New Hairstyle

I am not too pleased with Alycia’s and Sherilyn’s new hairstyle. The hairstylist didn’t do a good job. Though I had specifically given instructions to my maid and mil to tell the hairstylist not to cut too short, it still turned out pretty short and way above their chin level. They look so funny and matured in the new hairstyle and especially Sherilyn, she doesn’t look babyish and cute in this hairstyle. I am quite disappointed. Another lesson learnt for me – I’ll make sure I am at the hair salon the next time the gals go for their haircut.

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The Gals Have Gone For A Haircut

My mil and my maid have just left the house to bring Alycia and Sherilyn for a haircut. The gals have not had a haircut for months already and their hair is becoming long and messy. My mil cannot stand the sight of their long and messy hair, especially during meal times coz the gals don’t like their hair tied up and their hair keep touching the food. I’m actually quite worried that the hair-dresser will cut their hair too short and make them look like tomboys so I kept reminding Alycia, my mil and my maid to tell the hair-dresser to keep their hair a chin level and to have a concave hairstyle as the gals have always looked pretty in concave hairstyle. I hope they will come back looking pretty and girlish.

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Alycia and Sherilyn’s Hair-cut

When it comes to trimming by gals’ fringes, I often leave this task to my maid coz I just don’t have the patience to keep my 2 rumbustious brats sitting still whilst I snip their fringes away. My maid would have it her way then, the kampung style, as can be seen from the pictures here.

Haircut the kampung style at our backyard.

Ok, now’s Sherilyn mui mui’s turn. Don’t move girl, hold on to this peg.

The outcome…. lopsided & zig-zaged fringes. Sigh…. need some touching up tomorrow.

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