I Can’t Believe She’s Eating Chicken

After years of shunning away from meat, especially chicken meat, Sherilyn is now starting to appreciate chicken meat, though the meat has to be really well marinated – salty or sweet and not too tough.

And she won’t eat the meat if I cut them all up for her.  She only wants to eat the chicken together with the bones….. and she will suck the bone clean!  Now, I don’t have to worry about no one finishing the chicken dish.  I have 2 little big eaters devouring and fighting for the chicken meat!

So to all mummies out there, if your children hate meat, you just have to be a tad patient with them.  The day will come when they give you a big surprise and tell you that they want to eat meat.  Don’t force them to eat, let them tell you themselves when they are ready to eat meat!

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A Day Of Puking

First, it was Miss Pukey Sherilyn when she choked on her banana this evening. Despite me telling her to take small bites, she put the last bite of the banana into her tiny mouth,  had difficulty chewing it, choked and puked.  Luckily I had plastic bags at every nook and corner of the house.  I quickly grabbed a plastic bag and caught her puke.

Then it was Alycia’s turn.  During dinner, Alycia was gobbling down the fried turnip, which was one of her favorite dishes.  She has a habit of stuffing herself with food that she loves without even realizing that she’s too full.  Despite me telling her to stop eating, it fell on deaf ears.  When her tummy could not  handle it anymore, she ran to the loo to puke but was late and puked everywhere on the kitchen floor!  I was busy in the kitchen.

Alycia ended up having strawberry jam sandwich and when Sherilyn saw cheh cheh eating, she too demanded for strawberry jam sandwich.  There is never a dull moment when you have 2 very interesting toddlers.

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Sherilyn Loves Milk and Cereal

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Sherilyn’s Feeding Problem

I wish I knew what’s wrong with Sherilyn. She used to love milk and can down a bottle of 7oz milk in a matter of minutes but for the past few days, she would spend close to an hour to gulp it down. She’s not teething or anything coz when i asked her if her teeth or gums hurt, she said no. She would spend around 15 mins just to drink half the amount of milk from the bottle and then spends the next half hour biting the teat or shaking the bottle, messing up herself and the place. Each time, I end up pouring out the milk in a cup for her to drink. I thought she wants to wean herself off the bottle but no, she still insists she wants to drink from the bottle.

Apart from this milk problem, Sherilyn still spits her meat and food during mealtimes. I have to resort to putting the cane on the dining table to threaten her to stop spitting and sadly, it works. Her plate and bib are almost clean at the end of each meal now, thanks to the cane. This fussy pot is driving me bonkers!

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Ms Pukey in action…. puking of course

Warning : you are about to view some gross pictures below.
Please skip this post and/or the pictures if you have a weak tummy or think you may get nauceated after viewing them.

I had thought that I could wean Sherilyn off blended food but after spending more than half an hour trying to make her chew and swallow her unblended food a few nights ago, I gave up coz she wasn’t swallowing her food, especially the meat. She begged for cereal but I said no and told her that cereal is only for babies.
So I dumped her meal into the blender, got it all blended up and after she had finished it with much reluctance, Sherilyn spewed out her dinner like a volcano.

Miss Pukey Spitty Spat ended up having ‘fast food’ for dinner instead…… her favourite brown rice cereal and licked up the bowl too. My lil’ brat always has her ways of getting what she wants, through puking….. manipulative isn’t she?

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Sherilyn Takes 2 Hours To Eat

Yup, no joke. Sherilyn takes 2 hours or more to finish her lunch and dinner. She has the habit of storing the food in her mouth before deciding whether to swallow them or spit them out or at times she’d decide to be a ruminant, like a cow.

Thank God my maid has the patience to sit patiently and wait for Sherilyn to finish her meals coz I definitely have no patience sitting at the dining table for 2 hours trying to coax or bribe her to swallow her food. I’d rather be clearing the table and washing the dishes.

A few days ago, Sherilyn had spent close to 1.5 hours to finish off her cereal and Mac n Cheese during lunch. Later she saw me eating toasted bread and begged for a slice. I then gave her a slice of toast with organic strawberry jam (her favourite) and she decided she wanted to toss and flip the toast as if she was making roti canai and then…….

…..as she flipped the toast, it flew right down to the floor. Aarrgghhh….great….. no more toast for her. I was actually relieved that the bread had dropped, otherwise I’d have have to wait for another one hour for her to finish off the toast.

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Sherilyn Finally Eats Unblended Food

Yay! Sherilyn has finally been eating unblended food for the last 3 days. As she has been showing signs for the pass few days that she has had enough of blended food coz whenever my maid fed her blended rice with dishes, she gave an expression as if she wanted to puke and kept saying “i dowan blended rice”. So 3 days ago, we gave her unblended food and she was so pleased though she still spat out most of the meat and took almost 2 hours to finish her bowl of food. Only my maid has the patience to sit at the dining table for 2 hours to feed Sherilyn.

Yay… unblended food finally.

I can chew mummy… but I still don’t like meat.

Sherilyn’s meal of rice, steam tofu, vege and ‘tai yi mar kar lui’ (stir-fried melon with chicken breast, dried shrimps and toong fun)

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Feeding Toddlers Medicine

Alycia and Sherilyn have never been easy feeders when it comes to medicine.
Thankfully, they rarely fell sick when they were younger, maybe once or twice a year.

When they were younger, there must be at least 3 people around in order to get them to swallow their medicine and those sick days were full of drama and emotions, and the air in the house was filled with wafts of vomit.

As I was still working then, I had 2 maids at home to help with the chores and to help my mil with the gals. One maid would be holding back Alycia’s struggling hands, the other maid would be holding back her forcefully kicking legs whilst my mil would force open Alycia’s mouth and squirt the syringe of syrup medicine into her mouth, only to be thrown up within seconds. If my youngest sil or I were around, we would be the entertainers, acting out anything we could think of under the sun from singing to acting silly to using a toy to distract, you name it. The house was like a battle ground each time the gals fell sick.

Eversince Alycia attended pre-school early this year and fell sick so frequently (and then spreading the illness to Sherilyn), both gals have kinda got immuned to the taste of medicines or maybe I finally found them a paed who prescribes them with sweet nice smelling and tasty medicine.

As for me, I am now a pro-medicine-feeder to toddlers and can sup sup sui feed both the gals their medicine all by myself even with my eyes closed and don’t even need to use a syringe anymore…. but on one condition set by the gals… there must be SWEET TREATS for them to go with their medicine. No problem lah so long as they willingly swallow their medicine.

So each time the gals are prescribed with medicine, DH and I would stock up the house with cakes, organic buns and biscuits. Alycia actually loves falling sick coz that’s the only time mummy is so lenient and generous with sweet stuff with her. Sometimes she even pretends to be sick for she thinks she can fool us into bringing her to the doctor but she doesn’t know that her mummy is fool-proof.

All set ready to feed the gals medicine…. plain chiffon cake, organic bread, their medicine and measuring cup. Oh, forgot to put the cup of water in.

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Sherilyn My Poor Feeder

Sherilyn who is 2 years 3 months is a very picky eater and poor feeder. When it comes to rice and dishes, I still have to blend them for her. Can you beat that?

I have tried many times trying to wean her off blended food and gave her unblended rice and dishes to eat but guess what she did to the meat? She would take forever to chew the meat and then just when I thought she’s about to swallow them, she would spit them all out and give me a ‘I almost want to puke’ look. It’s really frustrating seeing your toddler rejecting food in this manner, gross and heartbreaking altogether.

Sherilyn does not even like food from restaurants and hotels, apart from cakes, bread and of course salad . Whilst most toddlers her age would squeal with delight when brought to these places to eat such a wide variety of mouth-watering grub, my Sherilyn is contented with her cereal. Yeah, can you beat that? Sherilyn is still eating cereal and she loves them…. till she eats her cereal everyday and she never seems to get tired of it.

Sherilyn is a great fan of greens and even eats raw celery sticks, carrot sticks, raw bell-pepper, bittergourd (which would instantly nauceate most kids) but detests meat of all sorts except fish paste and fish balls. I had initially assumed that meat is too hard for her to chew and too rough for her to swallow but what about toasts, crackers, pan-fried tempeh (her favourite), raw carrot sticks and brocolli? ALl these are hard stuff but she devours them and never feels that they are too hard for her tiny teeth to work on or too geli for her throat.

Are there any parents out there who are facing the same situation as me? Please share your experience.

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