Self Learning From The iPad2

My little cili padi learns the ABCs and 123s from the iPad2 regularly. Before she is allowed to play other games, she knows she has to first go through her ‘online learning’. Take your love of working with children to a career in early childhood development with

Yesterday she went an extra mile. At one of the letter and number tracing learning apps, she did 1 more step by writing out the letter and number on her doodle after tracing them with her fingers on the iPad and that’s without me telling or showing her how to do it. She spent over half an hour self learning to read and write. Way to go baby girl, I hope you will continue to discover new methods to learn as you grow and will sail through school and uni in future, tee hee 😀

Baby at 3years 7 months.
Can recognize and write almost all the letters in the alphabet and numbers 1-10.

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Teaching Baby To Read

Both my older girls attended 4 years of pre-school. Alycia started pre-school just after her 3rd birthday and Sherilyn at 3.5 years old. Sherilyn is in her last year of pre-school this year. For Baby, I’ve decided to delay sending her to pre-school until she turns 4yo next year. If you are a die-hard reader of my blogs, you will know that Baby still has a minor urinary problem despite having gone through 2 traumatic major surgeries in 2009. Only time will heal the entire urinary tract and I hope that by the time she turns 4yo, the problem will resolve by itself.

I’ve made up my mind that I will teach Baby her ABCs and how to read at home. Since I don’t have the time to prepare materials, the easiest means is the internet. I now teach her ABCs and reading from Starfall is by far the best website to teach your child to read…. and that’s based on HFM’s review ok 😛
Sherilyn can spend the whole afternoon reading from Starfall on the new laptop I got the girls and she never seems to get bored.

See how deeply engrossed she is here…

While Baby loves learning her ABCs from the computer, I have to nudge myself to spare my time to teach her at least every other day. Once we are in it, she needs at least half an hour to an hour before she’s satisfied. Sometimes I just can’t afford to allocate my time to her. Yeah I know I know, I must prioritize my list of to-dos. Nothing is more important than my Baby recognizing her ABCs and learning to read.

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Teaching Baby C To Read And Recognize Objects

That’s my daily morning routine with Baby C. While my maid sits Baby C on her lap to feed her breakfast, I will be flashing cards to her and pointing out to things in the house to her. She seems to enjoy her flash cards and object-identifying sessions every morning. Experts say that the best time to teach a child is when he/she is an infant. The window of opportunity will close by the time the child reaches 6 years old. So, I’m just making full use of the window of opportunity while making meal times a fun time too.

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Killing 2 Birds With One Stone

I am the type of person who likes to maximise my time as I find 24 hours in a day just too short. I always wish that there were 30 hours in a day, so that I have the extra 6 hours in a day to get my beauty sleep and to indulge in my hobbies!

My hubby and mil always tell me not to read my newspapers when I have my meals but I find that if I don’t do anything when I eat, I am wasting my precious time. I’d spent almost a decade of my life doing that when I was in the corporate world. I had always read or worked on my PC when I had my lunch coz I just didn’t have the time to read if I didn’t do it during my meal times.

I find that I hardly do anything with Baby C these days, except feed her her bunch of health supplements, antibiotics, nurse her and feed her breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday… day in day out. My entire day is spent feeding her and I hardly have much time left for anything else. So to make full use of my time, I now flash cards to her during her meals. I’d asked hubby to bring the detachable table for baby’s Safe n Sound high chair back from his office last week and now, baby can play with her toys whilst she eats. I can also read to her as I feed her. The detachable table had been kept in his office for the last 2 years, ever since Sherilyn outgrew the high chair.

Baby C loves the flash cards and would look at the cards attentively with a smile on her face.  Sometimes I would test her (which is actually not advisable) and sometimes she got them right.  Well, I think it’s just coincidental that she picked the right card.

Baby C could hardly sit still on her high chair.  She always stands up and wriggles her way out from the safety belt.  Flashing cards to her and giving her toys to play with manage to keep her still during her meals.

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