothing has deteriorated too.  Quality is one of  the most important priorities to me. I can still accept a supplier who writes English incomprehensible to me (and to other people), who does not accept constructive criticisms and complaints from customers and some other flaws as well… but if the quality of the products is sub-standard and she does not acknowledge this fact, this I cannot accept.

So decisions, decisions, decisions now! I am undecided if I should ditch this supplier or suck up to her nonsense. I have been dealing with her for over 3 years. As her business expands, her tact and business ethics and efficiency have declined considerably, to the extent that I feel I cannot trust her anymore.  Actually she has never really been reasonably efficient and tactful from day one. And I consoled myself, telling myself that all supplier are like this, coz from my 4.5 years of dealing with suppliers, 8 out of 10 of these suppliers have the same traits and attitude :O

The thought of calling it quits once and for all and taking a short break keeps surfacing in my mind once again.  Plus my current part-time maid issues is still not totally resolved yet, causing me to feel stressed out as I have to juggle my time between online work and household chores, not to mention minding my 3 very challenging girls. Sometimes I drop all the balls when juggling them 🙁 Thoughts of being a full-time SAHM has also resurfaced.    Yada yada, sorry for this rant. This blog is supposed to be a blog of happy things with happy smiley kids. But this one person has been the thorn in my heart for days now and I can’t seem to remove the thorn from within.  I must “let it go, let it go…” (to the song of Frozen’s Let It Go) 🙁



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I Thought I Was Going To Be Finished!

This morning I went to the gym a tad late. After working out in the gym, which was about 8:45am, I swiped my access card to enter the lift area. The lift opened and then TING, it stopped on the first floor. And then… my nightmare began. A Bangla worker stepped into the lift. This guy has always looked very very dodgy to me. Ever since the notorious gang rape of a student in a bus in India happened, I have started to develop a bad impression of male blue-collar workers from that country. Just 2 days ago, I read the story told by the rape victim’s mother. It was a long and teary account by the victim’s mother, detailing the moment her only daughter was found half dead till the time she died. I got teary-eyed after reading the story. The pain and trauma the victim had to go through before her death were beyond words. Those monsters severed her intestines. I cannot imagine the magnitude of pain the parents of the victim had to go through for about a month before she slowly and painfully left the world. Reading the latest story told by the victim’s mother left me even more prejudiced against blue-collar workers from that country.

Anyway, coming back to my frightful moment this morning. The moment the stinky Bangla cleaner stepped into the lift, he was oogling at me like a rapist. He stood right in the middle of the lift. I wanted to walk closer to the side of the lift door, where the red emergency/alarm button was BUT that asshole was blocking my way. Then the lift stopped at 5th floor, which is my floor. He quickly dashed out of the lift and instead of turning left to the refuse room, he turned RIGHT, which was the WAY TO MY UNIT!! Oh. My. God! I kept saying SHIT, I am in big trouble! The asshole walked to my unit. He knew which unit I am from as he had seen me in the past when he collected garbage from the refuse room. I didn’t know what to do next. The hubs left the house early in the morning to his office. The 3 girls are at home sleeping. There was no way I was going inside my unit in that circumstances. I stopped short walking for a moment and then walked towards the right side, where I can clearly see the swimming pool and there will be guards patrolling there. If the asshole refused to budge and attack me, I will scream on top of my voice for help. I gave him my killer stare. I gave him the stare that sent him the explicit message that I knew what to do next and don’t you dare go near me. He started to sing a song and then nonchalantly walked to the refuse room. With all my might, I quickly walked to my unit with my legs feeling like they were turning into jelly, aimed the key very carefully into the door keyhole while turning back to check if that asshole was going to run towards me. I quickly shut the door BOOM. Locked all 3 locks as fast as possible and I was shaking a little. I always have a habit of getting my keys ready even before I enter the lift. I always take out my set of keys and get ready the particular key to open my door. This habit of mine made opening the door and getting in really quick way faster.

DE JA VU! Many times, I have had dreams like this where an assailant was following me and I had to run as fast as I could with wobbly jelly legs to open my house door. Today it happened! Till now, I am still very traumatized and shaken.

I quickly called the hubs. He came home later and spoke to the chief guard, who summoned the cleaner on duty. The hubs questioned the cleaner who vehemently denied he had any ill intentions towards me. The hubs told the chief guard to prohibit the said cleaner from entering our block with immediate effect.

I am in the midst of typing a complaint letter to the management of our condo. I am going to ask the Management to transfer this cleaner out of our condo with immediate effect. We are paying over RM400 a month on maintenance fee and we have the right to make this request for our own safety.

You may think that I am over-reacting but if the cleaner had no ill intentions towards me:
1) Why did he not press the button to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and other floors when he was in the lift? Why did he follow me out?? Logically, from the 1st floor, a cleaner has to go to the 2nd floor, then 3rd floor to collect garbage.

2) Why did he not go to the refuse room but walked towards my unit? He had seen me a few times when he collected garbage and knows that I live in that unit.

I am praying hard that this asshole will not come back to take revenge on me. I never ever want to see his face again, ever!




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Tough Decision To Make

It is not easy to deal with homo sapiens.  Each and everyone of them has a different character, weaknesses and strengths.  As an online store owner, I have to deal with customers and suppliers everyday.  Some of these customers and suppliers are sent from heaven and some are sent from below to haunt me, but oh why??  On some days, some customers will make my day with their compliments. On some bad days, some of them can really squish my already not-so-pleasant day to the point that I feel like crying and giving up.  Some customers make full use of their ‘customer is KING’ right to squeeze out every ounce of patience and sanity from me, albeit they are only ordering a piece of apparel that costs less than RM40 from me. Some are plain arrogant.

Just a few days ago, I had to bite the bullet and ‘compensate’ a customer who claimed that 2 items were missing in the parcel which I had passed to her more than 2 months ago!!  Yup, you read me right – 2 freaking long months ago. I can reject her claim at point blank as it is more than 60 days ago that she collected the parcel from me. Hello, is there any online store or departmental store in this world that would entertain such a crap?? You tell me!  You can read more about this customer from my other blog.  For the sake of my online store’s name, I compensated her, albeit I am 99.9% sure her order was in order and nothing was missing in the parcel.  It was her words against mine. My only mistake was that for this customer, I did not ask her to open up the parcel to check the items when I passed to her.  I would normally ask my customers who wish to collect their stuff from me to check their parcel in front of me but on that day, I was too busy and I did not ask her to check. You see, because of 5 minutes saved, I lost even more time, money and sanity!

Today, I have to bear the wrath of yet another fussy and arrogant customer. Dealing with fussy customers need time and tact and I have no time ever since the part-time maid whom I have relied on so much quit work a month ago due to health reason.  All these things happening lately have gotten me into some serious thinking for the past few days.  I am thinking if it is a call from Him above for me to take a short break now to see what is more important in my life.   I always believe that things happen for a reason.   The circumstances of the situation that I am facing now is such that I am rendered with not much choice but to choose either one — 1) to hire a full-time maid so that I can continue working from home like I used to OR 2) take a break and be a full-time mum and do nothing but to spend more quality time with my kids and not to mention spend more time on doing house work.

Hiring a full-time Indon or Pinoy maid would require an upfront big lump sum of about RM17k (you read it right, it is seventeen thousand bucks), which is the current market rate and the rate is expected to escalate in time to come.  And there is no guarantee that the maid will make my life easier. She could be my new added stress!

I am at a cross-road now. TOUGH decision to make but I have to make it real quick as the stress of handling both my business and house work is taking a serious toll on me, mentally and physically.

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I Have Never Been So Tired

Today is the second day I am without a maid.  It’s been years since I last mopped the floor but this time it felt extra tiring having to mop a 2 1/2 storey house with 3 rooms.  I also washed 3 loads of laundry on top of caring for my 2 brats.  Luckily I have my mum to help with hanging the laundry, keeping the laundry and folding the laundry. 

My gals, especially Alycia has been very helpful.  The gals were fighting to help my mum fold the clothes.  Though the result was not satisfactory, I just don’t have the energy to be a perfectionist this time.  As long as the clothes are folded and not left scattered everywhere in the living room, I am already very glad.  Alycia even takes the initiative to keep her toys and I am so proud of her.  They have all the while been relying on kakak to pick up their toys and now, they know they have no one to help them anymore.

Sherilyn has been very whiny lately and has been crying till she puked for 2 days straight during meal times.  She’s really driving me up the pole and I just can’t stand her nonsense. I just let her cry and puke to her heart’s content.

I felt all my energy zapped off instantly with all the house work till I dozed off immediately even before my gals dozed off during their afternoon nap this afternoon.  Just hope I won’t go into pre-term labor!

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Would You Be Glad or Sad?

My 3-year old mobile phone finally breathed its last breath last week and conked out.   After one week of being mobile phone-less, hubby finally got me a new mobile phone yesterday, despite his busy schedule this week.  I should be really glad that hubby bought me a new mobile phone right? No! When I inserted the SIM card into my new mobile phone, I realized that the I can’t even see a single number stored in the phone.  Hubby told me that my numbers were all stored in the memory of my old mobile phone and not the SIM card and when it died, the memory could have gone with it too.

Anyway, today, he went back to the phone shop to try and retrieve my numbers from the old mobile phone that he has traded in.  However,  hubby was told by the sales man that none of the numbers could be retrieved. Oh bummmer, hundred over numbers all gone in a flash!  Just tell me what I’m supposed to do now?  Hundred over numbers all gone and how am I going to trace back these numbers?  Email all my friends and ask them to provide me with their numbers again?  Then, key in one by one into my mobile phone?  Sei lor, that will take me days if not weeks to complete my mission.  What the fun, great!

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What Should I Eat For Breakfast?

It’s 8am now and I still haven’t gone out to buy my breakfast. I normally have fried vegetarian meehoon with fried egg for breakfast but today, I just don’t have the appetite for any food. Still feeling a tad nauseous and I just hate the smell of the burnt joss sticks coming from both sides of my neighbour – it makes me more nauseous and causes my nose itch as I have super sensitive nose. The air in my house is practically filled with smell of burnt joss sticks throughout the day and I’m worried it may cause harm to my unborn child.

Maybe I will grab some fried mee siam (fried vegetarian meehoon with thai chili sauce) with some yeong tau fu.  No appetite to eat also must eat what, right? The baby has to eat too! 

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TigaP Issues Again

One of my posts which got rejected by TigaP was rejected again, the 3rd time on the same post. The first time, they said I used sentences from the web release and advertiser’s site. The 2nd time, they said I didn’t put in enough links to the advertiser’s site (i think they imposed this condition after i had submitted my post, from 3 links to 5 links) and the 3rd time, they were really nit-picking on me. They said I posted this post after a paid post. I never knew they dont even allow TigaP posts to be posted after a non-TigaP paid post. I thought we have to include a non-paid post after the TigaP post but now, looks like the TigaP post MUST be sandwiched between TWO NON-PAID posts which cannot be tags or scraps or any posts which do not look like a non-paid post. Is that a known rule for all TigaP posts to be sandwiched by 2 non-paid posts? Just so pissed off with TigaP, wasting all my time just fixing one post.

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Tiga P

Tiga P ini sangat teruk dan ‘l c l y’. Entah kenapa mereka practise double and triple standard. Pagi ni, mereka tendang satu post I, kata tak ada non-paid filler post di tengah. Tak tau apa karut mereka ni kerana filler post yang I guna ialah satu post on ‘Tag’. Alamak, guna post on ‘tag’ pun tak boleh. Kawan saya guna gambar scrap pun kena tendang. I nampak ramai blogger pun tak guna non-paid filler post tapi pun tak ada problem. Really buang masa nak fix post I dan resubmit, as if I tak ada kerja. I rasa nak boycott Tiga P ni.

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Modem Conked Out

One of my greatest fears came true this morning when my modem conked out. My computer has been running really slow and the internet connection has been unstable for the past few days. I thought there were some probs with Streamyx or a bug has hit my PC. The modem was still ok at 2am but when I tried to turn it on at 6am, there were no lights, not even the ‘power’ light was blinking. I panicked and knew I had to wait a few days for the TM Net technician to fix it as it is the weekend. I called TM Net and was told that I had to wait for 2 working days. I told the guy I had to get the modem replaced ASAP as I’m running a home business and can’t afford to have any downtime (must exaggerate a bit lar) but the guy told me no, I have to wait for 2 working days. Not satisfied with the Malaysian ‘no attitude’, I called again and this time, I wasn’t Miss Nice anymore. I tried to exert some urgency and raised my voice a tad bit and it worked. The guy promised to send me a technician by today.

By 10am, the technician was still no where to be seen and I called again. This time, the 3rd customer service guy told me the same crap – “no Mam’ our technicians don’t work on a weekend”. I gave him a piece of my mind and told him I want to see a technican first thing Monday morning. 1/2 hour later, I saw a TM Net van outside my house. When I saw the technician outside my gate, I was happy beyond words. The technician found out that my modem’s adaptor was faulty and got it replaced. I was so happy and thankful that I gave him quite a big tip albeit it’s FOC.

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Pissed Off With Streamyx

I am really pissed off with Streamyx as the connection has been unstable for the last 2 days. I woke up at 3am today when the alarm from a car parked outside a condo opposite my house went off for almost 4 hours. So I went downstairs to my computer to check for offers but the internet connection keeps breaking up. So I went back to sleep but just couldn’t sleep as the stupid car alarm kept wailing away so loudly. When I woke up at 6am, thank God the internet connection was up again and I saw an email from one review company informing me that there’s an offer but when I’d logged into the website, the offer was already taken up. What the fun! Had the internet connection been up, I could have accepted the offer when I woke up at 3am. This has happened twice already and I’m just so pissed off. What the fish! Never mind lar, I still have a few more reviews to work on. Hopefully I’ll receive more offers today.

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Ranting – Writing Paid Posts

I have just written and submitted a post for a review company. It has so many requirements attached to the offer in complicated instructions I almost went berserk. I had accepted this offer in the morning at about 9am and only managed to submit the post at 12noon. There were just too much disruptions in between. Lately, my 2 gals, especially Sherilyn, want so much of my attention. They want me to sit with them to do things with them almost the entire day! I am trying to concentrate typing but my 2 gals are constantly whining and fussing and tugging me. I tell you, I can go crazy like this. Lately, they also do not want to nap during the daytime, so that leaves me with no time to do my paid posts. That’s the reason why I have to wake up at ungodly hours in the wee hours of the morning to complete my assignments.

I have not been visiting many of my friends’ blogs lately as most of my time is just spent trying to complete assignments, reading to my gals, playing puzzles with them, drawing with them, attending to their wishes, whimps and fancies, etc. etc. Sorry…. i’ll try and drop by your blog today and kay poh to see what’s been happening. I still have a few more uncompleted assignments but i’ll give myself a rest first.

Aarrrggh…. Alycia is whining again screaming “i want mummy, i want mummy, i dont want kakak!!! “

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A few days ago, as I was busy cleaning the gal’s cupboard where they keep their toys, I accidentally knocked down my Lamp Berger infuser and the expensive oil went dripping down from the table onto my thigh. I was squatting down and suddently felt something really cold, like alcohol hitting my thigh and I also heard splats of liquid dropping. When I looked up, I was horrified to see my Lamp Berger infuser on its side and the table, floor and my shorts were soaked with the expensive LB oil. More than half the bottle of oil had spilt out and I think that cost me over a hundered bucks. Hiyah…. what to do, it was my carelessness and there’s really no point crying over spilt oil……

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I Am Touched

I was so touched today when HipnCoolmomma left a comment in one my posts to ask if I was alright as I had not made any postings in my blog yesterday. When I finally sent out my post this afternoon, she was the first to comment on it. That was just so sweet and thoughtful of you Girlie. Thanks!

Well, life has been rather hectic for me for the past few days. Alycia and Sherilyn have been demanding a lot of attention from me lately. Whenever I start to work on my computer, the gals, especially Sherilyn will climb onto my chair to sit with me and start hitting my keyboard or try pressing the on/off button. Sherilyn will then demand that I read to her from the computer or she would bring out her books and beg me to read to her. So I have to stop everything I am doing and attend to her whimps and fancies immediately, lest she throws herself into a fit of rage and end up puking… she’s Miss Pukey remember? Oh yes talking about puking, she also puked after her dinner 2 days ago and ended up eating her beloved favourite cereal. And she is finally weaned OFF from blended food for more than 1 week, YAY! But she only wants to eat fish with lots of fish sauce (soya sauce, garlic and spring onions all stir-fried) and doesn’t like it plain. She still hates chicken.

Last night, it was Alycia’s turn to puke when I brushed her teeth. Good thing she puked on the bathroom floor and not inside the room as it was already close to 11pm and it drives me bonkers when they mess up the bedroom with vomit at such an ungodly hour. When it was time for bedtime stories, I was already drop dead frazzled and sleepy and my eyelids just refused to stay upright. I hurriedly rushed off reading 2 Starfall storybooks to them and turned down Alycia’s pleas to have her kids’ bible read to her. Gosh, I really felt bad but my brain just couldn’t function as I have been getting interrupted sleep for the last few nights when Alycia kept waking up and demanded that I go and sleep with her in the gals’ room. I had also read a few books to them yesterday and in the evening we also walked to a nearby mini market to do some grocery shopping and thereafter went to the park. It was a long and tiring day and it was and is still hazy and that made me tire out easily.

Today, Sherilyn accidentally pooed in her pants and as I was rushing her to the toilet, the poop dropped on the floor!!! Oh how gross…. and my helper had to clean up the mess whilst I cleaned Sherilyn up. Later when I was typing a paid post and was about to send it out, Sherilyn came and ka ka cau cau and I messed the whole post up and had to exit from Blogger and signed in again.

It’s really tough working at home when you have 2 defiant toddlers who constantly want your attention. Having said all these, I still have no regrets being a SAHM or rather WFHM.

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A Bad Day

At times, Alycia and Sherilyn’s behaviour and temperament can be crazy… though I hate to use this word to describe my 2 gals but they behave as though they are crazy and totally out of control…. and this drives me crazy.

Today is one of those crazy days where both Alycia and Sherilyn got all cranked up right from the moment they rose from the bed in the morning through pass lunchtime.

Early this morning, Sherilyn had refused to get up from bed coz she wanted to watch the Shrek 3 vcd that DH had bought last night and gave the gals half an hour of viewing just before they went to bed. I am totally against letting the gals watch cartoons just before bedtime as they would rebuff going to bed later and a meltdown would ensue when I turn off the tv. However, DH who spends very little time with the gals love pampering his 2 angels with not-so-healthy pass-times and his favourite pass-time with the gals is spent watching cartoon with them on the bed before bedtime, which infuriates me.

Last night after I had turned off the tv, a meltdown begun as the gals demanded to have more Shrek. DH had to spend half an hour coaxing the gals to bed whilst I just laid on my bed, ‘no eye see’ and said “serves you right” to DH. He had to carry Alycia and Sherilyn one by one from our bed to the gals bed in the room next door at least 6 times as the gals demanded to be carried like a baby to be transferred to their bed over and over again for a good 15 minutes and it was already way past 11:30pm. What the fun!

This morning, Sherilyn refused to get up from bed as she wanted to watch Shrek 3. After I had failed coaxing and distracting her, I just pulled her out from bed and then another meltdown session begun. This lasted until lunchtime. Sherilyn would disagree over everything and kept whining and whimpering. The sounds of her whining just make me insane.

When lunch time came, the gals were happy coz I had baked a loaf of bread and they had sandwich for lunch. Then the gals demanded for their dessert and I gave them a packet of organic alphabet biscuits to be shared between them. When my maid opened the packet and gave the first biscuit with the letter ‘A’ to Sherilyn, Alycia saw and hollered and said she wanted to have biscuit A too as Alycia begins with the letter ‘A’.
Before my maid could retrieve it back, Sherilyn had already bitten on the biscuit and then another crazy meltdown begun. Alycia wailed and rolled on the floor. We tried to look for another biscuit with the letter ‘A’ for Alycia but unfortunately there was only 1 miserable ‘A’ biscuit which is now in Sherilyn’s tummy. Alycia’s outburst lasted for around 15 minutes when I could no longer stand it and decided to open another box of organic biscuit with moon shapes. This managed to subdue the gals for a while.

Amidst Alycia’s tantrum outburst, Miss Pukey Sherilyn vomitted on the kitchen floor after I had cleaned her teeth with a hanky after her lunch.

Alycia who was still seething and terribly upset that she didn’t get her ‘A’ biscuit then started to act up. She scolded my maid by saying terrible things like “I hate you kakak, I want to cut your stomach”. OMG, where on earth did she learn such an awful thing? I then lectured her and this made Alycia more upset. Alycia then scolded me and blurted out the word “stupid”. OMG… I was even more enraged now and gave her another lecture and I think this time she finally realized she was wrong to have scolded her mummy.

After lecturing Alycia, I then left the gals alone and they slowly patched things up between themself whilst I went to the computer to destress and chill myself out.

Now, they are gleefully playing and giggling away as if nothing had happened. Sometimes, it is better to ignore a child when they are in the midst of a tantrum outburst. I sometimes give them the cold silence treatment and continue doing my things nonchalantly and I think they somehow got the message through.

Sorry for the loooooong and boring post! Just needed to divert my anger somewhere else sometimes.

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