Sherilyn And Her Math

So much for all the hair-pulling, stroke-inducing Math drilling sessions with Sherilyn, she came home from pre-school last week and happily told me that her Math teacher praised her for getting all correct for the Math sums. She proudly told me that her teacher informed the principal that she was the fastest in class to complete these Math sums with a 10/10 and said that Sherilyn is ‘very geng’! LOL!

I think anyone can be good in Math IF she/he keeps doing them. Math is all about practice. The more you do, the better you get.

Sherilyn at 6years 8 months

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Sherilyn’s First Spelling, Ejaan And Ting Xie

Last week, Sherilyn got the lists from her teacher in the message book. It’s the lists that I dread doing together with her. I dreaded doing together with Alycia too when she was in pre school and now it’s Sherilyn’s turn. For Alycia, she is pretty disciplined and would dutifully memorize her spelling, ejaan and ting xie every week most of the time. As expected, Sher’s quite the opposite. I need loads of threats and even the whip to get her to memorize her stuff, to complete her homework and Kumon Math that I give her everyday.

Sherilyn’s first spelling list for 6 year olds..

Ejaan list…

Ting Xie…

So whatcha think of the words for final year pre-schoolers (6yo)? Tough? Easy peasy? Average?

And good luck to Sherilyn for her 1st spelling tomorrow!

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Sherilyn’s First School Outing Without Daddy & Mummy

Yesterday Sherilyn went on a pre-school organized outing to Zoo Negara. It was her first ever trip with the pre-school without daddy and mummy accompanying her. She was very excited on Friday night and told me that she would wake up early and will not dilly dally. But a leopard’s spots never change. This fler dilly dallied away and requested to eat biscuits for breakfast as she drank her milk…. and took almost an hour to finish her breakfast. I was rushing her like a mad woman and then the house phone rang o_O….. her principal called to ask us to hurry up as the bus was about to leave…..!! My mum then brought her to the school but the principal called again just after they had left the house! She was the last to board the bus!

The house would always be filled with her whines, chatter and her singing songs on a normal day but yesterday our house was really quiet and peaceful haha! But we did miss that Ms Whiner and Ms Dilly Dally!

I was happy to see my baby back in one piece with a smiling face when I picked her up from school at 3pm. I asked her who ‘jaga’ her throughout the trip and she said her teacher did. She also said this to me “and I didn’t get eaten up by the tiger!” LOL!!!! Before the trip, I kept scaring this fler not to wander off in the zoo, else she would get eaten up by the tigers and bears. If you follow my blogs, you will know that this fler loves to wander off and hide herself to frighten me whenever we go out!

This picture was taken after the zoo trip.  The moment she came back, Alycia who was in the bedroom ran towards the main door and shouted excitedly “Kay Yi……. you are back!”  to welcome her sister home.  Alycia and Sherilyn are like cats and dogs most of the time, fighting and bickering over petty things but one thing is for sure, they still love and miss each other 😀

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Last Day Of School

Friday marked the last day of school for most students. Alycia and Sherilyn’s pre-school had a children’s day bash on that day. They didn’t have to wear uniform and were allowed to don on their best party clothes. Sherilyn who had long been yearning to wear her Princess Aurora costume which koo mah bought for her during her trip to Hong Kong Disneyland in March this year, finally got to wear the Princess costume.  It was her second time wearing the costume, the first time being in Hong Kong Disneyland.

A princess is not complete without a princess head gear, right?

Waltzing away to celebrate the start of 1.5 months of freedom…. but it’s the start of a 1.5-month long nightmare for me!

And a princess is not complete without a pair of princess clogs right? She made kakak search for her pair of princess clogs but mah mah said cannot wear!  Why? Because each time she wore the pair of stiff click-clock clogs, painful blisters will sprout out on her toes, OUCH!!

And so Princess-Wannabe wore her Dora Crocs, Alycia too. After all, shoes have to be removed before they enter the door of the school. See the contrast – one loves everything princessy and another a cincai, frumpy dresser who only likes to wear pants and t-shirt. See the denim Power Puff denim skirt on Alycia? I forced her to wear a dress but she refused. So she pleased me and opted for a skirt! Don’t know why she just hates wearing dresses, haiyah….

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More Of My Little Vain Pot And Perhaps Future Model?

Even at home, my little vain pot would wear clothes meant for outings on days when she’s in the mood to look pretty. She even wears bangles and decorates her hair with clips and hair bands at home. She’s even creative enough to double up smaller hair bands as rings for her fingers!  The other day when she saw me applying lipstick, she pleaded with me for some on her lips too!  She just loves to be pretty and truly wants to be a princess. At 4 years old now, she tells me that she wants her hair long (I won’t allow that coz this fler loves to scratch her head when her hands are oily and sticky during meal times!!), would apply talcum powder on her body after her bath so that she feels fresh, dry, comfortable and smells good (that’s exactly what she told me!)!

Not only is she vain, she also loves to pose when her pix are taken!

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Mandarin For 3 Year Olds

That’s Sherilyn’s Mandarin homework. Yes, you read me right. It’s my 3 yo’s Mandarin homework from pre-school and being a yellow banana, I have no idea how to guide her in Mandarin.  Don’t you think this is just too tough for a 3 yo? 

I am fortunate that my mil was around for the past 3.5 months to guide my 2 gals in their Mandarin homework.  My mil has now gone to Japan for a vacation and will only be back in a few weeks’ time.  During her absence, I guess I will have to buy a Mandarin (han yi pin yi) – English dictionary to teach my gals.  My mil will most likely be going back to HK in a couple of months’ time and that’s when my actual worry will start.  If I can’t guide my 2 gals in their Mandarin homework, I may have to send them for tuition classes.  It’s better this way rather than teaching them blindly.

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Sherilyn’s Colorful Personality

Sherilyn has a very ‘colorful’ personality. She’s a drama queen, very imaginative, can be very good in immitating people, loves singing and inventing her own lyrics all the time and is a ‘cili padi’ or ‘fighter-cock’. She never ever wants to loose out to her cheh cheh and always wants to be in the forefront, never in the backseat. When she’s good, she can be very angelic and when she’s bad, she horrid.

Her colorful personality is even shown in her coloring. All her colorings are multi-colored, hardly a single color, though black seemed to be her favorite color early this year but now, she loves a multitude of colors in her coloring.

Sherilyn’s homework.

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