Good Shanghainese Food

We had Shanghainese food at Dragon I Restaurant, Mid Valley a couple of days ago.

Let me tempt you with pix of the mouth-watering dishes :

‘Siu Loong Pau’ or pork meat filled dumplings with superior soup, to be eaten with black vinegar and shredded ginger. I love!

I don’t really know the name of this dessert but it’s filled with melted butter and salted duck’s eggs. Very rich and creamy and definitely a no-no for dieters but I loved it anyway.

Stir fried four-season beans with minced pork meat and mushroom. Another of my favourite.

Fried hand-made ‘pulled’ noodles with pork meat, mushrooms and chinese cabbage. Don’t really fancy it coz it’s high in carbo but Alycia and Sherilyn adored it.

Deep fried taro with radish as filling. Very tasty but again, a no-no for dieters coz it’s high in carbo.

Rice with steweded chicken, chinese sausages and abalone in claypot. Nothing to shout about, I can cook a much tasty dish, aherm……

The gals enjoying their fried ‘pulled’ noodles. Even Ms Spitty Spat Sherilyn loved it and finished her bowl of noodles without spitting.

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