Another Big-Time Wee Wee Accident Again!

Sherilyn did it again 2 days ago.  This time, it wasn’t really all her ‘fault’.  After I had brushed her teeth, daddy took over and helped her put on the jammies. He had forgotten to put the diaper on and I was nursing Baby C and putting her to sleep.

The next morning, I fixed a bottle of milk and went to Sher’s room at 8:30am. I was surprised she was already awake. I gave her a ‘hello’ smile and said ‘good morning’. But Sher didn’t smile back at me but said “mummy, my clothes are wet wet“. I touched her pants and was surprised that it was very wet. I asked myself how could the diaper leak that much. When I took a closer look at her pants which looked flat and not bulging out with a soaked diaper, I realized that she didn’t wear a diaper to sleep the night before! I touched the blanket and it was soaking wet and gosh, I tell you, the bed was stinky! I quickly called my maid up to help me remove the bedsheet and to bring the heavy and bulky pee-soaked comforter down.  Luckily she slept with a plastic mat beneath her and the mattress wasn’t really wet.

Sher was walking ‘kankang’ (means with legs apart) down the stairs and into the bathroom…

My maid putting the pee-soaked sheets and comforter into a big bag, for hubby to bring to the laundry.

Sherilyn my trouble-maker made me boiling mad today.  Check out my other blog to find out what she did.

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Sher’s Yet Another Pee Accident

Maybe Sherilyn is just not ready to be off diapers when she naps during the day. A few days ago, she went upstairs to her mah mah’s bedroom and napped with her. My mil had forgotten to put a plastic sheet under Sherilyn. I was busy with Baby C. I had wanted to go up to ensure that the plastic changing mat and plastic sheets are all laid but Baby C was fussing and I had soon forgotten all about it.  In fact, I have been so consumed with Baby C’s daily feeding and cleaning regimen that I have neglected my 2 older girls quite a bit lately. I’ll blog about Baby C’s tedious regimen of feeding her antibiotics, probitiotics, cranberry juice and other supplements later.

An hour later, Sher came downstairs and as usual, announced to me nonchalantly “mummy, my shirt is wet...” My maid had to carry the daytime-napping-mattress down and out to the porch to have it washed as it was soaked with stinky pee.

The mattress that was just washed, hanging in the porch.

After this pee accident, I told myself that maybe Sher just ain’t ready to be off diapers during her nap. Though many times I had brought her to pee half-way through her nap, she would still pee in her pants later. The pee accidents and cleaning up part are really draining me out….. and I am already very very frazzled with Baby C’s daily feeding and cleaning regimen. So with a white flag, I regressed and put a diaper on Sher again during her naptime on days when I feel too exhausted to wake (and drag/force her up from bed!) Sher up to pee.

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Alycia Wants Her Diaper!

For the past 2 days, Alycia demanded to have her diapers worn during the afternoon naptime. Since the ‘accident’ a few days ago where she wet the mattress, she seems to have a phobia of not wearing diapers, especially now that we have a brand new mattress as she’s concerned that she might accidentally pee on the new mattress. I tried to convince her that it’s ok to be diaper-free as mummy will be waking her up to bring her to the potty but she insisted on wearing her diaper. This afternoon, she brought her diaper out from the drawer, removed her shorts and begged me to put it on for her! Oh dear, why is she regressing? Is it because of the new mattress or she hates to be woken up to pee on the potty? Maybe tomorrow I should try to stealthily remove the diapers after she has drifted to sleep and then wake her up to pee. Good idea?

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Weaning Off Diapers During Bedtime

Alycia is exactly 3.5 years old this month. She’s 90% off diapers and only wears diapers during naptime in the day and during the night before bed. For months, I’ve been wanting to wean her off diapers completely but procrastinated coz the gals fell ill continuously at the beginning of the year plus I am lazy and don’t have the zeal to pull myself off the bed the whole night to put her on the potty to pee. I know if she’s off diapers completely, that’s going to save DH LOTS of money on diapers. You know how costly Mamy Poko diapers are. Furthermore, I’m not sure how Alycia will react if I were to jolt her from slumberland to have her sit on her potty to pee. I think she’ll most likely holler and wail in defiance and startle everyone in the house, not to mention our poor neighbours. This could go on for days, if not weeks or months.

How am I to know if my child is ready to be potty trained during naptime and bedtime? Well, Alycia still wakes up with an overloaded diaper and most of the time, she would even wet her clothes and the bed.

Would experienced parents care to share your experience?

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