Another UTI Attack Or Vaginal Yeast Infection?

I woke up at 5:45am today, skipped jogging and got ready to go to SJMC. I had to be really early as it’s first come first served basis. I was the first patient to see Dr Indon but waited for an hour for her to come in. My guess was right. Dr Indon ordered another urine test to be done by way of inserting the catheter into baby’s urethra.

The catheter

Baby C waiting for Dr Indon to come into the Procedures Room to insert the catheter into her urethra.

This time, it was really traumatic for baby. The first two wasn’t that bad but I guess this time, baby’s old enough to remember the procedures and she cried big time even before the catheter was inserted. We were unlucky this time. There wasn’t enough urine in baby’s bladder and Dr Indon asked me to feed her water. So I bought 2 syringes from the hospital (I dropped one on the floor in my haste to feed her water) and squirted the water into baby’s mouth.  She cried so hard that she choked a few times.  She was wailing away really badly and was really traumatized, so much that she puked all over herself and on the bed.  My maid screamed when baby puked LOL!   Still, there wasn’t enough urine after we waited for about 15 minutes (which seemed like ages) and the catheter came out prematurely….. bummer…. double whammy!!  I then cleaned up baby as she had  vomit all over her body.  Dr Indon had to write a note to the lab to inform the lab assistant to go ahead with the 2 urine tests though the urine collected wasn’t enough.

We waited for 1.5 hours for the results to be out.  There were still 80 WBC (white blood cells) and bacteria in baby’s urine.  But Dr Indon wasn’t quite sure how to treat baby coz I told her that after applying the anti-yeast infection cream on baby’s private part, the foul-smelling urine was gone this morning.  She wasn’t sure if it was a UTI or a vaginal yeast infection and she does not want to jab baby with potent antibiotics unnecessarily.  So she told us to wait until the urine culture report comes out on Tuesday next week before the next course of action is to be taken.  If there’s a heavy growth of bacteria in baby’s urine, baby would have to endure 3 super painful intra-muscular antibiotics (Rocephine) jab again:(

I can only pray that it’s not a UTI and that the WBC and bacteria would be gone in the next urine test to be done next week.  Hubby has burnt a BIG hole in his pocket. The medical bill incurred at SJMC last week and today cost hubby almost RM400, which would have cost us less than RM100 if done at HUKM. But hubby is not complaining at all and says that he is willing to pay so long as baby gets the best treatment. I hope I can see light, bright light at the end of the tunnel soon.

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