Picture – testing only

I have been spending the whole afternoon trying to post a picture to my article but kept getting a failed message. Hopefully this one works, keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh yes, yes, yes. I finally managed to download the pic. After downloading FireFox, I’ve succeeded, yay! PTL! Oh, btw, that’s a pic of my 2 gals at my garden, trying to have a taste of flowers.

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Finally got it started

I’ve been wanting to create my own blog for years already. Eversince I’ve started reading friends’ blogs, I’ve been wanting to jump into the blog wagon coz it really seems fun, plus, in future my gals can read this on-going journal about themselves. Moreover, I can also start to earn some money through some payperpost kinda thingy. The only thing that held me back from starting it any sooner is time coz being a SAHM is no easy job & I hardly have any personal time for myself. I must admit shyly that I am quite IT challenged & only know the basics about computer & softwares, to get me through my 13 years of working in the corporate world. I have almost zilch knowledge about software, hardware, webpage designs, etc. etc but since I want to start my own blog, I have to put in some time & effort & sacrifices to make it happen. I am still struggling to get the blog look as ‘real’ and as pleasant to read as possible and because I am quite an IT idiot, I am spending more time than necessary thru trial & error.

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