Fashion Trend For Working From Home

Last year seemed to be the year that all the must-have fashion pieces for 2020 did not fully materialize.  Instead of wearing the latest styles on the streets, to a glam party or for the very important meeting with your big bosses, most of you resorted to sweatpants and comfy trendy cardigans at home while you attended Zoom meetings.

Rather than snagging that really glamorous jacket that you had your eyes on, you instead invested your money in comfy sweaters and loungewear for the seemingly never ending quarantine days of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We really ditched much of fashion trends in 2020!

For me, I was in my comfy loose home batik dress from morning till evening, everyday in 2020 and it looks like this fashion trend will continue if there’s no end in sight to the pandemic.

Onward and upward! As Covid-19 vaccines have been rolling out in the USA and many parts of the world, we can look forward to a more promising 2021.  Don’t you just long to don on the trendiest casual jackets for women along with your killer heels that’s now hidden somewhere inside your shoe room? I have half a dozen of shoes bought several months before Covid-19 rocked our country and the world. I’ve not worn them for a year and I really hope that they’re still in good condition and sole separation won’t happen when I get them out of the shoe box to try.

Despite 2020’s lack of fashion standouts, online fashion clothing store Holapick went out of their way to bring the latest in fashion to their 2020 – 2021 collections.  So even if you’re only putting on a casual jacket for your Zoom meetings, or if you save your best look for a trip to the supermarket, you still won’t want to miss out on a fashion-forward moment.

Whenever they get a chance to go out, my two older girls dress up their best in denim or checked jacket, cap and jeans topped off with perfume even when they make a short trip to the dentist for a change of braces elastics 🤣.  Their reasoning? What if I outgrow my clothes and my perfume expires when the MCO is lifted 2 years later? True that!

Here are the fashion trends that are going to take over in 2021, available at Holapick.

Embroidered Loose Cardigan Jacket @ $25.99.

Slim-fit Denim Jacket With Double-Breasted Buttons @ $26.99

Personalized Ruffled Camouflage Jacket @ $28.99

Classy Off-Shoulder Pure Colour Long Sleeve Casual Maxi Dress @ $9.99

Strapless neckline geometric irregular ruffle bag hip dress @$19.99.

Fashion trends are merely suggestions and not mandate. As trends come and go, it’s best to focus on your own personal style.  If you’re going to spend money, spend it on something you’ll feel comfortable in and likely going to wear for years to come.    Holapick has a good range of fashionable and affordable clothing for the fashion forward women. Check them out and pick some new pieces for a brand new 2021!


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The Power of Makeup

Eyes are the most important feature in determining your facial appearance. If you are not happy with your small, upward slanted eyes that make you appear fierce and unfriendly, you don’t need to resort to Lateral Canthoplasty and Epicanthoplasty as a way to enhance your appearance and boost your self confidence.  There are techniques in your makeup to help visually enlarge your eyes or make them look less small.  All you need is a set or two of Anastasia eyeshadow palette, mascara, eye lash curlers, fake eye lashes or eyelash extension, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil.

Eyeshadows can make a powerful transformation in a girl’s appearance. They make our eyes stand out and appear sexy and attractive.   Eye shadow can also be applied under eyes or to brow bones to make the nose look sharper or make the eyes appear bigger.

You don’t necessarily have to invest heavily on expensive makeup brands.  A well-known New York City-based dermatologist  says the products her patients suspect might be causing irritation and other reactions run the gamut price-wise. Sometimes they’re really expensive, and sometimes they’re really cheap.  The factors that go into making a product expensive often lie outside of its actual quality— think pretty packaging or a brand name affiliation. In fact, many of the luxury brands are made at the exact same factory as the over-the-counter brands to the point of having the exact formulation in a different package!

For me, I use mostly cheap makeup brands but for lipsticks, I tend to want to buy brands that use non-toxic ingredients as I’m putting it on my lips and may be ingesting it.

Makeup, especially the right kind of makeup, can transform a woman’s face and have them looking as flawless as a magazine cover model.  From widening small eyes, to clearing acne, to enlarging sparse eyebrows to pumping up skinny lips, makeup can work wonders. It is even has the potential to alter peoples facial features, thanks to the invention of contouring palettes.

You don’t need to break the bank to spend on your wardrobe and makeup. You can scour the internet for affordable clothes and cheap wholesale makeup that won’t cause an arm and a leg and still look good.   Makeup makes women feel more empowered and gives them a sense of fulfillment.  It also boosts their confidence and makes them feel better about themselves. The truth is that makeup is all about self-love and it empowers a woman.


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Tactical Clothes For Rock Climbing

If you’re someone who likes your workouts mixed with adventure and adrenaline, then you may love rock climbing. Rock climbing is definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you’re game for it, rock climbing will work you from head to toe, challenging you both mentally and physically. Just be sure to don on some tactical shirts, a pair of comfy long pants and a good pair of climbing shoes and you’ll be zapping your way up comfortably like spiderman!

When I was 16 years old, I signed up for a 10-day Wilderness Adventure Camp (similar to Outward Bound School) at a training school in Lumut, Perak. That was the best 10 days of my life, even though there were a couple of outdoor activities that freaked me out. One of them is rock climbing. We hiked into a jungle next to the sea for this adventure of our life time.  Climbing up to the top of the rock was one of the toughest activities of my life and I almost cried mid way through when I was stuck in the middle of the boulder and I didn’t know how to find my footing up. The footings were too high and the boulder was virtually 90 degrees erected. My besties down there were cheering me on while singing to some New Kids On The Block songs.  With some skin on my hands and fingers ripped off and soldering on with all my might, I managed to climb up after what seemed like an eternity hanging  in the air!  Abseiling down the rock was some what fun, though I have acrophobia. Despite the pain, the trauma of being stuck mid way on the boulder and hanging in the air, I enjoyed myself throughout the 10 days at the wilderness adventure camp.

Rock climbing can help you reach your peak fitness level and can mix things up to prevent workout boredom. Despite the intensity, climbing avoids the joint-jarring effects of high-impact activities like jogging and plyometrics.

Tactical clothing are built to withstand the elements, and the abuse of wear and tear.  These specially tailor clothing are a solid choice for the adrenaline junkies and adventurous travelers. If you’re into mountain climbing, rock climbing, jungle trekking or hiking, it would be a smart choice to get some tactical clothing to protect your body from scratches and the elements.

To shop for the best tactical clothing for your adventures in the jungle, mountains and off-roading, why not have a look at They have a good range of tactical clothing and footwear for you to select from.

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How Do You Spice Up A Boring Relationship: 6 Tips For Her

When you’re new in a dating relationship, everything seems so exciting, fun and adventurous.  The heart flutters that you get when you see his name flashing on the screen of your mobile phone each time it rings and whenever he gets near you could be something that married couples miss a lot.  You don’t even need to don on some cheap sexy dresses to feel sexy. You feel sexy all the time you’re with him.   Enter marriage and a new baby and all these excitement seems to have dissipated.  We forget that we are supposed to be having fun but we get into a rut.   It doesn’t have to be like that, you don’t have to be that ‘boring’ couple. Here are 6 ways you can re-ignite the spark and have more fun in your relationship.

1)  Find Out What Makes Each Other Happy
Doing things that makes each other happy is not only a great way to spend time together but also shows that you care about the other person, how they feel and that you want to do things that make them radiate with joy.

2) Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone
Ever gone camping in the jungle, bungee jumping or something as simple as making an impromptu drive out to another state for a day trip?   If you keep doing what you’ve always done and what you’re comfortable with, you’re not going to grow and you’re going to end up in the rut zone for a long time.

3) Dress up raunchily
One way to spice things up in a relationship is to dress a little sexier. Check out cheap and playful wholesale lingerie at to get a couple of raunchy lingerie to spice things up in the bedroom.

Ritzy Black Cut Out Teddy Embroidery Plunge Neck Images On Pinterest

Green Silk Backless Split Teddy Eyelash Lace Nightwear Dissolute Bedtime

4)  Sexy messages
Lighten the mood and be playful by sending little flirty and romantic messages, emails or texts throughout the day. Let your other half know that you are thinking of him constantly.  You might even leave a naughty note inside your significant other’s briefcase, laptop bag, in the car, or even on their pillow.

5)  Talk to each other everyday
If you are in a relationship where you or your partner goes straight to bed after a day’s work and are too tired to have a meal together as a family, this is a major relationship killer. Make sure that you find the time to talk to each other. Communicate everyday to spice up a boring relationship as this can do wonders in your relationship.

6) Dress up
Remember during your courting days you would dress up to impress your partner? You would always try to look your best whenever there was a date. Years must have passed but you can still do that. Revamp your wardrobe by checking out FeelinGirlDress hot products, try a new hairstyle and change your dressing style and watch the fireworks after that!

Comfy Sapphire Blue Drapery Hem Crossover Back Evening Dress

Life becomes unexciting if you continue to follow a same and simple routine every day. Your relationship with your spouse will also turn mundane, where sex is just another mechanical task and romance is a thing of the past.  Simple efforts from your side will also motivate your partner to come up with ways to spice up the relationship.

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Reasons Why You Should Buy Quality Shoes

Shoes are something that I would not scrimp and save my money on because nothing matters more than walking and running on a super comfy pair of shoes.  You would think that you could buy cheap shoes to save you some money, but that’s just not the case.  Would you save twenty bucks on a cheaper pair of shoes but that pair of shoes are made of cheesy materials that are so uncomfortable that you ended up with corns, calluses and painful blisters on your toes and back of your heel?  Hell no 😅

Most people regard their shoes as one of the most important items in their entire wardrobe, and for good reasons. No matter what outfit you are wearing, if you aren’t happy with your shoes, you’re not going to be contented or comfortable. Whether we’re talking about a pair of running shoes, sneakers, a colorful pair of sandals or a sexy pair of court heels, the right shoes can truly pull an entire outfit together, and any fashion-forward person knows this very well.

As I jog almost every morning and run a lot of errands, I am always in a quality and comfy pair of running shoes or sneakers. My FitBit keeps track of my steps and this motivates me to walk and run more each day. Thus, my shoes are my best partners in helping me achieve over 10k steps each day, comfortably.

Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in good quality shoes:

1. Better protection for your feet
Shoes that cause blisters to your feet may soon end up in the recycling bin. This will also cost you money in blister plasters and medicated cream. Quality shoes with leather lining or soft spongy lining can help to prevent foot odour, besides giving you a soft and comfy feeling when you wear them.

2. Projects a good impression
Carefully crafted, quality shoes look different from cheaply-made equivalents.  It’s human nature for people to judge each other by what they wear and by their shoes in particular.  If your job requires you to meet people frequently, it’s worth investing a little more on a pair of quality shoes to project a more refined image to the world.

3. Confidence boosting
When you buy quality shoes, not only do you invest in comfort but also in your own self-esteem. Do you remember the feeling you get each time you slip into a pair of branded shoes at a glitzy party? The sheer comfort your feet were in and the confidence you had strutting around the banquet hall and just didn’t want to be seated at your table? Feeling confident about how you look makes the difference between having a great day, and an ordinary one. This pair of Pink Satin Pumps would surely make you feel sexy and boost your confidence up a few notches.

Satin Lace-up D'orsay Pointy Toe Heeled Wedding Pumps

What’s your favorite color or motif on your heels? I like mine in black, red, dusty pink or with leopard print! I’ve always loved leopard prints on my bags, outfits or shoes, like this gorgeous pair of Leopard Print Heel Suede Stiletto Heel Pumps from

Leopard Print Heel Suede Stiletto Heel Pumps

A complete shoe wardrobe is as essential as having a wardrobe filled abundantly with clothing and other important accessories for the various occasions and venues.  Many people easily overlook the least prominent part of an outfit ~ their shoes. However, it is so important to realize that whatever we wear is an integral part of the overall appearance.  Christmas and the year end celebrations are just around the corner. If you need a great pair of strappy heels, pumps or sandals for the year end parties, head over to to shop for some quality shoes!


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Christmas Gift Ideas

This year seems to have whizzed past us so fast even though most of us have been locked up at home for the most part of this year because the world has been roiled by the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that I’ve reminded you that Christmas is just a month away, have you started shopping for Christmas gifts yet? I know most of you have not gone to the shopping mall for a long time because of the movement restriction order and shelter in place imposed in your country by the Government. Many of you, just like me, still feel jittery going to the mall as there have been an alarming number of Covid positive cases detected in malls. Thank God for the convenience and advancement of eCommerce, all your shopping needs can now be done online though you may be stuck at home.

For those of you with good friends, business partners and loved ones living in Hong Kong, you can order high quality gifts and flowers online from Give.Gift.Boutique for these special people in your life for Christmas. Though you are not able to meet them in your life right now due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, you can show your care, appreciation and love to them via gifts and flowers sent to them from Give.Gift.Boutique.

Hong Kong Give.Gift.Boutique. is a leading florist and gift shop which delivers top quality gifts, hampers, and bouquets. I have handpicked a few lovely gifts from GiveGift perfect for Christmas gifting to friends, loved ones and business associates.

1.  Christmas Present Box S38
The Christmas Present Box S38 is for the Agnes B fan who enjoys imported snacks such as Crabtree & Evelyn / Marks & Spencer crisp biscuit curls (made in France), FOSSIER, France, Framboise Macarons gift box /European premium Cookies or chocolate gift box and comes with a bottle of imported sparkling wine. It comes with Xmas décor and a Xmas doll in a picnic rectangular gift box. This is for her, who could be your sweetheart, your mom, sister or a colleague.


2  Christmas Hamper X4
The Christmas Hamper X4 contains 12 items (including container) with luxurious brands such as Godiva, France AOC Red Wine, The Peninsular, Agnès b. delices, among others. This gift is suitable for him – someone who is a fan of imported chocolates and enjoys an occasional booze. This luxurious hamper comes with a brown color synthetic leather casing. 


3. Christmas Hamper M15
The Christmas Hamper M15 contains 17 luxurious items (including container), with brands  such as Godiva, Alpswine, Agnès b. delices, Jenny Bakery, Artisan Du Chocolate,  Marks & Spencer, Emborg, Lane Crawford – Fortnum & Mason, England and many more. It comes with a bottle of luxurious non-alcoholic Kyoho juice, premium chocolates, biscuits, jam, tea, nuts, truffle and other luxurious imported food items. This is the kind of Christmas hamper that I look forward to receiving 😉

Out of sight does not mean out of mind.  Faced with COVID-19, our loved ones and dear friends are now more than ever on our minds. Though we can’t meet them, we can spread the love with unique and wonderful gifts this Christmas. It does not matter that this Christmas, you’re not able to have a Christmas party with your loved ones and friends who are in Hong Kong.  No matter which part of the world you are in right now, you can still brighten their days with a luxurious Christmas gift.

Give.Gift.Boutique helps you spread Christmas joy during these uncertain times with special gifts delivery. Place your order and send them to your loved ones in Hong Kong today!

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Perfect Backdrops For Photography

If you’re a photography enthusiast, I’m sure you must be obsessed with photography backdrops. I love photography and  I’ve always wanted to get a beige brick wall backdrop like the one below or a vintage brick wall backdrop for my food photography. An effective background will help to dramatically enhance the photo.  Also, nice backdrops serve to cover unsightly and messy sights in our house 😬.

I often have plenty of images from a shoot but I usually discard many acceptable images just because the messy or inappropriate background rendered the photo useless.  A messy or unattractive background can quickly ruin your shot. If you’re a blogger like yours truly, or a  home-based entrepreneur selling homemade bakes and food or anything that’s homemade, getting a suitable backdrop for shooting can do wonders to the sale of your products.

There are many essential parts of a photograph and the parts are lighting, depth, scale, composition … the list goes on, but what about the background? If a strong picture is a complete picture, then the background matters.

A great photo requires a great backdrop. The background is of fundamental importance in the composition of the image emphasizing the subject, improving the photograph.  One of the best places to shop for photography backdrops is at Star Backdrop.  All the beautiful backdrops you see in this post are from Star Backdrop.

An impressive backdrop will add to the story, providing valuable information about your setting, and helping to dramatically enhance your photo. You should focus on the background as much as you do the subject being photographed.  After all, the background is part of your picture, and is often what will make the difference between a regular snapshot and a powerful composition.

This Princess White Wall Balloon Baby Show Backdrop is the perfect backdrop for a baby shower party or a little girl’s birthday party.

You don’t even need to throw an expensive beachside wedding party on your big day. Since border-crossing is now prohibited in most countries, no thanks to the nasty pandemic, couples planning a wedding can have a low-key make-do beach side wedding reception with this Beautiful Orange Curtain Pavilion Floral Decoration Backdrop for Seaside Wedding Ceremony backdrop for your photo booth.

A sweet Floral backdrop for a newborn baby shoot is simply irresistible. Looking at this super duper adorable newborn baby in this photo shoot makes me feel broody now 😁

Professional images with an appropriate backdrop capture authenticity. Photographs not only show your customers or website readers what you offer, but can also make them want to act on it.  A restaurant website filled with tantalizing and photos of their various food make one want to try everything and in turn order a lot!  High quality images with proper backgrounds speak of the quality of the product.

The backdrop behind your subject can make or break your image.  Cluttered backgrounds are distracting and draw attention away from your subject. If you’re attempting to sell products online, a cluttered image may not help you get the sales you aspire to have.  Good quality photos play such a pivotal role in the success of the sale of a product.

For example, my hubby plans to include Christmas food boxes in his food delivery menu.  With a pretty Kitchen Wooden Christmas Photo Studio Backdrop like the one below coupled with the proper lighting, the Christmas box photos will look highly professional and attractive.   Most people judge the food by its appearance, thus if the photography is impeccable, this will surely entice people to order.

Christmas is coming soon and I do fancy having a Christmas backdrop, like a huge Christmas Brick Fireplace  or a Stone Fireplace Christmas backdrop in our living room to create a Christmassy atmosphere since we will most likely not be having any Christmas party this year caused by the pandemic and restriction on gatherings.


Cass will be needing this Class of 2020 Graduation backdrop with her standing next to it as I doubt there will be any graduation for Year 6 pupils this year unless the CMCO is lifted.  Even if there was a graduation, I think it will be a low-key ceremony where parents may not be invited as part of the SOP.

If borders remain closed for another half a year, I will need a Blue Sky Sandy Beach backdrop at home to help me de-stress. I miss having holidays and really miss going to the beach!

It’s easy to overlook the background and forget that it is a vital and prominent part of your photo.  By taking the time to pay attention to the details in the background, this can open the door for new photographic opportunities; and will help you to take your photography or your online business to the next level.  To browse the best backdrops for photography, do check out Star Backdrop. They have really wonderful and pretty backdrops for every occasion and need.  Some of the categories that you can find at Star Backdrop include retro backdrops, Christmas backdrops, custom photo backdrops, white wood background, school photo background and many more.

Most of the backdrops at Star Backdrop start from USD23 each for the smallest size and biggest is priced at USD215 each. There are 8 standard sizes and custom sizes are available too.  The dimension of the standard size backdrops ranges from 3ft wide all the way to 20ft wide.  The backdrops are made from durable microfiber, which is soft and seamless.  They can be washed and dried in the dryer if the backdrop is dirty. To remove wrinkles, the backdrop can be ironed.  The images are digital printed onto the backdrops and look realistic and vivid.  Reviews by previous customers are positive with comments such as excellent material quality, fast and safe shipping, vibrant colors and excellent price.

Backgrounds or backdrops are highly recommended to be used to highlight your subject in a context that helps them to stand out, without being overwhelming. Fortunately, finding the right background for your images isn’t hard with the availability of online backdrop specialists like Star Backdrop. With a bit of practice you will soon be a professional at using the right backdrop, and identifying backgrounds that work with the composition at hand.

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Get In Shape With A Body Shaper

Shapewear is everything you need to sculpt and support your body to achieve a more attractive figure. Body shapewear for women like waist shaper and tummy control body shaper are designed to impermanently alter the wearer’s body shape and they also work to provide support to the bust and back area.  There’s a lot more to wearing shapewear than meets the eye.  Shapewear provides many other positive benefits besides enhancing your look. The physical and psychological boost from wearing shapewear is enough to garner a whole new outlook on life as you stand up with a better posture, lose those last few pounds you’ve been trying to get rid of, and walk into any room with an air of complete confidence.

One of the many benefits of shapewear is that you can finally pull out your old skinny jeans or bodycon dress and actually fit into them!  All of a sudden, your wardrobe becomes brand new as you rediscover all the old favorites and breathe new life into them.  How wonderful!  Start with a pair of lightweight briefs or a thong and discover the benefits of wearing shapewear for opening up new possibilities for everyday outfits.

If you’re looking for affordable body shapewear and plus size waist trainer, have a neat collection to choose from.  I especially like this reflective waist trainer that can glow in the dark or when light shines on it!  It will be perfect for me when I do my pre-dawn jogging in the dark. The reflective waist trainer can keep in in shape while keeping me safe in the dark.

These are some of the benefits of wearing body shapewear:

1.  Improvement in posture.  A waist trainer certainly does not allow you to slouch and keeps your posture straight and after a period of time wearing it, it becomes second nature to you to keep a good posture.

2.  Eating smaller food portions. Large meals may feel uncomfortable to consume when your midsection is under compression.  With a waist trainer or shapewear shorts on your body, you’ll likely feel more comfortable eating smaller meals rather than large ones.

3.  More calories burnt.  When you wear a waist trainer during exercise, you will sweat profusely, especially around your waist area.  With that extra sweat, you will lose some water weight and calories.

4. Postpartum care.  New mums will know how difficult it is to get back into shape with limited time on your hands with a new baby.  By wearing a body shapewear for a minimum of 4 hours daily for a month, you can lose up to 4 inches off your waist.

5.  Bustline Support.  Apart from accentuating your figure,  body shapers will come in handy if you wear a strapless bra as the body shaper will keep your bra secure in place. It also pushes up your breasts, thus making them look fuller.

Always remember to choose bodyshapers that fits you well, as being comfortable and relaxed is equally important as achieving that gorgeous look.  Check out the Black Friday shapewear sales on Shapellx now to get the best deals!

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A Coat That Never Goes Out Of Style

Trench coats are perfect for when you don’t want to wear coats that are too heavy or bulky. They are also perfect for winter mornings when the sun is bright and it is not too chilly. Light, comfortable, and relatively warm, wearing a trench coat is also a very easy way to add a lot of style to a simple outfit.  Although most trench coats come in khaki or light brown, Prestarrs have revived the look with fresh colors, lengths and fits, like this collarless woolen trench coat with pockets that come in fresh colors like rose, pink and yellow.

Trench coats used to be worn by soldiers and only men.  They then seamlessly transitioned into the world of women’s wear and they’re now here to stay for good.  Trench coats look equally amazing on women, giving them an air of elegance and exquisite.

If you are a fashion savvy woman who’s constantly looking for a fashion piece that will serve as both a cover-up for warmth and also function as a fashion centerpiece, trench coats are your best bets.  The best trench coats can serve as the perfect addition that can elevate your fashion image up a few notches.

Trendy trench coats for women come in simple, sleek and edgy designs and styles. There are leather trench coats, woolen trench coats and there are also trench coats with lace-trimmed edges or embellished buttons and belts. You can choose to just wear a trench coat as a stylish jacket or you can also choose to make your trench coat a fashion focal point. Either way you would be serving two purposes with one highly stylish coat. Trench coats are wardrobe selections that are really important in a fashionable woman’s outfit choices.

Trench coats can be worn for a wide variety of occasions. It’s sophisticated and dressy enough to be one of the few types of outerwear for women that look great with formal clothing and suits and is also long enough to comfortably cover suit jackets. Trench coats give an effortlessly cool and chic look and add a lot of charm to the wearer’s personality.

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How to Transition Your Style from Fall to Winter

There is no reason to spend a substantial sum on an extensive winter wardrobe. If you have many fall pieces you love, you might need to add a few basic items to create a jaw-dropping style during chillier temperatures.  If you want to feel confident and comfortable once December arrives, find out how to transition your style from fall to winter below.

Add Layers onto a Fall Look
It is likely you invested in a few warmer items in time for fall, such as turtlenecks, jeans, and tights, and these items can also serve you well during winter. The key to a great winter look is building layers, which can help you beat the cold outdoors and cool down when entering a warm home or store. For example, you could team a turtleneck with a cardigan, a stylish jacket, a scarf, and a hat, which will help you to tweak your temperature when winter arrives.

Buy Staple Outerwear
View fall as a time to introduce cozy sweaters, jeans, and boots into your closet, and you should then focus your attention on staple outwear during winter. For example, you could invest in puffa jackets, hooded macs, gilets, and egg jackets, which will keep you warm throughout the season.

If you are unsure about the right jacket design to flatter your curvy figure, you will be happy to learn you can take your pick from designer plus size clothing online to match your shape, style, and size. It is essential to choose quality items over quantity, which will allow you to return to an item every winter and to stand out on the street for all the right reasons.

Add Chunkier Accessories
It is a wise idea to stock up on chunkier accessories before winter arrives, such as a heavy knit beanie or a knitted scarf. It will shield your body from the inevitable cold and can complement many of the basic items in your fall wardrobe. You also can express your style and personality by buying accessories in different colors, textures, and patterns.

Put the Floral Prints Away
Most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid if you wore a floral print during fall, as it is a bright, colorful season. However, they might question your clothing choices if you wear a flowery top or dress during winter. As much as it might pain you to do so, you should retire the floral print until spring and incorporate darker, neutral colors into your winter style. You also could add pops of color with a vibrant scarf, hat, and/or a handbag.

Before you run out to stock up on winter clothing, you would be wise to review your closet to identify if you can add layers or accessories that can help you to create a seasonal look. For example, you should invest in high-quality outwear, chunky accessories, and flexible layers, which can help to both look and feel warm when temperatures start to plummet.

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Lovely Gifts For Friends Or Family Members During This Pandemic

A few days ago, amidst feeling doom and gloom from all the negativity caused by the pandemic and CMCO, a parcel sent to my home cheered me up instantly.  I received my happy products from DCR Marketing Sdn. Bhd, the authorized dealer in Malaysia, representing a US-based lifestyle brand, Natural Life.

Check out what I received!

The CUTEST mugs that will make me smile every time I drink from it!  Cass chose a dog mug as she loves dogs (and so do I!) and I chose a mug with two cute 3D otters on it.  These dishwasher-safe pretty ceramic mugs are hand sculpted and comes with a cute mini message on the inside rim.

Cass also chose a cute doggo key chain in matte silver metal. It comes with a leather cord and wooden painted beads; the key chain is encased in a classy craft box with gold foil.  This will make an excellent gift to dog lovers.

I also chose an ultra cute and colorful grocery tote bag with the words:  Go Everywhere. Talk to everyone. Eat everything.    

I really love the message on the bag as this is what I really want to do right now, in the middle of this CMCO.  But I guess it’s going to take months before I can go everywhere, talk to everyone and eat everything again 😎.  I love this grocery tote bag as it’s very spacious and has sturdy nylon webbed handles that are strong enough for me to put my heavy groceries.  The bag is made with 80% recycled plastic water bottles.  How cool is that!

Natural Life, a brand under DCR Marketing’s Dream Shop carries a wide range of  lifestyle products from the US and their product range includes things that one would use everyday — mugs, shopping bags, lunch bags, charms, hair accessories, towels, blankets, stationeries, household appliances and many more.   If you’re thinking of sending a friend or loved ones a gift, you’ve found the best online shop at Dream Shop.

As Covid-19 continues to progress in almost every part of the world, more and more people find themselves practicing social distancing, self-isolating, or in quarantine as they recover.  It’s heart wrenching to see the number of new cases in our beloved country soar to an all time high of 4 digits twice within a week.

This seemingly never-ending pandemic is an overwhelming and isolating time for many, but there’s hope in small ways that you can connect with those whom you care about and love. Besides the usual Zoom video and Whatsapp video call with your loved ones, you can get creative in the way you express your care through gifts. It’s the small and unexpected surprises that go a long way.

There’s no better time than now to send a gift to someone that you’re missing right now. You don’t have to wait until his/her birthday or for a special occasion to come by. A gift sent during this pandemic is the best way to bring cheer and a smile to people whom you care for, to replace a real hug and a kiss  🥰

Click on the links below to start shopping now:

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Coat Trends For 2020

Some of you may be wishing that summer is just around the corner but the reality is most of you still have a few more months of coat-swaddling weather ahead of you!  Whether you’re a fan of trench coats, cardigans, puffers, boyfriend’s blazers, women’s fashion sweaters or oversize teddy coats, these wardrobe staple is an absolute necessity this time of the year. They keep you warm and stylish throughout the cold months.

You might be getting tired of wearing the same coats that you wore last winter.  The bitter cold temperatures will be so worth it when you get to wear chic new coats that make you look so swank.  This season there are plenteous of gorgeous new styles for all the right reasons.  With endless coat options to suit every style, whether you want to tap into this season’s animal print or opt for faux fur coats, women’s trench coats or an ultra cuddly teddy coat, there is a coat to suit every mood at Holapick.  I’ve chosen 5 best-selling fall and winter outerwear essential  from Holapick.  Some of these coat trends are dominating street style pictures this year.

1.  Hooded Slit Pocket Zips Quilted Long Sleeve Coat

2.  Faux Fur Collar Frayed Trim Plain Batwing Sleeve Coat

3. Lapel Long Sleeve Plain Button Pocket Casual Coat

4.  Super Elegant Fold-Over Collar Plain Long Outerwear

5. Street style sub-square stripe stitching split shawl

Experimenting with a new look is the key to keeping fashion fun and to brighten up your day when you feel doom and gloom amidst the pandemic.  Make a statement in a faux fur long trench coat or swaddle yourself in a soft puffer jacket in a bright happy color, with the new season coats that offer timeless appeal.

If you’re in search of the perfect winter pick me up for 2020, look no further than at Holapick, an online store where fashionistas are spoilt for choices with the season’s most exciting winter outerwear and more!


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Fall & Winter Jackets You’ll Love

2020 hasn’t been what any of us expected but the fashion trends live on. As winter is rolling in soon, many of you will be sporting chic casual outerwear and winter coats when you stroll to the supermarket or enjoy a masked walk with a friend or loved one in the chilly weather.  The 2020 jacket trends are just too gorgeous to resist and it makes wearing these new trends so exciting.  Jackets are an essential item in almost everyone’s wardrobe, especially if you live in a country with cold weather.   Pair them with your favorite washed denim jeans or leather pants and then layer up with warm turtlenecks and cashmere for winter.

Though you may be going to fewer places this fall and winter due to the pandemic, you’re still sure to get plenteous use out of your fashionable jacket trends.   I rounded up some ideas on how to wear four of the cool and lavish jacket trends this fall and winter.  While you might be feeling frustrated that you won’t be headed to as many year-end events wearing Insta-worthy outfits this year, let these 2020 jacket trends inspire you to dress up for all occasions, including to your Zoom meetings from home!

1.  Long coat with faux fur
This timeless elegant long coat with faux fur is forever trendy. It is a fashion statement for this winter season to choose a faux fur design, incorporating it into your wardrobe, while enjoying the warmth it provides, whether heading to work or out for a meal.

2.  Slim-cut leather jacket
Leather jackets are a go-to for all seasons in 2020. For fall, you can pair this slim-cut leather jacket from CharmWish with a cool midi dress and knee-length boots. For winter, this pairs well with denim jeans, thick leggings and sneakers.  You might be surprised just how versatile this maximalist leather jacket can be.

3.  Double-breasted Lapel Collar Small Suit
This blazer was practically made for fall—but can totally work for just about any season. Try pairing it with smart trousers, wide leg pants or even a plain white tee and leggings.

4.  Casual loose multicolor color block puff sleeves cardigan
From haute couture runways to high streets, puff sleeves are everywhere and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Look to any sleeve on any garment right now, and you will have good odds that it is puffed in some way.   This ultra soft cardigan with big puff sleeves in sweet pastel colors reminds me of a cuddly cute unicorn. You can rock this cute oversized cardigan with tee and pants or even a long shift dress.

Is there anything chicer than a sophisticated wool coat or a long coat with faux-fur trimming?   It almost doesn’t matter what you wear underneath it since the  coat will ensure your overall look is a swanky one. Fall and winter are the best times to look glamorous in polished coats and jackets.  Browse a wide variety of chic, elegant, casual and cute outerwear and fashion tops at CharmWish. There’s an ongoing Flash Sale at this online store now!


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Why I Love Camping and Hiking

The health benefits of camping are plenteous for both adults and young people. When you’re spending time at home in your usual routine, you may not realize just how much you’re missing away from nature. It is through camping that I learned how to build a campfire, how to cook, bathe, answer nature’s call and sleep the cavemen’s way! And most importantly, the camaraderie that my friends and I built during our camping days that lasted us over 30 years and still counting.   I also learned that during a hike in a dense jungle on an island, we need to be properly attired. You don’t necessarily need to be attired with tactical clothing but  if you have some tactical clothing on, your limbs will be well protected from bites, scratches and superficial injuries should you get cut by twigs, branches and falls during a hike in a jungle.

My first camping trip was when I was 13 years old. That was in December 1986 and the camping spot was at one of the many beautiful secluded islands with pristine waters off Pangkor Island. My classmates and I joined some boys and girls from another school in the trip organized by my patrol leader (girl guides society).  That was one of the best times of my life and I got hooked on camping after my maiden camping trip. After this camping trip, we had several more camping trips organized by the same teacher.  If I could turn back the clock, I would turn it back to the year 1986 and relive that year all over again.

The very first time I went hiking in a jungle, I wore shorts and short sleeves tee and my limbs ended up with kisses from mozzies and scratches from twigs.  We were lost in the jungle and our 13-year old male guide finally brought us down several hours later and it was already super duper dark inside the jungle. That was one of the scariest experiences in my life! Nonetheless, we had SO MUCH fun and drama!  And you know what? I am still Facebook friends with this 13-year old male guide whom I met during my first camping trip until today.  That is why everyone should experience camping and hiking to build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Tactical clothing are built to withstand the elements, and the abuse of wear and tear.  These specially tailor clothing are a solid choice for the adrenaline junkies and adventurous travelers. If you’re into mountain climbing, jungle trekking or hiking, it would be a smart choice to get some tactical clothing and womens or mens tactical boots to stay safe from the elements.

To shop for the best tactical clothing for your adventures in the jungle, mountains and off-roading, why not have a look at They have a good range of tactical clothing and footwear for you to select from.



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Denim Skirts – Every Girl’s Wardrobe Staple

Since my teenage years up until now, I have an obsession with denim skirts.  I especially love washed denim mini skirts.  My perennial obsession with denim skirts have resulted in a good collection of this fashion item sequestered in my wardrobe over the years. I have outgrown some and the larger size ones were bought after the birth of my 3 babies.  But I’m not giving them away just yet. Who knows I may be able to fit into the larger size skirts in the event I put on some weight 10 years down the road. And the smaller size ones are still waiting for takers from my girls. So far, none of them likes denim skirts 🙄

Denim skirt outfits have been around since the dawn of time.  They are the least embellished and most worn of the many. It is not restricted by age, body type and skin color.  Denim skirts are versatile, chic, playful, elegant, fun, evergreen and I can go on and on about the advantages of wearing them and why every girl should have a few designs of denim skirt in her closet.

While virtual window shopping today, I found a wholesale clothing online store that carries an amazing collection of chic, rugged, elegant, playful, classic and even trashy denim skirts. I’m drooling at the skirts now!  I’ve shortlisted these few:

Side Hollow Out Skinny Blue Denim Skirt @ USD12.87 from

Side Hollow Out Skinny Blue Denim Skirt

Button Fly Tassel Hem Ripped Denim Skirt @ USD13.87

Button Fly Tassel Hem Ripped Denim Skirt For Women

Vintage High Waist Hole Denim Skirts @ USD11.29.  I even like the cropped denim top but I think someone is going to pass some carping comments if she saw me strutting this out of the house! 😏

Vintage High Waist Hole Denim Skirts

Retro Solid Irregular Ladies Denim Skirt @USD10.32

Retro Solid Irregular Ladies Denim Skirt

Which skirt do you think would suit a 47-year old petite lady? I seem to have a problem with decision making.  Sometimes when I can’t settle with one, I buy all! At, there’s a Buy-4-free-1 promotion on selected denim skirts!  Isn’t this a good enough reason to grab all 4 skirts? I can always re-sell them if they don’t fit me 😁

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Sending Flowers To Your Loved Ones During The Pandemic

Science has proven what many already believed, that flowers are good for your soul and mental well-being!   Flowers are pretty, colorful, smell great and within their delightfully-delicate petals, our blooming buddies hold the secrets to make us feel happy.  Flowers have the magical ability to lift our mood, reduce stress and depression and generate a more optimistic outlook in life.

With the recent global Covid-19 pandemic, there is a significant impact on every aspect of life, including how people live in the new normal. With many people impacted negatively by the pandemic, there are more reasons why we need flowers in our lives.  Home quarantine and isolation can be a lonely and depressing experience; it can lower our mood and the vulnerable in society could have serious implications on their mental wellbeing.

If you are currently separated from your wife, daughter, mother, girlfriend, friends or loved ones because of border restrictions and social distancing, you can reach out to them from afar by sending them flowers via online flowers delivery services such as those from PlantShed NYC flowers, the best New York florist that’s around!

Fire Island Flowers

If you’re having many missed moments with your loved ones that you would have spent together if not for this pandemic, a beautiful bouquet or pot of flowers sent to them from a New York florist will make them feel loved though you’re miles apart from them.

Flowers are one of the best ways to spark some joy to the days of your loved ones during this drat pandemic.  Sending flowers to your loved ones is a great way to connect and communicate and truly make an impact on your  loved one’s mood in a way that’s otherwise not accessible due to social distancing and restrictions on traveling.

Sending flowers may be a simple gesture, but it is truly more than that.  Flowers are an absolute delight to have.  Stay safe folks!


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