Why Dental Implants Are the Best Tooth Replacement Option

If you’ve recently had a tooth removed, or you’ve had a gap for years, you might be looking for a solution to replace it. Luckily there are many choices, but none are as good as a dental implant. Dental implants are the closest to a natural tooth you can get, and there are a variety of reasons why they’re the best option.

Single crown implant.jpg

Last a Lifetime
The most attractive feature of dental implants is that they last forever. An implant is permanently anchored to your jawline and will never wear down like a bridge or crown. Once an implant is secured to your jaw, the bone will grow around it, just like a natural tooth. This means you’ll experience no bone loss and no change to the structure of your face. Unlike dentures, which need to be adjusted every few years, Brooklyn dental implants will never move or shift.

All Foods Are Permitted
When you have dental implants, no food is off-limits. Since the implant is rooted firmly to your jawbone, your natural bite force is restored and you won’t have to avoid any specific food. You can enjoy chewy and crunchy snacks and foods that are restricted with dentures, such as nuts, seeds and corn on the cob.

Look and Feel Natural
The look of a dental implant is identical to that of a natural tooth and nobody will be able to tell the difference. Implants are rooted in the bone making them stable and secure, which gives them a natural feel. You’ll never have to worry about slippage or any difference in your speech. The most likely scenario is that you’ll forget they’re even there, which makes them far superior to dentures.

Easy To Maintain
Implants are a breeze to care for because they’re so much like natural teeth. Brush them at least twice a day, and remember to floss after every meal. The use of a dental rinse is encouraged, as well as continuing to see your dentist for cleanings and regular check-ups. Easy maintenance is another reason dental implants are such an attractive choice for tooth replacement.

A Permanent Solution
Whether you’re missing one tooth, or several, dental implants are the best way to go. They look and feel natural, allow you to eat whatever you want and are easy to care for. This permanent solution is also healthy for your bone structure and will give you a smile that lasts a lifetime.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is not too far away. Have you checked off everyone on your gift list this year? If you’ve not even started shopping for Christmas yet, fret not!  You still have 1 more week to go.   I’ve done some online window shopping and have an ultimate roundup of the best Christmas presents of 2020 for everyone – even those hard-to-shop-for people in your life, like teenagers and mothers-in-law!

Tea towels, a vintage colorful natural Agate stone beaded bracelet, a luxurious body butter with fruity scents and anti-wrinkle cream will make great Christmas gifts for moms and moms-in-law.

I don’t know about you but all the men in my life never seem to want anything while I can barely keep my shopping addiction under control  😆. When it comes to shopping for gifts, men are the hardest people to shop for.  Nonetheless, I have a few gift suggestions that will work for at least one of the special men in your life.  A rechargeable screw driver comes in handy for all of those light-duty tasks around the house if your man likes installing and assembling things in the house.  A hooded trench coat mens will be a cool outerwear to have, especially if you live in a cold country.

You won’t have to worry about eye rolls when you choose a smartwatch or a vintage unisex multilayer bracelet for your teenage son or daughter.  My teenage girls will surely welcome blanket hoodies or hooded sweatshirts. I think hoodies are a teenage thing as I notice that my friends’ teenage kids love hooded apparel too.  Oh yes I loved hooded sweatshirts too when I was a teenage girl 😁.

You won’t go wrong with teddy hoodies for a brother, dad or special man in your life.  The men’s patchwork half zipper fluffy pouch pocket teddy hoodie you see below is so fluffy, soft and comfy.

What about gifts for a boss?  Getting a gift for a boss who has everything in the world is one of the toughest things to accomplish.  You could get him/her a personalized wallet with his/her name engraved on it with a sentimental quote or message.  A temperature control mug or deep sea sand art paper weight are great ideas for bosses too. If you have a fashion-savvy male boss, a gift of long coat men is sure to amaze him too.

Delighting your friends and colleagues, wowing your loved ones, and spreading Christmas cheer has never been easier but with these amazing gift ideas, I’m sure you can think of something to get for all the special people in your life. Check out New Chic for a great range of affordable and nice Christmas gifts.  Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!




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Vitamins & Minerals: Do Young Children Need Them?

As a parent, you only want the best for your kids’ health, both today and in the long term. If you have young children, you might be looking through Wellements multivitamin reviews and wondering what kinds of vitamins and minerals your kids need to be at their best. Whether you choose to get your kids wellements probiotic gripe water or you’re simply focusing on assembling as balanced and well-rounded a diet as possible, understanding kids’ nutritional requirements and daily values of essential vitamins and minerals is the foundation for raising well-nourished kids with a basis for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Take a look at what you need to know about the vitamins and minerals young children need the most.

Amounts of Nutrients Needed Vary Based on Multiple Factors
If you’re scrolling through several Wellements reviews and wondering whether certain statements apply to your children, you should know that the exact amount of nutrients a child needs can vary significantly based on a multitude of factors. For example, your child’s physical size, age and lifestyle, including how much exercise and movement they get in a typical day, can all play a role. Younger children, as a rule of thumb, require fewer calories and smaller portion sizes, including lower nutrient requirements as well. As those kids get older, however, their nutrient needs go up along with calorie requirements and so on.

Several Nutrients Are Foundational Throughout Childhood
With that in mind, it’s essential to make sure your kids are getting enough of several foundational nutrients that help them develop throughout childhood. By giving them proper nutrition now, you can help ensure they develop good habits and a strong immune system that can help keep them healthy throughout their lives. Some vitamins and minerals to double-check that they’re getting enough of include:

Vitamin D
B vitamins
Vitamin A

Keep in mind that while kids can usually get enough of these through diet, this may not always be the case. For instance, if your kids don’t eat a lot of fatty fish and eggs or don’t get too much sunlight, you may want to ask their pediatrician about working in a vitamin D supplement.

Crafting a Well-Rounded Daily Diet Is Key
Of course, while supplements can help fill in the nutritional gaps, providing your children with a healthy and well-rounded diet is the best way to make sure they’re getting their vitamins and minerals every day. Try to include a mix of food groups in each meal. For instance, balance fruits and veggies with protein and starches.
When it comes to nutrition, there’s no question that young children need a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, either through their diet or via guided supplementation. Whichever option you choose, understanding your kids’ nutritional requirements can act as a guidepost for what you choose to serve them and the habits that you can help instill in them. Consider adding in multivitamins to ensure your kids are getting all the nutrients they need for healthy development.

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Get a Head Start on Migraine Pain Identification

Headaches come in all variations of intensity and duration. One of the more debilitating on the spectrum is the migraine, which is actually a significant neurological condition. However, since a headache can assert itself as one of the symptoms, migraines can be difficult to diagnose. Here is how you can determine whether the cranial pain you feel is a migraine rather than another headache type.

Vision Change or Aura

If you experience visual signals within the hour before your head begins to ache, you are possibly on the path to a migraine. Squiggles in your field of vision or other sight disturbances can also pair with auditory changes at the onset of a migraine; however, not every migraine sufferer is susceptible to these.

Unilateral Pulsing Pain

Many headaches spread uniformly across your head or around the neck and temples. The pain is steady. In contrast, classic migraines manifest as a throbbing pain often on one side of the forehead. The pain often lasts between 48 and 72 hours. Because this pain is usually intense, it is essential to seek pain management Jacksonville FL to alleviate the symptoms as an ongoing remediation strategy.

Sensory Sensitivity

Before and during a migraine episode, you may experience heightened sensitivity to sound, smell, taste and touch. Food and airborne pollution may make you nauseous, and loud noises and bright lights will worsen the pulsing in your head; you may find retreating to a dark, quiet room will lessen the symptoms.

Family History

Somewhere in your past, you may have heard parents or siblings discussing migraines because they have experienced them at one time or another. Ask if any have been diagnosed with the condition (and at what age). If so, because certain migraine types are hereditary conditions, the chances are that head pain you feel is on the migraine spectrum.

Though any headache can be an inconvenience, migraines can make day-to-day activities impossible to fulfill. Therefore, if you suspect you have begun to experience them, it is essential to have your symptoms diagnoses and to create a pain management plan.

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RMCO Day 72 ~ Thursday, 20 August 2020

It’s a public holiday as well as first day of school holidays today. I planned to sloth around at home and not go anywhere because the thought of going to the mall ain’t that exciting anymore. The thought of having to be in my stuffy face mask for the entire time at the mall, having to get my temperature screened, having to check in myself via the MySejahtera app each time I enter a store, choke and chafe the skin on my hands with umpteen rounds of alcohol hand sanitizer just turns me off.  And the thought of having to queue up for 15 minutes to enter a store just to get one item and queue for another 10 minutes just to pay puts me off.  I rather stay home and be safe!  But Sherilyn had a list of stuff to buy for her school’s RBT projects, the marks of which will be included in her final exam.  The marks will determine which class she’ll go to next year (Form 4).   So the whole jingbang of us tagged along to Mid Valley Megamall at 10 a.m.  Fortunately traffic into the mall was a breeze and finding a place to park was quick too.

Brunch was at Canton-I.

Hit by the Korean Wave aka K Culture,  Alycia was dressed up in a Korean style checker jacket with a Korean made face mask (made with Aerosilver anti-bacterial fabric) 🤭  I bought the face mask from Shopee and it’s SO comfy!

After brunch, Alycia and I did some shopping together, whilst Cass went to the bookstore with grandma. It’s been years since we last did shopping together, just the both of us.  I treated my big baby to all her favorite drinks – Tealive classic milk tea with grass jelly and Yomie’s purple rice yoghurt, both with less sugar. And grandma treated Cass to Dunkin’ Donuts, something that I rarely buy for the girls. Sherilyn had lunch with her classmates and then hunted for their project items together.  Have I told you that I’m now hooked on Yomie’s purple rice yoghurt? The chewy and flavorful purple rice seems to blend in so perfectly well with the yoghurt and it’s really addictive too! 😋

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Stay Home And Have Delicious Fresh Crabs Delivered To Your Doorstep!

If you are a seafood lover and enjoy feasting on crabs, did you know that you can reap amazing health benefits from eating crab meat?  All shellfish, including crabs, have generous amounts of selenium. Selenium is an anti-oxidant that negates the carcinogenic effects of cadmium, mercury and arsenic, which can cause tumors in humans. It has been proven that higher levels of selenium in the blood lead to lower rates of cancer.  Besides getting to savour succulent crab meat, crab lovers will be pleased to know that crab meat has the ability to boost the immune system, increases cognition, protects your heart, promotes bone health and lowers inflammation.

If you are a fan of crabs and stay in Singapore, you can savour the freshest Sri Lankan crabs without having to leave your home by ordering it from 8 Crabs, an established wholesaler and retailer of fresh crabs and other premium seafood who also dish up delicious homecooked style crabs. As they have their own supplier and processing factory of wild-catch grade AAA crabs from Sri Lanka, their crabs are exceptionally big, fresh and meaty.  You pay for meat and not empty shells.

Some Fun Facts About Crabs
Crabs naturally travel about 500m every night and prefer to live alone. However, crab farmers breed many crabs in a confined space in order to be profitable. This causes the crabs to get stressed very easily in captivity as many farms cannot replicate their natural habitat.  When stressed, crabs produce ammonia, which is a sign of decomposition of seafood. Have you ever experienced a foul nauseating ammonia taste from the crabs that you ate? I had gone through such bad experience plenty of times and this has resulted in me starting to dislike eating crabs.

Why Order Your Crab Dish From 8 Crabs?
Most restaurants purchase farmed crabs because they are cheaper. As a result, they use highly fragrant gravies to cover up the ammonia smell.   The crabs from 8 Crabs are wild-caught from the sea, sourced from Sri Lanka.  They are the only company in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs. This is graded by the most experienced crab graders in the trade.   This means that their crabs are meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery.   To ensure freshness, these crabs are caught in Sri Lanka, flown to Singapore daily, cooked and delivered to you within 12 hours.  Their award-winning chefs prepare and cook these fresh crabs daily to guarantee the best flavour and taste.  They also have a one driver to an order policy across their 12 kitchens island-wide so that they may uphold their promise of One Hour Crab Delivery or a refund given.

Jumbo size fresh Sri Lankan crabs!

Freshly Cooked Upon Your Order
Unlike most crab delivery services, 8 Crabs do not freeze their crabs and gravy and reheat them again just to meet the high demand. They ensure that they handpick the best live and meatiest crabs and whip them up into glorious perfection.  Customers are also promised of a one hour delivery from the time that they place an order.  Their advantage as a wholesaler and retailer allows them to move their crabs and seafood extremely quickly. Their expertise also ensures that each crab is treated humanely, and provided a temporal environment that would guarantee its survival. While other crab delivery restaurants need to cook the least fresh crab first, 8 Crabs has the luxury of preparing the freshest crab for you.

Award-Winning Crab Dishes
At 8 Crabs, customers get to choose from best-selling crab dishes cooked by 5-star chefs, namely Award-Winning Chilli Crab, Award-Winning Black Pepper Crab and Award-Winning Salted Egg Crab.

With the reassurance that 8 Crabs cook only live crabs of AAA grade air-flown daily from Sri Lanka, crab lovers can now enjoy a luxurious 5-star meal in the comfort of their homes delivered within an hour of payment.  Besides crabs, there are other seafood dishes to choose from – from fish, prawns, squids to pork, poultry, rice, noodles and much more. To enjoy free shipping, just spend a minimum of SGD120 in one receipt.  For more information and to order, kindly hop over to 8 Crabs. You may also email: hello@8crabs.com or WhatsApp: +65 8725 0725


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Stay In Shape At Home

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting over a million people in over 200 countries, most people all over the world are now staying home in a lockdown to contain the spread of the virus.  Getting outdoor to exercise or at the gym is now impossible. I’m one who does not fancy exercising in the house in front of the screen. I still prefer running outdoor but this will have to wait until the MCO is lifted. The latest guideline issued by our condo Management states that residents are not allowed to even walk or run within the compound of the condo!  I was devastated when I saw the circular on the wall of the elevator today.  I am really going to miss my quiet one hour pre-dawn outdoor workout 😢

If our MCO is extended beyond 14 April 2020, I think I’ll need to start a workout regimen in front of the screen at home. Though I haven’t gained a pound throughout the MCO, I can’t be sure of this anymore if I continue to skip exercising for another month!  I may even need to wear a waist trainer for women if I continue to stay at home without any exercise.

Some of you may be wondering what a waist trainer is.  Waist trainers are meant to squeeze your midsection and “train” your figure into an hourglass shape. They’re basically a corset with a modern twist.  This constant constriction around your waist eventually works to reduce your natural waist size over time.

Waist trainers help you maintain proper posture while you stand and sit because the metal bones in waist trainers make it impossible for you to slouch. They improve your posture by providing the necessary support to your back.  Many women and celebrities vouch that they feel more confident when they see the changes in their waistline and posture after wearing waist trainers.

A sweet sweat thigh shaper, is a thigh slimmer that provide thermal compression to the thigh area promoting an additional increase in heat and sweat when used during exercise. More concentrated heat to the thigh area will not only keep your muscles “loose” during exercise, but may also help fight against painful hamstring and quad injuries.

You may temporarily lose a small amount of weight, but it will likely be due to loss of fluids through perspiration rather than loss of fat. You may also eat less while wearing the trainer simply because your stomach is compressed.

However, this is not a healthy or sustainable path to weight loss. Some companies that make and sell waist trainers suggest exercise and a healthy diet as part of your weight loss plan.

With stars such as Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba raving about the  effects on social media, waist training – a workout done while wearing a tightly laced corset – has become a popular exercise trend for those seeking an hourglass shape.

Once you have weighed the benefits and disadvantages and have decided to try waist training, you can browse for the best shapewear at Shapellx to find a waist trainer that suits your needs, style, and purposes.

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Air Conditioners

If you’re not regularly maintaining your air conditioners, then it likely won’t last for a long period of time. Air conditioners can cost, which makes their durability that much more important. As nice as they are, air conditioning units don’t maintain themselves. That’s why it’s so important for you to regularly check yours and make sure it’s running at optimal efficiency and peak performance. If you get air conditioning services ocala and techs find something wrong with it, you can stay on top of things. This means that you can fix any problems before they become major.

Babione's Air Conditioning

Ensure Efficiency
If you get your AC regularly checked, you’re more likely to catch any problems that would otherwise go undetected until they get worse. This will help maintain the efficiency of your AC. An AC that doesn’t run efficiently is a cause for concern. However, servicing your AC can prevent this problem. For example, by replacing your air filter every month, you’re helping it maintain good airflow. But if you don’t replace the air filter often, dirt and dust can clog up the filter. When this happens, normal airflow is obstructed.

As a result, air that bypasses that filter may carry dirt to the evaporator coil, which can impair the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity. This means that your AC will have to work harder to cool your home and reach your desired temperature. Consequently, you’ll see a higher energy bill. By regularly replacing your AC’s dirty, clogged filter, you can ensure it’s running at optimal efficiency.

You should care for your AC like you care for other appliances in your home. A little TLC can go a long way in ensuring your unit operates for a long time. Otherwise, you could be prematurely buying a new one for your home.

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Daddy’s Girls

This was what happened last night at a Japanese restaurant when hubs’ sushi platter arrived. He was replying to a customer’s message on his phone and wasn’t free to eat his food yet . The second the sushi platter was placed on the table, the girls’ reflex actions were hilarious. The three of them put their phones and book down instantaneously and gravitated towards the platter in front of them in synchrony, chopsticks ready on their hands, grinning and deciding which one to attack first, oblivious to the fact that it’s their dad’s food.

And what’s left for hubs were just 3 miserable pieces of sushi and had I not stopped them, they would have walloped them as well. And their dad wasn’t even annoyed with them! I think he’s even secretly enjoying this moment with his girls before they leave the nest.

#gluttony #eatpoordad #facepalm

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Lost And Found And What A Joke!

This is the new AIRism shirt that hubs bought from Uniqlo on Sunday. Being the OCD that I am, the moment we got home from the mall, I immediately washed all the new clothes that I’d bought, including his. And I remembered that after the shirt was dried the same night (AIRism dries within an hour or two after machine wash), I hung it in hubs’ closet.

Fast forward two days later.  Hubs asked me what happened to this shirt. He was looking for it high and low but couldn’t find it. He checked his closet, mine, his mom’s and the kids’ closets umpteen times but couldn’t find it. I checked everyone’s closets more than 101 times but couldn’t find it too.  After the both of us hunted for this shirt for 3 days, we got frustrated. And I was beginning to feel suspicious of our part-time helper.  Why are things disappearing mysteriously from our house? Cass’ mobile phone is still not found after 2 months, as well as other stuff. And now this shirt.

I felt really bad that I could even have suspicion of  our part-time helper. What if we’re wrong? That’s accusation on her.  She’s been working for us for more than 7 years and I trust her 100%, leaving her at home alone sometimes while we go out. I treat her like a family member. Then Sherilyn asked me what I’d do if I found out that it’s indeed our helper who’s the culprit.  I told her that I’ll forgive her and will still be hiring her.

Not 101% satisfied with our search and trusting that our helper is innocent, I went through hubs’ closet the 900th time just now and guess what, I found the new shirt! It was hanging nicely inside. But our eyes  have been playing tricks on us  😵When we went through the clothes, we were only looking at all the reds.  As the shirt is new, we could not remember clearly that only the bottom part of the shirt is red and the top part is maroon, thus we missed checking the maroon clothes!  Hubs has an OCD of hanging his clothes by grouping all the same colours together. Even the hangers must be the same kind.😂

My next mission now is to continue my search for Cass’ Huawei phone. I find it really mysterious that even after turning all the common hiding spots upside down, the phone still can’t be found — just like the mysterious disappearance of flight 370 in 2014  😆

On another matter, yesterday I found out that my car tire had another nail embedded – on the same tire, twice within a span of 3 months!   The observant guard at our condo once again discovered the leaking tire and informed me yesterday morning when I was jogging.  Hubs who was with me at the workshop also got his car tire checked and what do you know?  One of the tires had 2 nails on it!!  Some irresponsible people must have been dumping nails on the road at our neighborhood! Bugger!

See the nail?

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Mr Nice Guy

Fai used to be the handyman engaged by our condo management. But when the condo committee changed management company, Fai was replaced by staff brought in by the new management company.  Nonetheless we still call Fai to do repair and renovation works. He’s one of the nicest and most non-calculative man we have known.  He doesn’t give you a bill or request for payment after works are completed. Instead, we have to chase him to collect money from us. Sometimes he does minor repair works for us free of charge when he drops by the condo to do renovation works for other units.

Fai and our family have become friends over the years.  When he was hospitalized for high blood pressure, the mil made him a specially brewed Chinese tea known for bringing down hypertension.  Sometimes we would give him cakes and kuih if he happens to be at our unit.

About two months ago, when the mil called Fai to do some minor repair works at our unit, he Whatsapped a gory photo to her – he was lying on the road with blood oozing out from his leg with firefighters surrounding him. He had fallen from the second floor of a double storey house while doing repair works! We were shocked to see the photo.  Thank God he survived the fall with only a fractured leg and needed several surgeries.

A few weeks after the tragic accident and two surgeries later, Fai is now recuperating. He has to move around on a bespoke wheelchair now.  Recently he came on his wheelchair to our unit to repair our kitchen drawer. I am truly amazed by Fai’s grit and positive attitude.  He only billed us RM30 for the job but I gave him RM50 instead, to cover the cost of Grab.  And the mil gave him a bag of Biscotti that she’d just baked.

Fai is currently unable to do restoration and repair works that require him to climb and move around vigorously but I hope that very soon he’ll be fit as a fiddle to resume working at full-swing once again.  He’s got a whole family to feed.

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Glum Friday – 19 July 2019

This is a throwback post.

I woke up last Friday to find both our Barb fish at the bottom of the aquarium, dead. I was crushed, so were the girls. Though the fishes had only been with us for a week, we have grown to have a liking towards them.  One of the Barb fishes was a real survivor. When we first brought it home, we found it  half dead the next day (New Tank Syndrome, I think). It was floating on top of the water and not moving. We thought it had died. For half the day, we tried to resuscitate it by knocking on the aquarium and it moved. Then it tried to swim but kept swimming deliriously and kept nose-diving down the tank.  After we transferred it into a separate container and let it recuperate, it grew stronger and stronger and became a healthy fish again. We then bought another Barb fish to keep it company.

And the culprit for killing the two Barb fish?

This little fella. Don’t know what species this fish is. We have now named this fella the Big Bully!

On Thursday we decided to put the two Barb fish back into the big aquarium to be with the rest of the fishes. But we noticed that Big Bully kept nipping the fins of the Barb fishes.  We were not sure if Big Bully was just kissing Barb (as in welcoming them) or nipping them. We are not experts in fishes and were totally clueless.

When both the Barb fish died the next morning, we were certain that Big Bully killed them.  More sad news unfolded throughout the day.

The rest of the fishes began to die, one by one. When one fish died, the partner of the similar species followed suit in death.  In just one day, 6 fishes died, including one that was pregnant. We were all devastated.

Could Big Bully be that vicious?  We removed it from the aquarium and isolated it from the remaining 3 living fishes.

Long story short, the last living Angel fish eventually died too, after we managed to resuscitate it when it was gasping and sank to the bottom of the tank.

Cass quickly removed the dead fishes from the aquarium the moment she stepped into the house from school and buried the fishes in our potted plants.

When Alycia came home and saw the last Angel fish dying, she kept tapping on the tank to try to resuscitate it. We isolated Angel in a separated container and saw it spring back to life again! We all cheered when Angel swam again. But it just wouldn’t eat and sadly, the next morning it died too 😭

Big Bully has been very inactive and looks very depressed ever since it was isolated. Cass says it’s now in fish prison for murder 😬  After several days, I decided to put Big Bully back into the tank and observe if it’s still bullying the other 2 fishes.  I was right. The moment it was released back into the aquarium, it became ‘alive’ again and started to nip the orange fish. I Googled and learned that Big Bully could be attempting to mate with the orange fish.

Did you know that Guppy mating takes less than a second, and it looks just like he is stinging her at her vent where her gravid spot is located?   But again, we were not sure if Big Bully was nipping on Orange or trying to impregnate it  😂   Now Big Bully is back in isolation/prison 😆

We’ve learned so much about fish in just a short period of two weeks. As the aquarium is just next to my work desk, I can observe the fishes all the time. And I’ve realized that fishes have feelings too. 🐠 🐟

Enough about fish, let’s talk fruits 🍒🍌

Sil #2 from Hong Kong bought lots of cherries, blueberries, jumbo avocados and jumbo grapes from the fruits wholesaler in Selayang. We’re now popping  super sweet cherries and blueberries into our mouths everyday 😋

Cass enjoying her fruits and Harry Potter book before tuition on Saturday.

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5 Reasons to Consider Life Insurance

While it’s something you never want to face, the reality of needing life insurance is one that’s necessary to prepare for. Though it might seem like a gamble, life insurance has benefits worth considering in the long run. Here are some reasons to start thinking about life insurance in preparation for a secure future. Try googling life insurance companies near you to find a good match (e.g. life insurance elk grove ca).

Extra Expenses
The cost of burial can add up quickly, and it is the most immediate cost a family faces in the event of a loved one’s death. Having life insurance in place ensures the funeral cost is already paid for, easing the burden on those left behind.

Lost Income
In the case of a spouse’s death, life insurance replaces his or her income. This alleviates the financial burden on the remaining spouse, who may have been relying on that joint income, especially in the case of supporting children.

Children are a great incentive to obtain life insurance. In the case of a parent’s death, the lessened financial impact on the remaining parent will allow him or her to continue to care for children as if nothing has changed and can include saving up for college tuition.

Estate Taxes
In the case of inheritance upon death, taxes on the passed-on estate will come swooping in. These can be pricey, so it helps any heirs to have assistance for their inheritance, especially if they haven’t planned for or aren’t aware of the costs associated with it.

No one wants to leave the unnecessary burden of added debt on someone else’s shoulders. If you have life insurance, it can cover those finances that would otherwise be passed down to the rest of the family to take care of. A spouse or children would become responsible for any debt left behind, such as the mortgage.

Planning for your family’s sake is always worth it. That’s why it’s important to consider life insurance earlier instead of later when your chances of needing it are greater.

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Top 5 Cities With Most Bicycle Commuters 

Whether it’s to boost your health, fitness, bank balance, for fun or as an environmental choice, taking up bicycle riding could be one of the best decisions you ever make. If you’re considering getting one of those modern city bikes to commute to work or campus, you’ve made the right choice! Biking offers a healthy, extremely economical, space-efficient, and, above all, clean alternative to other forms of transportation. If the idea of cycling is embraced by enough people, it has great potential to alleviate pressure on existing infrastructure.

Cycling is a great way to stave off diseases and stress. Those who exercise regularly are at significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. The body becomes much more efficient at defending itself and regenerating new cells.

Here are the top 5 cities that have the most bicycle commuters:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is the most bike-friendly city in the world. Tourists are often overwhelmed by the number of bicycles on the road, and children are taught to ride before they’re even old enough to go to school, thanks to bicycle-friendly measures taken by the city.

2.  Amsterdam, Netherlands
There are more bicycles than people in The Netherlands and in cities like Amsterdam and The Hague, up to 70% of all journeys are made by bike. The whole of Amsterdam is a single bike path and cyclists are allowed to ride almost everywhere.

3.  Portland, Oregon
It’s hard to beat Europe in terms of bicycle-friendliness, but Portland is trying its best.

4.  Boulder, Colorado
The city’s 300 miles of bikeways include on-street bike lanes, contra-flow bike lanes, designated bike routes, paved shoulders, multi-use paths, and soft-surface paths. There’s also a bike registration program to help protect bicycles from theft. You’ll see all types of bikes on the streets from city bikes to hybrid bikes to the best electric bikes.

5.  Montreal, Canada
The bustling Canadian city of Montreal has an impressive 600 kilometres (about 373 miles) of bike paths, which is almost twice as many as Copenhagen.

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Maintaining My Ideal Weight

Now that I’ve managed to shed off for good the 1.5 kg of stubborn fat gained after the birth of my third daughter 11 years ago, I am trying hard to maintain that weight.. which fluctuates between 44 kg – 44.8 kg.  Standing at 158cm, my weight had been stagnant at 46+ kg for over 10 years.  It’s not easy to maintain my weight at my ideal number and it involves a LOT of hard work and sacrifices.  As we age, our metabolic rate slows down. It gets sluggish when we don’t exercise or are sedentary.  It’s important to keep ourselves active all day long to keep the metabolic rate going.  I’ve recently increased my strength training duration and variety every morning five times a week.  I spend 15-20 minutes on strength training and lower abdomen exercises and 30 minutes on brisk walking / jogging.  As I keep doing it, I find that my stamina gets better and I burn energy  faster throughout the day. I can feel it as I get hungry faster.  I am also trying to cut out bread from my diet and this is not easy as bread has been my staple since the beginning of time!

I had a very low carb breakfast yesterday, consisting of pistachios, black skin groundnuts, a quarter of avocado, one hard-boiled egg with organic shoyu and a small handful of Simply Fit 7-cheese crackers from Melaleuca.

I believe anyone can loose weight and stick to their ideal weight.  All you need is a little time and dedication for exercise several times a week,  a will power to turn your head away from high carb foods, REDUCE your food portion and you’ll see magic on the scale! 💃🏽

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Losing Weight The Natural Way, Without Exercise :D

The one advantage of falling sick and being crazy busy is that  you lose weight, naturally, without exercise. And that’s just what happened to me.

It all started several months ago when our part-time maid of 6 years went back to Indonesia for 6 weeks to get married. Without her coming to help us out 5 times a week, life was tough and crazy. At that time too, I had a lot of online assignments to write and submit with tight deadlines, right until now.  I was constantly rushing from one task to another, without having proper sit-down meals.  I lost some weight from the thick of things.

Come December 2018 during the long school holidays, I thought that I would gain back the weight I lost as I did not exercise a single day but nope. I was down with a bad throat and cough for almost a month, lost my appetite, did not get a wink of sleep for days from the hacking and whooping and not being to eat what I wanted to eat.  I lost more weight from this sickness.

As a result, I lost close to 2kg within 3 months.  2kg for someone who has been at 46kg for the last 10 years is a lot of weight lost.

From 46 kg+ to 44.4 kg :

And then a few days later, when I saw 44.3 kg, I was thrilled to death! 😬

I was even more thrilled to find out that I could slip into an XXS spaghetti strap top from Cotton On and the top is even loose on me, woohoo!

Love this striking pink floral top which I got it at only RM30 from the Cotton On sale during the December school holidays. What a steal!

Because of a smaller waist (both from the current weight loss and a big fibroid removed 1.5 years ago), I had to bring a pile of skirts to my tailor to have them tightened at the waist as I could totally not wear these skirts anymore. The skirts were dropping down my waist and even my smallest belt could not hold them up.

Who wants to lose weight without having to exercise? Go indulge yourself in more house work, get yourself crazy busy with work but don’t fall sick la. It sucks to fall sick.  My two older girls kept commenting that I am grossly underweight now coz I am lighter than them now 🤫 🤭

But if you want to lose weight quickly without having to do much, then you can try other methods 😉

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