Novelty Attracts

I cannot tell you how important it is for Baby to be drinking LOTS of fluids. Baby has a past history of Grade III kidney reflux, persistant UTI attacks, 2 surgeries and 2 post surgery UTI attacks. After all that she had gone through, I now have a better control of managing those pesky bacteria. With Baby, I have to force her to chug down gallons of water the whole day, which is very imperative in flushing out those pesky bacteria. But it’s a battle for me as this fler does not like to drink water. The only fluids she’d drink without any coercian are mummy’s milkie and soups.

So how do I get her to drink water everyday? I just have to be extra diligent in filling up her sippy cup with plain water, barley water and coconut water and putting the spout to her mouth throughout the day. Tell her “Baby drink water”, her ears will auto-shut to this instruction. My latest sure-works tactic is by saying “caaaaaane coming….” and she’ll make a dash to her cup haha!  I’ll see how long this works on her.

I also find that novelty attracks her. Give her cute cups, new cups and new tumblers, she will happily gulp down whatever you ask her to drink. Just like here where she poured water from her sippy cup spout into a tiny Yomeishu measurement cup and finished off all the water!

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Baby ‘Discharged’ From Hospital

Yesteray I tried using the potty method to collect Baby’s pee.  I used 2 sterilizing tablets to sterilize the potty prior to getting Baby to pee inside. After she had peed, I poured the pee into the sterile specimen bottle.

The results still showed some WBC, though reduced significantly. When I told the paed about my method of collecting the pee, he straight away wrote on the report “Urine contaminated” coz this method is not a ‘clean catch’ method and in the medical term, the urine will be deemed as contaminated.

Long story cut short (rushing to go to church now), Baby has been ‘discharged’ (no more antibiotics thru IV) and is now on oral antibiotics for 2 weeks. A repeat urine culture is to be done next week. Though we were supposed to be hospitalized, we were home most of the time as we were on home leave.

I’ll leave you here with some pix taken at the hospital yesterday:

Rascal #2 thinks it’s so fun eating at the hospital and polished off the lunch provided by the hospital.

Alycia goofing around in the room.

The nurse removing the IV catheter from Baby’s hand.  Check out Baby’s expression here but this little trooper didn’t fuss or whine a wee bit.  She’s really the bravest baby I have ever met.

The IV catheter being removed.

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Fruitless And Stressful Day

It was a fruitless, stressful and super frustrating day for me yesterday. My maid and I had spent the whole day coaxing Baby to pee into the specimen bottle but she just would not cooperate. I kid you not, we really spent the whole day from 9:30am through 5ish pm with lunch break and short breaks in between, saying “shee shee, shee shee, quick shee shee, don’t waste time, if you don’t shee shee we can’t go home….” again and again and again.  I was so frustrated that I even said many hurtful things to her.  She peed everywhere but just not into the bottle or the urine bag. I wanted to pull my hair, tear my skin out and cry. It was so, so, so frustrating. I knew she wanted to pee but she just held her urine and resisted peeing into the bottle when I carried her.  She struggled, pulled my white gold necklace and it snapped!  Boy was I enraged.  At home, she struggled again and cried till she puked with vomit dropping into the specimen bottle!

Today, we have to try collecting the pee again. The thought of collecting pee now makes me sick. I hope we don’t have to wait the whole day again today. My maid and I wasted all our time yesterday at the hospital and at home waiting for Her Royal Highness to pee, aargh!!

From morning……

… we waited through evening, yet My Royal Highness just wouldn’t wanna pee into the bottle!

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Baby C Is Hospitalized For UTI

…but she’s on home leave, which means the doctor has given us consent to go home.  However, I have to bring Baby to the hospital 3x a day for antibiotics jabs.  This is Baby’s first UTI since her Ureteral Reimplantation surgery more than 6 months ago.  Both the surgeon and I are perplexed as to why Baby would get a UTI since the post-surgery MCUG scan in August 2009 showed that she has no more Kidney Reflux.   I am suspecting that the UTI is caused by her swimming in the pool at Hard Rock Hotel Penang 2 weeks ago.  Our paed told us that public pools during public holidays / school holidays are the dirtiest as they are flooded with people and the hotel maintenance staffers may not have ample time to clean the pool.

Long story cut short, Baby was braver this time.  She screamed and bawled for a short while when the paed inserted the IV line on her left hand.  It was quite a fast one and took under 15 minutes for everything to be completed – finding the vein, IV line inserted and hand bandaged. In the past, her doctors needed at least half an hour to over an hour to fix the line.  Baby even allowed the doctor to carry her after the procedure, which was very, very uncommon of her to allow a doctor / nurse to carry her, what more the doctor who had just poked her, swaddled her so tightly with a cloth and caused her so much pain.  I guess preparing her mentally before the procedure helped.

Before she went into the procedures room, while we were waiting in our room for the doctor to arrive, I told her this “Baby, the doctor will give you an injection on your hand.  There will be very little pain, please don’t cry ok?  Mummy will wait for you outside the room.  Mummy can’t go in. You don’t cry ok?  Mummy loves you”  Baby nodded her head and smiled!

Here are some pix of Baby feeding daddy.  She, like her 2 jie jies love feeding daddy with fruits in the morning.  After feeding daddy with fruits, the 3 of them will each take turns to pop vitamin tabs into daddy’s mouth. 

Tomorrow I shall post pix of Baby with her bandaged hand and how Alycia jie jie comforted her. I gotta run now.  Baby has to be in the hospital again for her 2nd antibiotics jab for today.  She needs another jab at 10:30pm tonight.

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