RMCO Day 22 ~ Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Hubs managed to squeeze in some time to have breakfast with me at our favorite open air coffee shop today. It’s our first time in over 3 months since we last had our breakfast here together.

The fish paste noodles seller who forgot to add fish paste into my food carrier last Saturday waved at me the moment he saw me alight from the car. He apologized to me profusely and I said “it’s ok uncle!”  He has promised to give me extra fish paste the next time I buy from him but I got a surprise when he gave me a full set of noodles with fish paste without charging me today. I offered to pay for just the noodles but he said “it’s OK!”  😊  This uncle sure knows how to please his customers.

Sherilyn’s martial arts master who used to run a gym teaching mixed martial arts will be resuming business after being forced to close down for 3 months during the MCO. They have moved to a new premises to set up a gym.  Taekwondo classes will still be conducted online in July and will be conducted at the gym starting August this year. However, Muay Thai and Kickboxing classes cannot resume yet as these are close contact sports, as per the Government’s SOP.

And finally the announcement that all the parents have been waiting anxiously to hear since the start of the MCO almost 4 months ago was announced this afternoon.

Schools for Form 6 Semester 1, Remove Class, Form 1 to 4 for secondary schools and Standard 5 and 6 for primary schools will begin on Wednesday, July 15 2020.  Meanwhile, Standard 1 to 4 primary school students will commence classes on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.  Tuition centres will also be allowed to open on July 15, 2020.

So our lives will return to almost 100% normal in two weeks, except that our new norm for the months to come will involve wearing of face mask each time we are out of our homes, washing and sanitizing hands frequently and maintaining social distancing.  I’ve been stocking up on reusable cloth face masks with purchases from Shopee, Lazada and some Facebook sellers for the past 2 weeks.  My new found hobby now is collecting face masks in different colors and motifs 😆

Something for Malaysians to be proud of – our country achieved ZERO local transmission case for the first time today since the pandemic started 🙏

We should all continue with being vigilant and adhere strictly to SOP to keep Malaysia free from Covid-19 cases for at least 28 days before we are declared a Covid-19 free country.  Twenty-eight days correspond to two Covid-19 incubation cycles.

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