Why I Love Camping and Hiking

The health benefits of camping are plenteous for both adults and young people. When you’re spending time at home in your usual routine, you may not realize just how much you’re missing away from nature. It is through camping that I learned how to build a campfire, how to cook, bathe, answer nature’s call and sleep the cavemen’s way! And most importantly, the camaraderie that my friends and I built during our camping days that lasted us over 30 years and still counting.   I also learned that during a hike in a dense jungle on an island, we need to be properly attired. You don’t necessarily need to be attired with tactical clothing but  if you have some tactical clothing on, your limbs will be well protected from bites, scratches and superficial injuries should you get cut by twigs, branches and falls during a hike in a jungle.

My first camping trip was when I was 13 years old. That was in December 1986 and the camping spot was at one of the many beautiful secluded islands with pristine waters off Pangkor Island. My classmates and I joined some boys and girls from another school in the trip organized by my patrol leader (girl guides society).  That was one of the best times of my life and I got hooked on camping after my maiden camping trip. After this camping trip, we had several more camping trips organized by the same teacher.  If I could turn back the clock, I would turn it back to the year 1986 and relive that year all over again.

The very first time I went hiking in a jungle, I wore shorts and short sleeves tee and my limbs ended up with kisses from mozzies and scratches from twigs.  We were lost in the jungle and our 13-year old male guide finally brought us down several hours later and it was already super duper dark inside the jungle. That was one of the scariest experiences in my life! Nonetheless, we had SO MUCH fun and drama!  And you know what? I am still Facebook friends with this 13-year old male guide whom I met during my first camping trip until today.  That is why everyone should experience camping and hiking to build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Tactical clothing are built to withstand the elements, and the abuse of wear and tear.  These specially tailor clothing are a solid choice for the adrenaline junkies and adventurous travelers. If you’re into mountain climbing, jungle trekking or hiking, it would be a smart choice to get some tactical clothing and womens or mens tactical boots to stay safe from the elements.

To shop for the best tactical clothing for your adventures in the jungle, mountains and off-roading, why not have a look at Wayrates.com? They have a good range of tactical clothing and footwear for you to select from.



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Denim Skirts – Every Girl’s Wardrobe Staple

Since my teenage years up until now, I have an obsession with denim skirts.  I especially love washed denim mini skirts.  My perennial obsession with denim skirts have resulted in a good collection of this fashion item sequestered in my wardrobe over the years. I have outgrown some and the larger size ones were bought after the birth of my 3 babies.  But I’m not giving them away just yet. Who knows I may be able to fit into the larger size skirts in the event I put on some weight 10 years down the road. And the smaller size ones are still waiting for takers from my girls. So far, none of them likes denim skirts 🙄

Denim skirt outfits have been around since the dawn of time.  They are the least embellished and most worn of the many. It is not restricted by age, body type and skin color.  Denim skirts are versatile, chic, playful, elegant, fun, evergreen and I can go on and on about the advantages of wearing them and why every girl should have a few designs of denim skirt in her closet.

While virtual window shopping today, I found a wholesale clothing online store that carries an amazing collection of chic, rugged, elegant, playful, classic and even trashy denim skirts. I’m drooling at the skirts now!  I’ve shortlisted these few:

Side Hollow Out Skinny Blue Denim Skirt @ USD12.87 from Wholesale7.net

Side Hollow Out Skinny Blue Denim Skirt

Button Fly Tassel Hem Ripped Denim Skirt @ USD13.87

Button Fly Tassel Hem Ripped Denim Skirt For Women

Vintage High Waist Hole Denim Skirts @ USD11.29.  I even like the cropped denim top but I think someone is going to pass some carping comments if she saw me strutting this out of the house! 😏

Vintage High Waist Hole Denim Skirts

Retro Solid Irregular Ladies Denim Skirt @USD10.32

Retro Solid Irregular Ladies Denim Skirt

Which skirt do you think would suit a 47-year old petite lady? I seem to have a problem with decision making.  Sometimes when I can’t settle with one, I buy all! At Wholesale7.net, there’s a Buy-4-free-1 promotion on selected denim skirts!  Isn’t this a good enough reason to grab all 4 skirts? I can always re-sell them if they don’t fit me 😁

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Sending Flowers To Your Loved Ones During The Pandemic

Science has proven what many already believed, that flowers are good for your soul and mental well-being!   Flowers are pretty, colorful, smell great and within their delightfully-delicate petals, our blooming buddies hold the secrets to make us feel happy.  Flowers have the magical ability to lift our mood, reduce stress and depression and generate a more optimistic outlook in life.

With the recent global Covid-19 pandemic, there is a significant impact on every aspect of life, including how people live in the new normal. With many people impacted negatively by the pandemic, there are more reasons why we need flowers in our lives.  Home quarantine and isolation can be a lonely and depressing experience; it can lower our mood and the vulnerable in society could have serious implications on their mental wellbeing.

If you are currently separated from your wife, daughter, mother, girlfriend, friends or loved ones because of border restrictions and social distancing, you can reach out to them from afar by sending them flowers via online flowers delivery services such as those from PlantShed NYC flowers, the best New York florist that’s around!

Fire Island Flowers

If you’re having many missed moments with your loved ones that you would have spent together if not for this pandemic, a beautiful bouquet or pot of flowers sent to them from a New York florist will make them feel loved though you’re miles apart from them.

Flowers are one of the best ways to spark some joy to the days of your loved ones during this drat pandemic.  Sending flowers to your loved ones is a great way to connect and communicate and truly make an impact on your  loved one’s mood in a way that’s otherwise not accessible due to social distancing and restrictions on traveling.

Sending flowers may be a simple gesture, but it is truly more than that.  Flowers are an absolute delight to have.  Stay safe folks!


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Celebrating Plus Size

It’s a known fact that looking gaunt equates to being attractive. The societal benchmark of being ‘perfect’ are having good features, tall, skinny and flawless skin. In recent years, some women are breaking these stereotypes by embracing their plus sized bodies and redefining standards. But is it possible to be still healthy when one is overweight? Yes if you’re free from chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and other ailments.

Over the years, the number of plus size models is increasing as more women gain confidence in how they look.  Ashley Graham’s name used to pop to mind when people talked about famous plus-size models.  As diversity becomes an increasing focus in the fashion industry, more and more plus-size models are becoming household names.

While slim still continues to be the most envied and desired body type, plus size fashion and lingerie are catching up, thanks to plus-size models who advocate their bodies positively.  It’s about time we see beauty for what it is and not what we think it should be. If you are a plus size, you can shop for an awesome collection of ladies plus size clothing and lingerie at HexinFashion. This online store has gorgeous plus size clothing and lingerie like the ones below ranging from size XL up to 6XL.

Cheap Orange Sleeveless Solid Color Maxi Dress All-Match Style

Contouring Sensation Royal Blue Large Size Cape Sleeves Ruched Dress

In the past, it’s difficult to find plus size clothing and lingerie that are fashionable, appealing and affordable. These days plus size clothing for both women and men are easily available at malls, fashion boutiques and online stores.   Some of my plus size friends buy their lingerie at plus size lingerie wholesale prices when they buy in bulk from overseas online stores and then re-sell the lingerie to friends and at social media groups to make some profits.


Fresh Purple Lace Babydoll Large Size Backless Fashion Shop Online

There is no need to be self-conscious about one’s size anymore as nobody is perfect and everyone has small imperfections.   Plus-size models are an inspiration to every plus size woman and thanks to them for advocating body acceptance that designers are paying more attention to larger sizes. Being able to wear anything they see on display is something any woman can now do, thanks to the change in designers’ attitudes.

HexinFashion carries an amazing selection of plus size clothing, sleepwear and lingerie for women at affordable prices. There are many styles and colors waiting for you to discover on this online platform. If you’re a plus size, celebrate your body just the way it is. Show off your seductive curves and flaunt your cleavage.  Take advantage of the best plus size wholesale Black Friday Sale 2020 to save even more money.




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What’s All The Charm On Charms Jewelry?

Everyone loves charms jewelry and there are so many reasons to fall in love with these charming beauties. They are unique, eye-catching, cute, elegant, hip and of course charming.

Just a little short history intro on charms and why they are hugely popular amongst ladies and even gentlemen.  The wearing of charms may have begun as a form of amulet or talisman to ward off evil spirits or bad luck. During the pre-historic period, jewelry charms would be made from shells, animal-bones and clay.  Many years on, charms were made out of gems, rocks, and wood and worn as mementos of good times and given as souvenirs.  The role of charms evolved over time from that of practical use and as a means of warding off evil, to a purely aesthetic one.   Queen Victoria wore charm bracelets that started a fashion among the European noble classes. She was instrumental to the popularity of charm bracelets, as she loved to wear and give charm bracelets. When her beloved Prince Albert died, she even made “mourning” charms popular; lockets of hair from the deceased, miniature portraits of the deceased, charm bracelets carved in jet.

You can go creative and add anything from skulls to Lucky Cats,  gold smiley faces, stars, angels and Halloween pumpkin. The choices are endless at Gnoce, a professional jeweler with high craftsmanship.

For a dog lover, she will surely fall in love with this super cute polished dachshund doggie charm pendant made from 925 Sterling Silver.  Cass loves this doggie charm bracelet.

Halloween is just around the corner.  You’ll be spoilt with choices of cute Halloween themed charms at affordable prices. These charms are made of 925 sterling silver and fit into all major brands of bracelets and necklaces.  Get one or two Halloween charm for your trick-or-treating!

Though you may not be able to meet your sweetheart during a lockdown, you can still send your love to her with a super charming Hot Air Balloon Necklace made from 18k Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver.

At Gnoce, all of their products, including personalized jewelry, charms, bracelets and etc., are made from high-quality materials and are greatly appreciated in a variety of markets throughout the world.

Given the recent trend for statement dressing and millennials’ love of personalization, what could be more timely than to swank some jangling adornments of charm bracelets or necklace at a party?

There is surely a charm jewelry that everyone will love.  Having a charm collection means that you’ll have jewelry for years to come, that can match with anything. You can change the look of your charm bracelet or necklace at anytime by adding  new charms, so be sure to stock up for every type of occasion at Gnoce!


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Trendy Apparel For Fall 2020

I’m sure you’ve had days when you struggle to put a nice outfit together. On such days, I find it easier to start with a top. Whether it’s a V-neck bra top, a plunging neckline top or a blouse with a cowl neckline, it helps to base my look on one piece.  Then I pair the top with a denim skirt, a long pleated reversible chiffon skirt or an A-line skirt.

Now that some of you are working from home over Zoom, you can put more thoughts into the tops that you’re going to buy.  With a major part of the world being crippled by a third wave of Coronavirus and everyone including me have been staying away from shopping malls, don’t you just love it that you can buy nice tops online from thrift stores like Ninacloak?

With fall around now, many of you have swapped your chiffon dresses and short sleeve tops with fluffy sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts.

Ahead, I’ve rounded up 5 comfy fall tops and outerwear that I think you’ll love because I love them and wish I could slip into one. But not in our country’s billy boiling temps!

1. Unique collar long coat

With an elegant coat like this one, you can wear any layering tops beneath it.  From fall to winter, this coat can be worn for multi seasons and is only $30.21 at Ninacloak.


2. Round Neck Plain Batwing Sleeve Sweaters Pullover

This sweater with batwing sleeves is both comfy and trendy and will be worn on repeat. We all need a piece of this item in our closet!

3. Long Sleeves Ribbed Cotton Tee

Throw this long sleeves ribbed cotton tee in pastel pink for a casual laid-back look.


4. Lapel Elegant Plain Long Sleeve Knit Cardigan

This lapel elegant plain long sleeve knit cardigan will be the talk of your meetings.

5. V-Neck Knitted Long-Sleeved Lace-Up Sweater Shift Dress

This sweater shift dress will be your go-to dress when you’re in a hurry. This dress is both comfortable and comforting—giving shape to an otherwise formless day.

The hallmark of fall fashion, sweaters and long sleeved tops and dresses mark the onset of crisp autumn days, and provide a cozy middle ground until coats become mandatory. From statement-making trendy sweaters to Zoom-ready knits, pick your favorite fall wear at Ninacloak at affordable prices this season.



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Where To Find Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses?

For brides-to-be, the deluge of wedding details and planning can be totally overwhelming.  Between finding the perfect venue and photographer, hunting for your dream wedding gown, there’s scoping out for bridesmaid dresses too. All these have to fit into a budget and this seems to be a tricky affair.

Bridesmaid dress shopping is not as easy as one might think as you’re dealing with different budgets, body types, and style preferences.  But while it’s a challenging process, it doesn’t have to be a stressful one.  Here are some tips on choosing bridesmaid dresses to help you get started with some things to consider:

1. Consider different body types.
If your bridesmaids have a variety of body types, you might not want to stick them all in the same dress design. Your bridesmaids will look most comfortable and happy chaperoning you when they feel flattered in the gown they’re wearing. You can stay open minded to a mix of dress styles, which can totally be in different or the same color, to your preference.

2. Coordinate with your wedding gown.
Be sure to have chosen your wedding gown before deciding on your bridesmaids dresses as you do not want your girls to be in dresses that will outshine you.

3.  Keep to a budget
Don’t even bother looking at dresses that are above your budget. Wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses are something that will only be worn once, so make affordability a top priority. At Alfabridal, it is the shop’s mission to offer affordable bridesmaids dresses at only $99 a piece. Yes you read that right!

4. Shop and order early
It is advisable to order your bridesmaid gowns 3-4 months in advance of the wedding, to allow ample time for exchanges or alterations if needed.

You really don’t have to spend a fortune on ​dresses for your bridesmaids. There are many top online shops that offer amazing wedding dresses for different budgets. At Alfabridal for example, you will find thousands of styles sold at factory prices. The dresses are so pretty and elegant that you may even consider choosing a bridesmaid dress as your wedding dress!

Aim to be a budget-savvy bride. With the money saved on wedding attire, you and your groom can splurge on a romantic honeymoon or spend it on your new house.


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Where to Buy Inexpensive Bridesmaid Dresses

Congratulations on the proposal!  Tell the world that “We’re engaged!”  Stare at the engagement ring and post lots of photos on the proposal on social media.  Contemplate the many wonderful days ahead of you.  Kiss and hug each other a thousand more times. Bask in the moment and make your engagement special.

After the joy and thrill have sunk in, it’s time to plan your wedding!  Planning your wedding is a mammoth task, especially if you are hoping to have a fairytale-like wedding. Family members and friends have advice and opinion. If you were to read just half the books, web sites, etc. written in the last decade about wedding etiquette and protocol, you’d be reading and planning for months on end! Different races have different custom and traditional practice. From the altar to the wedding banquet, what to wear, what your bridesmaids should wear, who should pay for what, establishing your bridesmaids’ responsibilities, among others.

Outfitting the bridesmaids comes with cost and who shells out for their attire? The lines can sometimes get a little blurry!  Is the bride responsible for purchasing all of the bridal party dresses, or do the bridesmaids buy their own dresses? What about the alteration costs—or what if one of the bridemaids doesn’t have the budget for the gown? Where should you shop for your bridesmaid dresses – online or from brick and mortar bridal shops?

Typically, bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own dresses and accessories, as well as hair and makeup appointments and transportation to the wedding. As a bride, if you’re asking your friend to be your bridesmaid then the chances are you want them to be assisting and chaperoning you on your big day. So forking out some money for that shouldn’t be an issue. It’s also a gesture of your appreciation to them for their time, help and friendship.

If the bride can afford to, it’s a very thoughtful gesture for her to pay for the dress or a portion of the cost for each of her bridesmaids. These days more brides are paying for their bridesmaid dresses, especially if they pick a more expensive dress for their bridesmaids to wear.

If you’re looking for inexpensive and good quality bridesmaid dresses, look no further than at Alfabridal, an online store that specializes only on bridesmaid dresses. Alfabridal has their own factory to sew the bridesmaid dresses and there’s such an extensive choice for you to choose from.  At Alfabridal, every piece of elegant bridesmaid dress is sold at a factory price of only USD99! The dresses are so exquisite that you may even consider choosing a bridesmaid dress as your wedding dress!

Planning a wedding is a big undertaking; it may as well be the first big test of your marriage. It’s a long but rewarding journey that you both will cherish forever.

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The Best Place to Shop For Affordable Onesie Pajamas

Onesie pajamas are not just for babies and toddlers. They’re for adults too. Whether you’re planning a themed family photo, shopping for a costume party, Halloween trick-or-treating or working from home, onesie pajamas are great as a sleepwear and for all these reasons.

Cosplay onesies are known as Kigurumi in Japan. Kigurumi animal onesies first appeared in Japan in the late ‘90s. They quickly became a staple of Shibuya and Harajuku fashion culture, and has remained an iconic part of Japanese street style. Despite this popularity, Kigurumi remained virtually unknown to the Western world until about 2011.

Kigurumi – or Kigu – are quite possibly the coziest thing you will ever wear. Now you know why babies and toddlers sleep so soundly in onesie pajamas! They’re fabulous for keeping warm during a cold spell and for standing out from the crowd in just about any place –at a party, on the street, in the classroom, office, or club.  Onesie wearers love the fantasy aspect of becoming their favorite animal, cosplay or anime character, superhero and Disney character in a fun and playful way.

Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but your rainbow unicorn onesie from Alfagoody can be. This comfy sleep suit made from fine flannel and fleece will make you feel like the magical unicorn you are.

The animal onesie pajamas and suits from Alfagoody feature a front zipper for ease of wear and removal, a cute tail on some characters and an adorable hood. They’re not only colorful but quirky, cute, fun and most of all, affordably priced.



We can never take ourselves too seriously when we’re donning on a hilarious animal onesie.  Once in a while, it’s good to wear something silly and funny like a child to feel like a child again to remind ourselves how it feels to be one again.  We should all get back to trying stuff we all did as a child and disconnect ourselves from whether or not we’re deemed to be successful by someone else’s standards.

Alfagoody is a great online shop to look for fun onesies for kids and adults. They pay great attention to detail and uses high quality material, ensuring your onesie pajamas will last.


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Where to Buy Inexpensive Onesie Pajamas?

Halloween is the most popular costume or fancy dress event of the year in western society. In recent years, the culture of celebrating Halloween has spread to other parts of the world.  People of all ages have tons of fun dressing up on Halloween day for trick-or-treating.   Halloween costumes could be anything we imagined, not just scary stuff.

When it comes to Halloween, there are those meticulous people who plan their costume a year in advance — finding the perfect costume and props and then carefully sew or glue their masterpiece together, complete with impeccable make-up so that they stand out at the Halloween party  🎃.   And then there are the rest of us.

Halloween is just around the corner and if you haven’t gotten yourself a costume yet, fret not!  Halloween onesies are here to save the day!  On a holiday when you can be absolutely anything you want, be comfortable in cute and hilarious Halloween onesies from Alfagoody!  With a relaxed fit, roomy hood and super soft fine flannel and fleece fabric, becoming a rainbow unicorn or Mashimaro has never been so easy.

Onesie pajamas are such practical and affordable costumes for Halloween.  After Halloween, you can wear them to bed.  Everybody has to sleep. Unless you go to bed in your birthday suit, you need comfy pajamas. Even if you prefer to sleep in your birthday suit, you need to put on something for a stroll to the kitchen for a midnight drink of water or when you step out of the shower.

Men and women, boys and girls and toddlers too – there are many different fun themes from animals to dinosaurs, unicorns, cosplay characters and much more to choose from at Alfagoody.


If you are strapped for costume ideas this Halloween, why not try pajamas onesies from Alfagoody?   The Halloween onesies from Alfagoody are affordable, machine washable, with a quality so high they’ll last you for hauntings year after year. Choose from cute, hilarious or quirky Halloween onesies for an unforgettable October 31st.


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Waist Trainer For A Smaller Waist

If a waist trainer for women could help you achieve a smaller waist,  you can forget about going for a  painful rib resection or floating rib removal.   Rib removal has gained popularity in the last several years as  wasp waists and hourglass shapes have again become the aesthetic ideal.  While in Victorian fashion this was achieved with laced corsets, today this can be achieved with surgery by removing the “floating” lower ribs, numbers 11 and 12.  The operation, which is irreversible, is usually performed for medical reasons but can be used for cosmetic purposes after extensive consultation.

In Sweden, a 25-year old lady who was inspired by animated characters like Jessica Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Holli Would from Cool World went under the knife to have some of her ribs removed.  She dreamed of having a super tiny waist, big boobs, big eyes and a really pretty face and having her ribs removed was just another step in achieving that ideal.   The extreme five-hour keyhole surgery operation cost £6,000 and was performed by a plastic surgeon.

The Swedish is not the only figure-obsessed lady who had gone through pains to achieve her dream body. In 2018 a A Barbie-obsessed mum shrunk her waist to a tiny 21 inches prior to a £15k rib removal surgery to achieve the perfect hour-glass figure. The Barbie-fanatic mum spent months eating a strict diet and wore a waist trainer designed to shrink her waistline – for five hours every day. Despite her waist shrinking by a staggering five inches, the 34-year-old wasn’t satisfied and  shrunk her waist by another three inches before the rib removal surgery where six ribs were removed to achieve her mission to look like her doll idol, Barbie 😲

FeelinGirl High-Waist Front Hooks Shaper Shorts


Now if you could achieve something similar while still looking like a human, why do you have to even consider removing parts of your body?  Products like double belt slimming waist trainer, high waisted shaper shorts and high waist tummy control slimming pants can help women achieve a svelte body, along with a healthy low-carb diet and daily exercise.


Waist trainers help you maintain proper posture while you stand and sit because the metal bones in waist trainers make it impossible for you to slouch. They improve your posture by providing the necessary support to your back. Many women and celebrities vouch that they feel more confident when they see the changes in their waistline and posture after wearing waist trainers.

Once you have weighed the benefits and disadvantages and have decided to try waist training, you can browse for the best shapewear at FeelinGirl to find a waist trainer that suits your needs, style, and purposes.


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Importance Of Having Good Kitchen Knives

To dish out a good meal, you need three things: fresh ingredients, cooking techniques, and a few good cooking tools. Having the right equipment helps the cook to execute the job more efficiently. Whether it’s a frying pan, wok or a set of great kitchen knives, great kitchenware makes cooking a joy.

What I really need in the kitchen to help me dish out a mean meal for my family is a good frying pan/wok and a set of sharp knives.  I am very particular with my pairing knife and chef’s knife as I use them daily to cut fruits, chop vegetables and julienne onions, garlic and root vegetables.

Most well equipped kitchens have a handful of knives for different purposes. But if you are just getting started, a good chef’s knife is where you want to begin. For almost every job, a good chef’s knife will nearly always do the trick.  A sharp knife does a better job of cutting or slicing food, which is obvious enough, but it also lets you work faster and safer.

If you’re a parent who enjoys cooking healthy meals for your loved ones, you will agree that a good set of kitchen knifes really helps get the job done in a breeze.  A good and sharp knife from Tuo Cutlery helps you to slice meat and vegetables into consistent size and thickness effortlessly. It gives you more control over the knife with less slippage.  The Fiery Phoenix series of knives from Tuo Cutlery were selected as one of the world’s best kitchen knives by wiki.ezvid.com.

A modern chef’s knife is a multi-purpose knife designed to perform well at many differing kitchen tasks, rather than excelling at any one in particular. It can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts.

Your knife can be made with the best steel in the world, but if the knife isn’t comfortable to hold, you won’t use it. Some knife handles may even cause blisters on the hand.  A good knife will feel balanced in your hand and holding the handle will feel comfortable.

If you have been thinking about getting a new set of fine knives, or if you know someone who is in desperate need of a top quality knife, or if there is someone who you would like to have a sharp knife, take advantage of  Tuo Cutlery’s discounts off their range of selected fine knives while stock lasts.

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Trending Shoes For Women in 2020

Whether you’re headed to work, hit the mall or go on a date, stylish footwear will elevate your look and add a unique touch to every outfit.  Own a pair of vintage sneakers or statement boots for winter, there’s an assortment of styles to choose from.  You will surely have space for a few more pairs of shoes in your shoes closet to match more outfits.  Check out below what the trending shoes are for women in 2020:

1. Women’s solid color velvet high heel boots
Add a stunning look to your outfit with these gorgeous wine red velvet high heel boots.  Showcase them by wearing black or white shades to make them stand out. This footwear looks excellent with short skirts, dresses and a trench coat or with a midi skirt. No matter how you style them, they’ll look good on every woman.

2.  Ornate Heels
Let your feet do the talking with these ornate heels. You can’t go wrong with such pretty statement heels that come adorned with crystal, gold or silver embellishments.

3  Martin Boots
Show everyone that you mean business in a pair of toughie Martin Boots from Shoessee. Whether you’re wearing them for a bike ride or taking a stroll through the city streets, these tough and stylish shoes will tie any outfit together.  No matter how you pair these with, you’ll be the coolest girl everywhere you go in a set of these rugged boots.

4 . White Lace Sneakers
White sneakers are in vogue, so why not take sporty chic to a whole new level with white lace sneakers?  Whether you’re wearing them because of the trend or just pure comfort, this footwear is a perfect blend of luxury and leisure. Rock it with a long skirt or short skirt, sweatpants, hot pants or jeans, and you’ll be ready to run the world in absolute comfort.

From stunning velvet high heel boots to dress sandals, casual loafers to killer heels,  you’ll definitely find a favorite style at Shoessee. Let the world be your runway with these trending shoes for women in 2020!


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Fuss-Free Feast on Durians Via Online Delivery

Durian, the king of fruits is a nutrient-dense fruit, containing much more nutrients than most other fruits.  Durian is naturally rich in potassium, dietary fibre, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B complex. The king of fruits is thus excellent for improving muscle strength and blood pressure, bowel movements and skin health. It also supports the nervous and immune systems, and enhances the formation of red blood cells.​  Durian acts as a prebiotic, feeding beneficial lactic acid bacteria in the gut microbiome, supporting digestive functions and colon health. The fiber in durian adds bulk to the stool, thus promotes regularity.

Durian is also high in minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, and small amounts of phosphorus, zinc, and calcium.   Contrary to what most people believe, durians contain NO cholesterol and have lower Glycemix Index (GI) than many other tropical fruits. The fats which are found in durians are monounsaturated fats and these may help to lower an individual’s LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  So good news to durian lovers, including yours truly! 😉

Have you ever craved for durians but dread the thought of waiting under the hot sun at road side stalls or joining in the long queues at supermarkets?  Or it may be that you’re too busy with work that you can’t squeeze out some time to shop for durians to satiate your craving for the king of fruits.  You can now feast on premium grade fresh durians delivered to your doorstep at any time you wish when you order online at 8 Durian.

8 Durian is Singapore’s favorite online durian delivery company as voted by 10,000 Singaporeans (and counting) in 2019 and 2020. They carry only high quality durians from their co-owned plantation in Pahang, such as:

    1. Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘AAA Grade’- Pahang High Mountain Plantation
    2. Premium Black Gold Durian – Pahang High Mountain Plantation
    3. Musang King 15 Year Tree Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘A Grade’
    4. Penang Red Prawn – Authentic Origin Well-Aged 15 Year Tree

Replacement or Full Refund
At 8 Durian, durians that are not fresh and great will be discarded. Should you have received something that isn’t to your expectations (including a late delivery), 9 Durian will provide you a replacement or full refund via store credits!

Guaranteed Freshness
Freshly plucked, the durians from 8 Durian arrive daily before noon. They are de-husked and hygienically heat sealed in boxes to ensure ultimate freshness, before being delivered to you on the day of arrival.

Guaranteed Quality
Grown using organic fertilisers only, 8 Durian’s plantations are located on the high mountainous of Pahang.  They have the best environmental and technological requirements to provide you with the best tasting Durians of authentic species.

Delivery Charges

    1. Free Delivery for orders above $100.00
    2. Same Day or Next Day Delivery: $10.00 per order
    3. Express 1 Hour Delivery: $18.00 per order (Remember to select ‘As soon as possible’ as your time slot).

Now that you know that durians do not have cholesterol but contain so much nutrients and health promoting benefits, you can treat yourself to this sinfully delicious fruit in moderation. Get only fresh premium grade durians from 8 Durian for the best enjoyment of your favorite fruit.  The next fresh large shipment from their Pahang durian plantation will arrive on 15 July 2020 and you can order now for same day delivery!


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Versatile Tops

I like buying tops online as they are usually cheaper than those selling from departmental stores and brick-and-mortar boutiques.  I like to buy tops to add to my wardrobe collection as tops are simply versatile.  Let’s take a white sleeveless blouse.  This item can be matched with any color you can think of. It can also be matched with floral skirts or pants.  It also looks good with other neutrals, such as black, brown or grey.  Wearing patterns with a white blouse won’t be an issue either, since the solid nature of the item will serve as a great support for whatever eye-catching pattern you choose to wear.

One question I hear from a lot of my friends is how to put together a wardrobe that has both workwear and casual wear. One of the easiest ways to streamline your wardrobe is to buy versatile comfy tops that can be worn in multiple settings. I love getting tops in chromatic and achromatic colors. These tops can be worn under a smart jacket and paired with a skirt or pants. After work, swing your jacket away and you’re all ready for a sundowner with friends at a chic bistro.

There are endless types of tops for women to choose from that it is sometimes overwhelming to go shopping.  It may be because certain styles or new arrivals are simply too expensive or there are too many choices that it’s difficult for you to choose.  Do yourself a favor and shop for your tops at Ninacloak — they are comfortable, stylish, versatile and timeless.

Ninacloak is a lovely online store to look for tops  that are perfectly dressy casual and they carry cool t-shirts for all ages. They have the prettiest selection of blouses that can be effortlessly styled for work or casual wear, and they have hundreds of them! So stock up at Ninacloak as their tops are affordable and mix and match to your heart’s content!


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Embracing Plus Size

The world is made to believe that ‘thin’ is the most desirable body type as most famous models and celebrities are thin. The societal standards of being ‘perfect’ are having good looks, tall, skinny and flawless skin.  In recent years, some  women are breaking these stereotypes by embracing their plus sized beautiful bodies and redefining standards.  While ‘thin’ still continues to be the most desirable body type, plus size fashion is catching up. It’s about time we see beauty for what it is and not what we think it should be. If you are a plus size, I want to share with you that Feelingirldress.com has really gorgeous plus size clothing at affordable prices ranging from size L up to 6XL.

Large Navy Blue Drapery Hem Maxi Dress Eyelash Lace Short Sleeves


Big beautiful curvy real women – we should embrace our body sizes proudly like Chole Marshall, an English supermodel who won the Miss Surrey title in 2008 and was also the first plus size model to make it to Miss England finals.  It opened up opportunities for her modeling career and also made her conviction to spread the message that you do not always have to be thin and tall to be considered beautiful.  Chloe later moved to New York and accepted modeling assignments and was involved in many campaigns for brands that specializes in plus sized clothing.

Uniquely White Midi Length Pleated Big Dress V Neck Hot Sale

In the past, it’s hard to find plus size apparels that are fashionable and affordable.  These days plus size clothing for both women and men are easily available at malls, fashion boutiques and online stores.  Some of my plus size friends prefer to buy plus size dresses wholesale in bulk from overseas online stores and then re-sell them to friends and at social media groups. This way, the clothes are cheaper and they even make a profit out of this.

Summary Light Green Queen Size Floor Length Dress Floral Print Girls

Feelingirldress carries an amazing selection of plus size clothing for women and cheap trendy women’s clothing at affordable prices.   There are many styles and colors waiting for you to discover at this online platform.  If you’re a plus size, celebrate your body just the way it is. Show off your seductive curves and flaunt your cleavage.




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