Price To Pay For Not Listening To Mummy

Alycia has been gorging on quite a bit of junk food during the school holidays.  Since her birthday about 1.5 weeks ago, she’s been eating cakes, chocolates, crackers, chips, lollipops and other junk food non stop.  She would throw tantrums when her requests to eat junk food were not met.  Her appetite for junk food is pretty insatiable.  After lunch and dinner each day, she would rummage through the kitchen cabinet and fridge to look for biscuits, chocolates, chips, jellies and much more.  Her tummy is often so filled with junk food that she would have no more room for milk and other healthy food.  Being a health freak, I am against such unhealthy eating habits but she always has people around her who would pamper her with junk food.  Today, she finally puked.  She woke up in the morning and as usual, did not finish her milk.  She was very moody and just lay on the couch.  About half an hour later, she puked.  After that, she did not eat anything but drank some plain water.  During lunch, she had no appetite to eat.  At around 3pm, I gave her about 5 ounces of milk.  After the milk, she puked again.  I think she is having an indigestion as she ate a very heavy dinner yesterday.  After dinner, she polished off a cup of jelly.  If she continues to puke tomorrow, she’ll have to see the doctor.

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Vomiting Again

Though Alycia seems to have recovered from her recent bout of illness, she still puked once yesterday and once today.   Yesterday, she kept telling me that she’s hungry.  About half an hour before dinner time, I gave her a banana.   Just before dinner, she told me that she had tummy ache and puked.  I thought it was caused by the banana.  This morning, just before breakfast, she also puked, but mostly phlegm.  She still has quite a bit of phlegm in her throat and I guess the vomiting must be her body’s natural way of expelling the phlegm.  Other than the vomiting, she is otherwise very active and has good appetite. 

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I Wish Sherilyn Will Stop Puking

Sherilyn did it again last night.  This time, it wasn’t at the usual jinxed 12 midnight but at 10ish pm.  I had put the gals to bed early last night as they had taken their medicine and were feeling sleepy and listless, especially Alycia.   After putting them to sleep at 10pm, I went downstairs and sat in front of my computer.  Barely 2 minutes later, I heard Sherilyn coughing twice, followed by her shouting to me “mummy, I vomit“.  I hurried my maid who was downstairs to run upstairs but it was too late.  She had already puked on the bed and needless to say, it was a total mess and stink.   What I really hate most is the washing up part and I can only sympathize with my maid who has to mop the floor, wash away the stinky vomit on the bedsheet, pillow, blanket, pjs, etc. before soaking them in detergent….. all these done at an ungodly hour when she’s already so tired and sleepy after a hard day’s work.    After I had given Sherilyn a warm shower, I transferred the gals to my room where Alycia slept on the baby cot and Sherilyn slept with us on our king sized bed.   I am just so very very tired doing this almost every other night.  My tummy had been aching and not feeling too good yesterday.  I can also barely squat as my belly is terribly huge now.  Each time I squat down, I can feel my baby kicking me, as if telling me not to squeeze her so tightly. 

I just wonder when Sherilyn will ever get over this vomiting phase.  I can’t imagine how exhausting it would be having to deal with this vomiting sessions after my 3rd baby arrives.   I think I will need to hire 2 maids to help me or send Sherilyn to stay with my mum.


Sherilyn sleeping with us on our king-sized bed after she had puked on her bed.  I had to place water-proof papers on our bed and plastic sheets under the bedsheet, just in case she pukes again.

Alycia slept on her old baby cot in our room.  She was wearing socks as I applied baby Vicks on the sole of her feet.


As for me, these days I have to sleep next to a bucket.  The moment I hear Sherilyn cough, I will jump up from bed and get the bucket ready.  Boy, I feel so sleepy and moody these days from the lack of sleep. 

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