Lunch For The Kids Today – 16 April 2013

After 3 days of vomiting and retching with zilch appetite, Alycia’s appetite is slowly returning today. For 3 days, everyone at home has been eating porridge and vermicelli cooked with minimal oil and meat.  According to the paed’s suspicion, Alycia has been attacked by some kind of virus. You know doctors, when they cannot be certain as to what is wrong with their patients, they will usually diagnose them as suffering from viral fever – the ‘cannot be ascertained sickness’ — you agree with me? I thank God that her body temperature is now back to normal after hovering at 39.4 – 39.9 degrees Celsius for the past 3 days.  All kinds of thoughts on what could be wrong with Alycia ran through my mind — from Dengue fever to bird flu, chicken pox to the latest H7N9 virus.  The paed told us to bring Alycia back to this office should the fever not subside by today (Tuesday) and she will then be prescribed with antibiotics – the medication that I dread the most as I had seen the ugly side effects antibiotics had caused to my kids — which made them sicker!! The ultimate horror of antibiotics is when the bacteria in your body becomes resistant to it. That was what happened to Cass when she was on long-term prophylactic antibiotics and that is another long story to be told.

Anyway, according to the girls’ BM tutor, more than 30 people from a school in KL had been down with the same sickness with similar symptoms.  So I guess that this strain of virulent virus is now in the air. So parents, please keep your child hydrated, ensure that they pop their vitamins, eat healthily and stay away from crowded places, if possible.

Today, I asked Alycia what she’d like to have for lunch and we spent more than an hour to finally think of something that she felt like eating!  Instead of going to a nearby Japanese restaurant to have ramen or soba as suggested by the mil, Alycia told me that she wanted to eat Maggie mee, of all things!  So the mil and I came up with our healthy version of instant noodles for Alycia, without any MSG.

Our healthy maggie mee, minus the sachet of powdered junk.  The soup base is chicken breast fillet with tomatoes and squids, a dash of salt and bonito flakes.  Made some scrambled eggs too.

Starting from tonight, I can have my restful and uninterrupted sleep again after having to wake up several times at ungoldly hours in my groggy state  of mind for the past 4 nights to sponge my 10-year old girl and to feed her with water and fever meds.  Oh well, that’s the fun of being a mother!

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