Finding A Home Tutor At Your Finger Tips

Remember a few months back I wrote about this great online home tuition website in Malaysia? And you know what? I actually found a tuition teacher from this website to tutor BM to my 2 older girls! Ah, the amazing power of the internet! You can buy and get everything and anything from the internet!  Just to go off-track a little… I even found an amazing supplement for Cass 3 years ago from the internet, that will help prevent and treat UTI attacks.  But I had to purchase this supplement from the UK.  And now I have UTI sufferers and kidney reflux patients emailing me all the time asking me where to purchase this supplement. Recently, a local celebrity emailed me to inquire about this supplement for his wife.

Oh, let’s get back on track and talk about home tuition. This awesome online home tuition website is now expanding to the Singapore tuition industry to cater for Singaporean teachers and Singapore students. The website has now been upgraded to help a tuition teacher get more prospective students. is very user friendly for both tuition teachers and parents looking for a tuition teacher. You can search by location, search by ‘Find A Tutor’ or search by ‘Find A Job’ if you are the tuition teacher wanting to register. If such a fussy tiger mummy like me can find a tuition teacher for my girls from, I am pretty sure you can too. And I am very sure that many of you are looking for a good tuition teacher who could provide tutoring service to your kids at the comfort of your own home.  Do check out the links given earlier to find the tutor of your choice now!

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Home Tuition vs Tuition Centre

Sherilyn has been bugging me to send her to the daycare cum tuition centre that her best friend, Berlyn attends. Initially I was very glad that she was receptive to the idea of attending this particular daycare cum tuition centre as many of the tutors are from the primary school that she goes to. However, later it dawned on me that it would not be too good an idea as these 2 besties may yak and yak non-stop or perhaps get themselves into some kind of trouble, who knows!  When 2 mischievous friends get together the whole day, they are very capable of brewing up some trouble! So idea dropped.

I will stick to the current Mandarin tutor who comes to our home to teach Alycia and Sherilyn twice a week. I find that engaging a home tutor is so much more advantageous than sending my kids to a tuition centre.  Some of the benefits that I can think of are :

1) I do not have to drive my kids to the tuition centre and drive them back home. So much time is saved for a busy work-from-home-mom like me.

2) I can monitor the tutor and my kids. At the tuition centre that Alycia and Sherilyn used to go to, Alycia used to tell me that Sherilyn yakked a lot and did not pay attention. She also played on the stairs outside the tuition centre, which can be very hazardous for a mischievous and curious child like her.

3) I was told that some older kids even ‘ponteng’ (played truant) after their parents dropped them at the tuition centre.  They go to nearby  cyber cafes, snooker centres and mamak stalls to have fun and to smoke.

4) Many kids (like my own) choose a particular tuition centre just because their good friends go there too.

I am glad that I have found this home tutor who is very accommodating and hardworking plus she charges very reasonably too. It is not easy to find a suitable home tutor. If you are currently looking for a home tutor for your child, do click on the link ‘tuition’ above to pick your choice.

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