Sweat-Free Crockpot Cooked Kaya and Homecooked Meals

This is my third attempt in making kaya (coconut milk + egg jam) using the crockpot and this time, the texture has improved as I used my most helpful kitchen helper – the Shimono food processor to blend it after cooking the kaya in crockpot for 2 hours.

This is a sweat-free and easy-peasy way to cook wholesome and lip-smacking kaya.

All you need are eggs, coconut milk (santan) and sugar — all in equal amount.  For my recipe, I used 1 big soup bowl of coconut milk (from 2 coconuts), 1 bowl of free-range chicken eggs and 1/2 bowl of organic raw brown sugar.  1 bunch of pandan (screwpine leaves). Even with reduced sugar, my kaya was still sweet.

For time-pressed lazy mothers, you just dump everything into the slow cooker and stir every 15 minutes.  If you have the time, the pandan kaya will have a more attractive bright green hue as well as a stronger aroma of pandan leaves if you squeeze out the juice of pandan leaves into the kaya mixture when it is cooking in the pot.

Once you have tried your own homemade kaya cooked using only natural goodness, you wouldn’t ever want to buy commercially made ones that are super sweet and have food additives.

And below picture was my ‘East Meets West’ homecooked dinner yesterday…

1) Tangy chicken fillet with fresh Portobello mushrooms

2) Butterhead lettuce, broccoli sprouts and alfalfa sprouts, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, Emmentel cheese and seaweed salad.

served with Japanese rice cooked with pandan leaves.

I had intended to cook Terriyaki chicken fillet but when I opened the fridge to search, I then remembered that I had thrown the bottle of expired Terriyaki sauce a few months ago!  So I just whacked whatever marinate sauces I could find in the fridge and came up with this very tasty chicken dish marinated with Lea & Perrin sauce, Japanese Aba Ponzu citrus vinegar, soy sauce, black pepper, Maple syrup and organic agave nectar. The 2 ripened tomatoes and 2 huge onions added so much tanginess and flavor to the sauce.  Needless to say, the chicken dish was a hit with everyone, including the one that’s the hardest to please – the foodie hubs 😀

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Pure Banana Ice Cream

My Shimono food processor is by far the most used and most loved electrical kitchen gadget  I have ever gotten for myself. I use it almost everyday.  Ever since I bought my Shimono,  I seldom take away road-side food for breakfast for I would prefer to make myself some healthy smoothies and jams for my bread every morning.

The other day, we had surplus of red skinned bananas. As they were starting to turn brown, I deep freezed the surplus bananas.  The next day, I made banana ice cream with it and it’s so easy and yummy.

All I  needed to do was to cut up the frozen bananas (remove from freezer and defrost for about 20 minutes).  Then I added some almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and chia seeds and blended the mixture in my Shimono.  No water is added.

This is my all natural banana ice cream with no added sugar, preservative and food additives! So yummy and sweet.

You can eat straight from the blender or you can chill it for about 15 minutes in the freezer.

The next time round, I will add fresh milk or whipping cream to the banana and omit the nuts.  The milk and cream will make the ice cream creamier.  Next time, I will omit blending the nuts with the bananas because the blended nuts added a rougher texture to the ice cream.    The nuts and seeds will instead be sprinkled on the ice cream.

And my next try will be strawberry ice cream where I will blend strawberries with fresh milk or whipping cream. I am sure that this will be a hit with the kid, albeit it would be pretty costly to make a 100% strawberry ice cream. I think I will need 2-3 punnets for 4-5 servings.

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Beet Root Smoothies

Today, I made some healthy smoothies with beet root, the root that is a well-known powerhouse of antioxidants and soluble fiber.   With one medium size beet root, I made:

1) beet root + green apple + chia seeds smoothie for myself. I used about 3/4 of the beet root and 1 whole green apple.

2) less than 1/4 beet root + 3 oranges + 6 strawberries + chia seeds to make 3 cups of smoothies for the 3 princesses.  I used strawberries to mask the raw taste of beet root and to add flavor to the smoothie. I love adding strawberries to my smoothies to add flavor and sweetness.

Since beet root is high in fiber, I had to add about 3/4 cups of water to blend with the beet root and fruits to dilute the smoothie and to make it smoother and easier to swallow.   I was really surprised that my girls had no problem gulping down their cup of healthy tonic.  In fact, my most pernickety eater, Alycia is the biggest fan of all, of my healthy smoothies.  She likes it as she could drink it chilled and this is also  the only time I relax on the ‘no cold drinks and cold food’ restriction on her.  This girl of mine has a sensitive throat and gets phlegm pretty easily. Recently it got so bad that each time she drank ice drinks or ate ice cream, the phlegm would gag her throat till she puked after her meals.  Ever since I imposed the ‘no cold drinks / cold food’ restriction on her plus removed milk from her cold turkey, her throat has improved remarkably well.

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Ice Blended Strawberry Organic Soy Bean Milk Smoothie

This is my ice-blended organic soy bean milk smoothie with strawberries and strawberry flavored yoghurt for Cass and Sherilyn…

Ingredients :
1/2 sachet Super organic soy bean powder. Dissolve the soy bean milk powder in 1 cup of water first. You can use the whole sachet if you want it creamier.
8 strawberries
1 cup of Calci Yum strawberry yoghurt
1/2 teaspoon of chia seeds
3-4 pieces of ice cubes. You can put more ice cubes if you want it to be cooler but I do not encourage my kids to eat very cold food/drinks.

Put everything into the Shimono cup cum jug and whirl-pulse for about 10 seconds. Yup, this cup of smoothie takes less than a minute to whip up! And you can drink straight from the cup too, so there is very little washing to do.

Verdict : very creamy and delish! Full of goodness — good for your bones, teeth and health!  This concoction can also be poured into ice-lolly moulds and frozen to become healthy ice-cream for your kids!  To make ice cream, you can cut up some strawberries into bite size pieces and add them into the mould 🙂

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Hooked On Making Homemade Smoothies With My New Shimono!

I admit I am a sucker for healthy food and health products. If you repeatedly show me how awesome a blender, juicer, air fryer or a food detoxifier is, that’s it, I will go weak and will eventually succumb to temptation!

My friends in Facebook have been posting pictures on homemade smoothies made using the Korean made Shimono food processor since last year. I had wanted to purchase it since last year but never really got to it as I was not 100% convinced that the Shimono could make a really smooth cup of smoothie without having to sieve the fiber and pulp.

2 weeks ago, a friend posted pictures on her amazing smoothies and what she could whip up with the Shimono.  I grilled her with my long list of questions.  She was too patient to answer all my queries and I then made up my mind to get it under a GB (Group Buy) for SAHMs from Facebook @ only RM200 a set. Regular price is RM299 a set. I immediately paid for it online and on Sunday, got the hubs to bring me to One Utama Shopping Centre to pick up my baby! And there has been no regrets for this purchase. I have been making smoothies for everyone at home since then and thankfully my kids gave me their wholehearted thumbs up and said that my smoothies taste like those from Boost Juice wahahahaha!

This is my maiden smoothie made using my Shimono, using all the fruits that I could find in my fridge…

My smoothies in the fridge, placed in party cups with colorful caps (part of the Shimono set).  The smoothies composed of oranges, apples, pears, strawberries, purple grapes and chia seeds for the extra boost of calcium, Omega 3 and protein. I observed that strawberries and purple grapes give a very beautiful pink and purple hue to the smoothie.

My baby girl enjoying her healthy smoothie!

Today, I will be making red dragon fruit, strawberry and chia seeds smoothie for the kids and coffee ice blended for the hubs!

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