The Downside Of Attending Pre-School

Alycia has picked up another bad habit from pre-school. For the past one week, she loves to put her hands together with  both her forefingers pointing out and 2 thumbs straight up to form a ‘gun’ and she would say “piang, piang, piang”  as she says “I will kill you” to my mum. I have never shown her this before and have never said those words too.  I have also never given her the opportunity to watch such movies on TV.  I am very sure she had learned this from the little boys in pre-school. My mum and I were really shocked and displeased with this bad behavior and have warned her and scolded her but to no avail in stopping her from doing it. In fact, the more we reprimanded her, the more intense her actions were.  I notice that this is very common in kids and I hope it is just a passing phase that a toddler would go through.

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It’s Not The Toothbrush, She Wants Attention!

One morning last week, as usual Alycia refused to brush her teeth before going to school. Daddy didn’t like the idea of Alycia going to school with a stinky mouth and insisted that she brushed her teeth. So he brushed Alycia’s teeth and Alycia was grinning from cheek to cheek and didn’t puke. It was indeed a rare occasion that daddy brushed her teeth and she was obviously very happy. Now I know that maybe it wasn’t the toothbrush after all that made her puke every morning. Maybe all she wanted was just some attention!

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Oh No, Not Again Alycia!

It happened again this morning. Alycia was fine in the morning when she woke up – she finished her milk without any fuss, did her poopie business in the loo and then….. just when Alycia saw the toothbrush in my maid’s hand, she started to fake puking again. In the process of faking it, she actually induced the vomitting sensation and puked her stinky curdled milk onto the kitchen sink, eeuuu! I can’t believe Alycia! How can she hate something so much till she has actually developed a phobia just by the sight of it? Daddy was not happy with Alycia, so was I. But what are we to do? Force her to brush her teeth every morning, at the expense of her health? Puking every morning is really unhealthy. Maybe I should just keep the toothbrush away from her in the morning for the time being.

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What’s It With The Toothbrush?

I found out recently that one of the reasons why Alycia has been puking in the morning after her milk is because she hates to brush her teeth with toothpaste. I’ve been keeping the toothbrush away from her in the morning and all she needs to do now is just to rinse and gargle her mouth after her milk. But daddy doesn’t like the idea of Alycia not brushing her teeth and going to school with a stinky mouth. He insists that Alycia brushes her teeth, at least without the toothpaste if that’s a bit too much for her to bear in the morning. So yesterday, at the mention of “Alycia, brush your teeth”, she started to fake vomitting. When Alycia saw the toothbrush in my hand, she immediately puked in the kitchen sink! You tell me, did she fake the whole episode or she genuinely can’t stand having a plastic in her mouth early in the morning?

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New Balloons But All With Holes!

Yesterday evening, I bought a pack of balloons for the gals from the bakery. When I opened the pack of balloons, I noticed that the balloons were sticky and stuck to one another. When I tried to inflate one of the balloons with a balloon pump, I notice there was a hole in the balloon. When I checked the rest of the balloons, I saw holes on all the balloons. When Alycia saw them, she again bawled! It was indeed a full day of bawling for her yesterday and today, over every single trivial matter. Though she knew that all the balloons were faulty, she still insisted that I blow up the balloons for her. When I refused to inflate the balloons for her, she put the sticky, colorful and stinky ballon into her mouth. I had earlier warned her not to put them into her mouth but she defied my warning and stuck it into her mouth. I was really enraged. She just wouldn’t listen to me that the balloons have holes on them. The whole of today, she’s been pestering me to return to the bakery to get the balloons exchanged with new ones. Thank goodness the weather is fine and we could walk across our house to the bakery to have the balloons changed, else there’s bound to be another night of bawling and screaming.

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There She Goes Again….

Alycia just woke up from her afternoon nap and there she goes bawling again…. for some silly demands. This time, she’s looking for an empty vitamin bottle that she’s been playing with but couldn’t locate it today. Earlier this morning, she was already bawling and looking for it but we couldn’t find it. Then she switched excuses and demanded to watch ‘A Baby Story’. I just can’t stand her bawling and screaming, it’s really really driving me nuts. I’ve really run out of ideas to distract her or to subdue her. I’m not feeling well myself. When she wants that particular item, she must have that item and nothing else and most times her demands are impossible to meet.

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Alycia’s Super Cranky

Alycia is still super duper cranky and whiny today, after taking her medicine. Her whimps and fancies are all impossible demands. Just before lunchtime, she demanded to watch ‘A Baby Story’ on Astro channel 77. I told her that the program is not shown now and she has to wait till the evening to watch but she wouldn’t listen and the meltdown began. I put on her favorite DVD but she refused to watch it. She can go on repeating “I want to watch Baby Story now” for almost an hour continuously and bawling at the same time. I know that the medicine is making her feel this way but her continuous whining and bawling really got on my nerves. She still has 3 more days on the medicine and I just don’t know how I am going to tolerate her crabby crap for the next 3 days. God please help me!

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Alycia’s Super Cranky

After taking her medication last night, Alycia was super cranky, whiny, edgy, emotional and clingy. Just before bedtime, there was a major meltdown. She was bawling and howling away and threw herself into a major fits of rage all because of a tiny box of Kellogs cornflakes that we got from the hotel when we stayed there about 2 weeks ago. I didn’t really know what she wanted. She kept repeating “I want that crispy cornflakes from the hotel, the one with the picture of a green chicken on the box”, over and over and over again as she bawled. When I gave her that particular box of cornflakes which we took from the hotel, she kept saying that the box of cornflakes is not crunchy anymore as we had kept it for so long. She wanted me to call daddy right away to bring her to the hotel to get a few more boxes of that cornflakes. She just went on and on bawling and screaming. I was not feeling well myself and I just couldn’t tolerate her nonsense though I know it was partly beyond her control, due to the effects of the medication. Long story cut short, after calling daddy, he rushed home from his office (thank goodness his office is nearby), carried her, did a ‘bom cha cha’ with her and then opened the packet of cornflakes for her to eat. When Sherilyn saw her sister eating cornflakes, she too joined in the craze and I had 2 toddlers munching on cornflakes on my bed at 11pm! I was enraged! After satisfying her with the cornflakes, daddy had to brush Alycia’s teeth again whilst my maid brushed Sherilyn’s. With all the ding dong, we only went to bed close to midnight.

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Alycia’s Wierd Behaviour

Lately Alycia has been talking gibberish whenever she’s angry with me for forbidding her to do certain things or when her whimps are not met. It’s scary to hear her talk this way. Her thoughts would then seem incoherent as she rambles on and on. Some words are incomprehensible and some of the things she said are so unbecoming of a little toddler. She would say things like “i will chop off your hands and throw you into the dustbin” to Sherilyn as she smacks her or say such things to me “stop talking to me, I hate to hear this… I will find a new mummy”. She seems to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality coz when she’s good, she’s really as sweet as an angle and when she’s bad she’s really horrid. I just hope this is just another fleeting phase and that she will not grow up to be a wayward child.

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Sherilyn’s Feeding Problem

I wish I knew what’s wrong with Sherilyn. She used to love milk and can down a bottle of 7oz milk in a matter of minutes but for the past few days, she would spend close to an hour to gulp it down. She’s not teething or anything coz when i asked her if her teeth or gums hurt, she said no. She would spend around 15 mins just to drink half the amount of milk from the bottle and then spends the next half hour biting the teat or shaking the bottle, messing up herself and the place. Each time, I end up pouring out the milk in a cup for her to drink. I thought she wants to wean herself off the bottle but no, she still insists she wants to drink from the bottle.

Apart from this milk problem, Sherilyn still spits her meat and food during mealtimes. I have to resort to putting the cane on the dining table to threaten her to stop spitting and sadly, it works. Her plate and bib are almost clean at the end of each meal now, thanks to the cane. This fussy pot is driving me bonkers!

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Sherilyn’s Quirks

My Sherilyn seems to have many quirks. Apart from her craze with cloth nappies, recently she developed another bizarre tendency of bringing an item with her to sleep. This item can be her bear bear, Elmo soft toy, Minnie Mouse soft toy, Hello Kitty purse, a book and yesterday, she brought 2 Mega blocks to bed and insisted to have the blocks put on her pillow. She seems to feel very secured when there’s a toy next to her when she naps during the day or sleeps at night. Alycia didn’t have this quirk when she was Sherilyn’s age till now.

Anyone has toddlers with this strange behaviour too?

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Sherilyn’s Favourite Pyjamas

Of the 10 sets of pjs that Sherilyn has in her closet, she only likes to wear the oldest and most worn out pink pjs that has a picture of a bear sitting on a big crescent moon, the pjs that her cheh cheh once wore. I hope I don’t have to snip off the sleeves and bottom parts of the pants to make way for her to fit into this pjs when she finally outgrows this pink pjs, just like what I did to Alycia’s tight Mothercare pjs.

Well, I should be happy that my persistent training and teaching to my gals to be frugal has paid off, shouldn’t I?

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Sherilyn and Her Nappy

For the past 1 week, Sherilyn has been obssessed with nappies, yeah, of all things, it has to be cloth nappies. The moment she wakes up in the morning, she will grab a nappy and tie it round her shoulders, like a cape and refuses to let go of the nappy. She will then bring the nappy to the toilet, bathroom, when she naps, when she sits and eat on her highchair and even wore the ridiculous looking nappy cape when I brought her out for her evening walk with Alycia and my maid yesterday. I was so embarassed when passers-by stared at her and laughed, really malu :blush:

Besides this strange quirk, she’s also super whinny and cranky for the past 1 week. Oh God, I just hope these are not foreboding symptoms that she’s going to fall sick soon coz Alycia just recovered from a slight cold. Or could it be she’s just obssessed with Baby Bop and its yellow blankey?

I like my white-tie blankie in the day and night. I love this song by Baby Bop mommy.

Sherilyn running around the house with her ridiculous looking nappy cape.

Sherilyn went for her evening walk and jumped on the trampoline in her nappy cape like a ‘sor poh’ (mad woman) ha ha….

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