Our Deepavali Holiday Weekend (29 – 30 Oct 2016)

On Saturday which was Deepavali, we spent our afternoon at Mid Valley and Gardens Mall.

Hubs the epicure wanted to try something different and we settled for An Viet @ The Gardens. Good choice made as we enjoyed the delightful and very flavorful authentic cuisine of Vietnam, comprising mainly of fresh aromatic leaves, flowers and vegetables.

Ãn Viet’ translates into ‘Eat Viet,’ and its aim is to encourage people to truly eat their food and to curb wastage. Serving portions of noodles and rice can be customized so that patrons order only what they can finish; plus, for everyone who finishes his or her entire meal, the restaurant channels RM0.10 to KOTO, a social enterprise that helps disadvantaged Vietnamese youths gain access to skill development opportunities.

The first item that arrived was a hot bowl of beef Pho Bo.  I love Ãn Viet’s concept of curbing wastage and order only what you can eat. You can order an amount of noodles based on weight – 80gm, 120gm, 160gm or 200gm – all for the same total price of RM18.90 per bowl.

The coconut ice-blended creation is simply delightful, aromatic and refreshing. It will surely tantalize the taste bud of any coconut fan. We all fell in love with it, even the hubs.

I ordered a glass of lemon grass & ginger drink and it was really refreshing as well with the aromatic fragrance of lemon grass.

Deep fried rice paper wraps.

A Vietnamese meal is never complete without Goi Cuan (fresh spring rolls).  As expected, the girls hadn’t quite acquired the taste just yet just like I did when I was much younger. Hubs and I polished off this dish.

Grilled chicken with lemon grass is another mouth-watering aromatic dish.

Banana flower salad – this salad is highlighted by the hot-tart play of chili and lime off the crisp rings of the banana flower.  It is a very refreshing and aromatic dish with such fresh and healthy ingredients as lime juice, julienned banana flower, julienned carrots, roasted peanuts, raw shallots, cucumber strips, mint leaves, basil leaves and prawns.

The girls loved this Vietnamese baguette pork chop the best.  Cass didn’t even want to let me have a bite of it until I growled at her, ha ha ha!

The big princess enjoying every bite of the pork chop baguette.


And Drama Queen had takeout fish congee from Canton-I (just next to An Viet). She is recovering from inflamed tonsilitis.


Sunday, 30 Oct 2016:

Sundays are maid-free days.  Today I taught Cass to mop the floor with a magic mop and wet floor wipes. She was pretty thorough I must say.  My condition set on the girls before they are allowed to use any e-Gadgets is that they have to help out in house work. They will be very thankful to me one day for all these domestic on-the-job training 😀

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Saturday Night Dinner At Red Kettle – 28 November 2015

Dinner on our lovely Saturday night today was at Red Kettle, a boiling hot hangout place for dinner amongst residence at this neighborhood.

Today we had a meat-heavy meal.

We started off with the Kettle Salad with homemade crispy buttery croutons, cranberries, rocket salad, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, ramen-type lava eggs and a mix of salad leaves.

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Baby lobster angel hair pasta with oven-dried cherry tomatoes has a tinge of spiciness and the girls loved it.

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Homemade pork sausages with homemade mash potatoes cloaked in a very flavorful old-school gravy that evokes home-style cooking.  Red Kettle gains a crucial edge by showcasing kitchen-crafted and homemade components as much as possible.

On the foreground is white wine mussels spaghetti.

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The grilled boneless lamb shoulder was cooked to a tee. Though it looked a tad dry, but it ain’t dry or tough. The meat was juicy and tender and paired really well with the mint sauce.

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Kettle’s roast ribs are by far one of the tastiest I’ve had. The meat is juicy, succulent and tender – it falls off the bones easily. Every bite was enjoyable and to die for. For a moment, I forgot that I was to go easy on red meat!   The oven roasted garlic was soft and aromatic.  Sherilyn and I whacked the 2 whole roasted garlic.

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Cajun pork prawn burger came with textured pork patties which were hand-moulded, own-smoked bacon and succulent prawns.

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As usual, the hubby must end his gourmet meal with a cuppa gourmet coffee. Tonight, he ordered a cuppa latte, a slice of cream cheese carrot cake and…

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…banana walnut cake. The cake was pretty huge and we doggy-bagged half the leftover cake back for our breakkie tomorrow 🙂

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I was so so stuffed I felt like letting out a loud BURP at the restaurant but what do I know?  Hubby ordered 2 soft-serve ice-creams, O-M-G!!

I had to ask hubby to drop us at the lobby so that we could take a longer walk back to our block and then climbed up 5 floors to our unit. Back home, I did 50 jumps on the skipping rope but dang it, I still feel so so so stuffed now! I am still burping. My internal system is just not used to such meat intense dinners.  It’s now 11ish pm and I can still feel the heavy meat undigested in my guts.  I am so doomed!  After a very enjoyable meal, I am now insomniac from guilt in my guts!


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Our Saturday – 16 March 2013

On most Saturday mornings, I would walk to the nearby coffee shops with the girls to take away breakfast. Walking in the morning sun helps to give us  the dosage of Vitamin D that we need. Kids these days are hardly exposed to the morning sun. They are shuttled off to school way before they could see the sunlight. Afternoons and evenings are normally spent indoors attending tuition and doing homework.  So weekends are the only time I could expose my girls to the glorious morning sun.  Today, the hubs joined us in the walk after his session at the gym.

We had our favorite char koay teow (cockles and chilli sauce omitted) with extra bean sprouts and 3 eggs (RM7.50 a plate! Oh well, still cheaper than Little Penang Cafe), pork noodles and today we tried this delish Nyonya curry laksa:

The level of spiciness was just right for the girls and me.   Did I tell you that the 3 girls are big fans of spicy food?  I love the soup, which has generous serving of fish. The hard-boiled egg and foo pei (deep fried tofu skin) went well with the curry laksa. It was lip-smacking and we finished the bowl of curry laksa. I will definitely tapau this again next Saturday!

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