Robotic Massage Chair – An Investment Well Spent

There was a short period of time last year when I suffered from insomnia. I found it really hard to get to sleep at night and when I finally got into slumberland, I would wake up a few times in a night. I found a cure for my insomnia by chance when I went back to my parents’ home in my hometown. My parents have a robotic massage chair at home that was a big hit with every single member of the family, including my 2 kids. All of us would queue up to use the massage chair and I can never get enough of this robotic massage chair. Boy, it felt so comfortable to be massaged by that robot that even before the 20-minute cycle ended, I had already drifted into slumberland. So each night, I would sit on that massage chair and let that robot rid me of my insomnia.

My favorite menus are the air compression massage on my feet and legs, head and shiatsu on my back. The 20-minute massage session is so comfortable that I can even sit there and do nothing for the next 1 to 2 hours – with repeated cycles, over and over again!   This intelligent robotic massage chair can help to release stress and tensed up muscles, relieves body ache, headache, helps to rid insomnia, improves circulation and eliminates tension. My parents and I think that this robotic massage chair is an investment well spent and we are really impressed with the massage benefits it has brought us.   I am seriously considering getting one for my home too.

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Fish Spa

Since our plan to visit the Fish Spa at Pavillion did not materializ on New Year’s Eve, we finally made a trip there today. It was an eye-opener and an experience of a life-time but I would not go for another session. I’d rather go for a proper feet massage done by human.

The feeling of being kissed and nibbled by the little ‘doctor fish’ for the very first few minutes felt really ‘geli’ (ticklish). After a while, it felt like having pins and needles on your legs. The ‘nibbling’ made by smaller fish felt like pins and needles whilst bigger fish gave a more ticklish feeling.

The purpose of the fish spa therapy is to let the little ‘masseurs’ nibble away your dead skin cells and pamper your feet to a pleasant sensation and relaxation of ‘micro-massage’, followed by a tingling sensation. It also promotes blood circulation.

Alycia and Sherilyn refused to put their legs into the pond and kept saying they are very scared. At the very last minute, Alycia finally decided to give it a try but putting her legs in but dared not let the fish nibble her legs.

It was indeed a very good experience.  Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa is located at Level 5 of  Pavillion. It costs RM38 per person for a 30-minute session. Kids below 4 years old are FOC.

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