Learning To Read From The Internet

I used to teach Alycia and Sherilyn reading from free websites like Starfall, KizClub, Story Place and much more, but there was a hiatus during the height of my paid post business where I could not afford to share my PC with them. Those days, I was glued to the PC tapping my fingers away for more than 8 hours a day. Recently I allowed them to play with my PC again.  This time, both the girls’ dexterity, fine motor skills and learning curve have leaped improvements and they can now sit in front of the PC, choose the book they want to read or the game they want to play with and entertain themselves without my guidance.  Alycia’s reading prowess has also improved now and she could also read to Sherilyn.

See how concentrated and serious Sherilyn is whilst on the PC? If only she could be this serious when I coach her in her school homework. Now, the PC is my number one bribe on Sherilyn. Just tell her that she ain’t going to play games on my PC and she’ll hurry up gulp down her milk or do whatever I tell her to do haha!

Both the girls discussing what to click….

Even Baby loves to watch her 2 jie jies reading and playing games on the PC. While the 3 of them are fixated at the PC, I can cook in peace in the kitchen.

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Baby C Loves Watching ‘Your Baby Can Read’ VCD

It amazes me that Baby C loves watching the ‘Your Baby Can Read’ VCDs. Each time the VCD is put on, she will watch with great intent and chuckles on her own when she sees the kids on the VCD in action.

Baby C never fails to smile when she sees Aleka (pic of girl on TV), the daughter of Prof Robert Titzer on TV. Maybe Aleka spots some resemblance to her Alycia cheh cheh and she thinks that Aleka is her cheh cheh?

The VCD can entertain Baby C for at least 15-20 minutes, during which I would have to finish off my shower and do my poopie business hurriedly, as if meeting some life-and-death deadlines lol!

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Alycia Can Read

I made hundreds of words flash cards for Alycia and Sherilyn about 3 years ago and used to flash them to the girls very regularly. I somehow lost the momentum and stopped flashing the cards to them when I was pregnant with Baby C until recently. When my mum was here, she helped me to dig out the cards and flashed the cards of the words that Alycia had read in her Peter and Jane books. Alycia recognized almost all the words extracted from the Peter and Jane books.  Now, I make it a daily routine that Alycia reads her Peter and Jane books and I also practise flashing the cards to her regularly. 

Lately, Alycia has also developed an interest in finding out the meaning of words.  When she sees words on her clothes or on my clothes or just about anywhere that interest her, she will ask me what the word is and the meaning of the word.  I should really strike when the iron is hot and capitalize on her sudden strong interest in reading…. and hopefully her interest in reading will never end.



“don’t take my picture mummy….”

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Alycia’s Reading ‘Explosion’

Over the past 1 week, Alycia had a sudden reading spurt. Ever since she could read book 1A of Peter and Jane, she is now having an insatiable thirst for reading! She could read most pages of Goldilocks And The Three Bears (also for beginners from Ladybird) and a few other books that once belonged to my brothers and me. It helps that my mum is here to keep reading to her and yesterday, she brought out the old homemade words flash cards that I made and flashed them to Alycia. She could recognize most of the words that were extracted from the Peter and Jane books.

Alycia reading her Peter and Jane book to daddy just before going to kindy 2 days ago.

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