Have You Bought School Shoes For Your Children Yet?

Parents, the school holidays are coming to an end soon.  Have you started shopping for your children’s back-to-school paraphernalia? This time, your’s truly is very efficient and quick.  School uniforms and school shoes were already bought even before the school holidays started, thanks to the advent of online shopping!

If you have not bought school shoes for your children yet, fret not. Stay calm and don’t panic! You do not have to brave the crowd at the shopping mall with your children tagging along. You can order their school shoes online at the Pallas Online Store.

See, our girls are showing off their new Pallas school shoes!  Alycia is all set to attend the orientation at her high school tomorrow!

And monkeying around too…

Ms Drama Queen even donned on Alycia’s new high school uniform just for the fun of it. Omaigod, both of them look like teenagers though Alycia has just only turned 12 and Ms Drama Queen is not even 11 yet!

The girls commented that their Pallas school shoes are very comfortable, thanks to the spongy foam on the interior of the shoes. There is also a mesh design on the exterior of the shoes for good ventilation.

For those of you who have children with flat feet, some of the Pallas school shoes models are designed with a corrective insole and molded to provide support for the natural arch of the foot.  The shoes provide optimum comfort for the flat feet, weak or fallen longitunidal arches.  The shoes relieve strain on the foot muscles while your child walks and runs.

Pallas school shoes are specially designed with corrective insoles for children with flat feet.

Above: school shoes with arch support insole.

Pallas school shoes are priced very affordably, ranging from RM27.99 to not more than RM45.00 a pair.

Check out the wide range of school shoes at the Pallas online store. They also have funky and colorful sneakers, which are very affordable as well. I think I am going to get our girls some new sneakers too!


Buy School Shoes Online At Pallas!

Busy parents, I’ve got something awesome to share with you today!

If you find it really hard to find the time to drag your kids to the shopping mall to shop for school shoes, fret not. You can now purchase their school shoes online at the Pallas online store –  at anytime of the day, with the shoes delivered right to your door step at just a few clicks of the mouse!  Too good to be true eh?

Don’t know what size to get for your child? Easy peasy. Just click here to find out how to choose the right shoe size for your child. Once that’s done, you can choose the design, size, make payment, check out and you’re done. The shoes will be shipped to you in a few days.

I received 3 pairs of Pallas school shoes for our girls earlier this week.

Our girls love their new Pallas shoes and so do I.  Here’s why…

Features of Pallas school shoes:
1) Velco strap design, thus making it fast and easy to wear
2)  Cools feet with a unique ventilation system design; upper made by mesh combined with PVC
3)  Proven “Superlight” weight
4) Foam lining for extra comfort protection
5) Quick dry materials, thus the shoes will get dried faster than regular canvas school shoes.

This dainty and girlish design is for Cass. She loves them!


Check out the mesh design for good ventilation and spongy foam to cushion the feet of your little ones for supreme comfort.

Pallas school shoes are priced very affordably, ranging from RM27.99 to not more than RM45.00 a pair.

Check out Pallas store locations here.

Now you can sit back and relax this school holidays.  Let Pallas send your kids’ school shoes to you this time 🙂


Original Or Fake Crocs?

Barb, you wanted to see Alycia’s Crocs which I bought from the pasar malam? Well, here you go:

So do you all think it’s the original Crocs or fake one? Sold at RM35 (I persistently bargained and got it at RM30, see how Ah Sou I was muahahaha!), it was a good grab and I really do think it is original. When I went home and compared it with the gals’ original Crocs, almost every part looked the same, especially the logo. The man who sold the Crocs to me at the pasar malam told me that the Crocs were rejected by the factory that produces original Crocs, so they are like goods sold at FOS or Reject Shop.  There were even Crocs for adults and I was really tempted to buy a pair but the hubs stopped me and we were also running out of time (had to pick Sherilyn up from her ballet class).  If I see the man selling the Crocs again this week, perhaps I will get a pair for myself 😀

The Crocs even came with Pooh Bear, Dora, Carz and Mickey Mouse jibbitz.   What da ya all think?  Original or fake Crocs?

Our New Crocs

Presenting our new Crocs :

This Dora Crocs belongs to Sherilyn. My lil’ vain pot tried out on almost all the Crocs at the shop while Alycia told me that all the Crocs shoes are so ugly!  Well, Alycia is quite right… when I first saw Crocs more than 2 years ago, I think they are hideous too…. bulky, made of plastic, look so choa loh (not dainty) and so frigging expensive.  But I must admit that Crocs shoes are durable and long lasting coz Alycia has been wearing her Crocs for close to 2 years…. and she wears it to school everyday.

This pair of platform Crocs is mine. I’ve been eyeing this shoes since last year and I finally decided to buy it when I went to Mid Valley on Thursday… which darling hubby paid for. I was contemplating choosing between the pastel green and pink. I chose the pastel green but the size that I wanted  had only 1 pair left and there were some black stains on the shoes, so I had to settle for the pink. Also, Alycia kept telling me that pink is nicer than the pastel green. Hubby thought so too, but I still like the pastel green.

And this one belongs to hubby.

Pretty Shoes

Aren’t these shoes for the gals pretty? Koo mah sent them over from Hong Kong several days ago.  Koo mah is always very generous when it comes to buying gifts for them and her gifts are normally expensive too.

Now, Alycia has over 5 pairs of shoes to wear, with 3 pairs of brand new ones.  Looks like daddy does not have to buy shoes for the gals for a long time. While Alycia always gets to wear brand new things, Sherilyn is always wearing hand-me-downs from cheh cheh and luckily she does not mind, in fact she loves wearing cheh cheh’s old clothes and shoes.

Even I like this pair of white ballerina shoes from Zara Girls.

This dainty pair of red shoes would go well with Alycia’s jeans or denim skirt.