Bra Extension

I first found out about bra extension 8 years ago, through my best friend, who was pregnant at the same time with me. We were first expecting our first baby and shared many advices and tips with each other. During this pregnancy, I found that all my bras were too tight on me and thank God for this bra extension, I did not have to get a dozen of new bras, which had helped me save some money.

Hats off to the person who created bra extension!  She’s a whiz!

With a bra extension, your bra can be extended by another 3 inches.  You can ditch this gadget should your body shrink back into the old size, like mine.  I am now lending this gadget to my friend who is pregnant and she’s finding it very useful too.  You can get this bra extension from the lingerie department of a shopping mall and it does not cost a lot. I have another one which comes in black.

Under your clothing, no one would know that you are using a bra extension.

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Angry Bird Cushion cum Back Massager

Here’s presenting my work companion who is seated behind me at my work place. He’s my Angry Bird who looks angry and fierce with furrowed eyebrows but this fella can do a good job massaging my back all the time!

My Angry Bird is a gift from my hubs. He bought it from a kiosk selling cute stuff at Gardens @ Mid Valley

I can even plug the USB that’s inside Angry Bird onto my computer motherboard when I am working at my desktop. I can even use it in the car when I go for trips. Angry Bird is both battery operated and with a USB. This Angry Bird is no ordinary bird for it can make me happy when I am angry 😀

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