Treating UTI Naturally With Home Remedies

Days just after daughters no.1 and no. 2 got well, next in line to get shot in the stomach was me. And of all the ailments, I was down with UTI. Unbelievable. The last time I had UTI was probably more than 2 decades ago.   What a terrible month November has been for us.

It all started yesterday morning. I woke up feeling like I had not slept the entire night ~ malaise and totally lacking in energy. I went for my usual morning workout session for 40 minutes and struggled to even brisk walk. Then at about 11 a.m. after I got up from my catnap, I had the first few symptoms of a UTI with pain when I pee-ed and a terrible heavy pressure on my lower ab. I dismissed it as mid-cycle pain, which I sometimes get.  But it only got worse. I had this urge to pee every 5 minutes and with blood in my pee. I was petrified! Never had I experienced blood in my pee before. I was certain that it was UTI.

Even with this irritating pain and heavy pressure on my lower ab, I forced myself to get about with my chauffeuring chore – brought Drama Queen to tuition, fetched mil to the hair salon then fetched DQ back, bought lunch and went out again to fetch mil home. By evening, after picking up DQ from school, I told her that I am in no way fit to drive her to the dance studio and then fetch her back at 9pm. So she skipped dance class.

I started with my first sachet of Ural at 11 a.m., followed by Waterfall D-Mannose every two hourly.  Cass drinks D-Mannose as a prophylactic to prevent UTI.  Thankfully I have many bottles on standby. By noon, the pain got worse. The blood in the pee made it look as if I was doomed to die of some last stage disease. I was SO SO tempted to call the hubs to come home pronto to bring me to the hospital to get my pee cultured and pop some antibiotics to end the misery and pain.  I wasn’t sure if my home remedies would work as the blood in the pee made it look chronic. BUT I knew the effects and consequences of taking antibiotics. I’d seen how Cass got resistant to all antibiotics each time she had UTI when she was a baby, pre-surgery.

I soldiered on and kept drinking Waterfall D-Mannose every 2-hourly. I also drank Ural in between with lots of Izumio hydrogenated water. I must have drank about 4 packets of Izumio yesterday. I also applied Oregano and Thieves essential oils on my bladder region and spine throughout the day.  I was running to the loo to pee every 10-15 minutes with agony each time. The pain and discomfort were nightmare!

By 8 p.m., the blood in the pee stopped and the pain lessened. Thank God I managed to sleep pretty well, though I got up to pee every two hourly and to drink D-Mannose.  By morning, I was well enough to go to Cass’ school to settle some stuff for 2019.   I continued with Waterfall D-Mannose, Ural and Izumio  with topical application of Oregano and Thieves EO today.

As of typing this post, there is very little to no pain when I pee. But I’ve got a headache and body pain the whole day.  I shall continue to take Waterfall D-Mannose as a preventive measure for the next one month. From my experience with Cass’ UTI attacks, some stubborn bacteria would be hiding behind the walls of the bladder when medication is administered and not completely flushed out. Six weeks later, these bacteria would grow strong enough to multiply and Cass would get mini UTI attacks.  These attacks can go on for a year and treated with my home remedies each time.  Thus, she still takes Waterfall D-Mannose on a daily basis on a prophylactic dose.

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Random Matters

My first batch of VIP visitors consisting of my eldest sil and nephew returned to Hong Kong this morning. They were in KL for the past 2 weeks.

This Friday, we are expecting another 2 batches of VIPs ~ from Ipoh and Singapore.  My entire family will be in KL to celebrate papa’s 75th birthday! 🎂🍻 🥂  Another round of pigging out, chatting, laughing and bonding.

There’s been a hive of activity and feasts at our house for the past 2 weeks, with a 2-day break on Wednesday and Thursday before the  celebration and merriment continue from Friday onwards for another 4 days. And then it’s the start of the school holidays, yippeeeee!!  I can’t wait for the holidays to start.

I’ve been so sleep deprived the past one week.  Last weekend was a NO REST weekend for me. Cass had to attend a 2-day full day motivational camp at the school on Saturday and Sunday (from 7am – 5pm).   As the hubs had been working late the past few days, I had to assume the duty of  driver, which means having to wake up at 4:15 a.m. and leaving the house at 6:30 a.m., after getting some of the household chores done before everyone else in the family wakes up.

Most mornings I wake up asking myself if I can ever sleep in for another hour or two?!  It’s no joke getting up at that ungodly hour when that hour is the best time to be in a deep sleep ~ the room is cold and cozy and it’s just not meant to be the time to start ‘work’.  But surprisingly, I don’t feel extremely draggy or zombified  like I used to though I’ve not had a single day of rest. It must be the extra dosage of Super Lutein that I’ve been popping that gives me the sustenance.  Plus I have been diffusing energy-boosting essential oils throughout the night. Peppermint, lemongrass, lemon, geranium, cedarwood, eucalyptus, orange, tangerine and citrus fresh are some of the energizing essential oils that I have been diffusing every night.  And I am SO happy to report that this month, I did not get any period flu! 👍🏻

I realized about a few months back that ever since I touched 45 this year, I tend to get period flu about a week before my period starts. Every single month.  I also realized that many of my friends in their mid to late 40s get period flu too. I read that this is caused by fluctuating hormones in perimenopausal  women.  The  Progesterone Phyto Plus that I have been applying topically helps a great deal in balancing my wacky hormones.  I shall continue with this regimen of increased Super Lutein dosage, daily routine of diffusing and topical application of essential oils and getting an hour of uninterrupted nap during the day to boost my immune system and to beat fatigue.

Let me explain a nugget of Science here.

Did you know that the human body has an electrical frequency and much about a person’s health can be determined by it?  Higher frequency in the body, results in better health. It has been shown that a normal healthy body has a frequency of 62–72 MHz. When the body drops below this frequency, we begin to get into illness and disease states.  Clinical research shows essential oils, having the highest known frequency known to man, may create an environment in which microbes, disease, bacteria, fungus, etc. cannot survive.  Most naturally occurring substances –including essential oils – have coherent frequencies that resonate harmoniously with the electrical field of the human body. Happy and positive thoughts increase our body’s vibrational frequency while negative unhappy thoughts /emotions  decrease the frequency, even till it reaches ultra low frequency, i.e. death. Flipping mind-boggling eh? You can read more about it at my health blog.

So peeps, think happy and positive thoughts always. Eat fresh foods, especially plant based, which are high in vibration frequency. I wish everyone well and healthy. Have a happy week. School holidays start this Saturday!  😘

Brunch yesterday. Drama Queen with E, her cousin from HK and grand aunt from Ipoh.

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Oils For Healthy Skin

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments from people on how good I look, especially my skin. Self praise is no recommendation, I know. I can feel goose bumps raising on my hands already as I type this post. Tak malu ke? 😛

But sharing is caring. I want to share with you what I have been using on my skin that promotes healthy looking skin and I believe that anyone can have good skin too IF they diligently follow a healthy regimen for their skin. After all, the skin is the largest organ on our body and we should pamper it so that it remains soft, wrinkle-free and blemish-free.

Many people think that applying expensive creams on their skin equals to beautiful skin.  The truth is, many of the ingredients in personal care and beauty products aren’t so pretty. U.S. researchers have found that one in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care products are hazardous industrial chemicals. This means that 10,500 industrial chemicals are used as cosmetic ingredients, many of which are carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers (chemicals that keep concrete soft), degreasers (used to get grime off auto parts) and surfactants (they reduce surface tension in water, like in paint and inks). And these go on our skin and into the environment.  This is why most makeup and skin care products horribly age the skin and cause chemically instigated diseases.

My daily skin regimen is pretty simple and I use only natural skin-care products that contain no less than 2 ingredients.  At a lunch with Cass’ classmates’ mummies last week, one of the mummies asked me what product I use on my skin as she’s amazed with how good my skin looks. She could not believe it when I told her I was 45.  She’s younger than me and she owns a law firm.  When I told her that I am using essential oils with extra virgin coconut oil, without any hesitation, she told me that she wanted to buy the essential oils that I use.  The next day, I Whatsapp-ed her my beauty oils combo.

While having lunch at the kopitiam with Drama Queen yesterday, the lady boss told Drama Queen that her mummy is very pretty and young looking.  I was totally flattered!   😍  So flattered and inflated that I knocked down the glass of iced tea on the table and spilled the contents onto the mil’s pants 😅

Besides thanking my parents for good genes, I must thank my oils for supporting the health of my skin.

I’d love to share with you what I use from head to toe everyday:

For hair and body:
Extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO)
Few drops of Essential Oils.  I change the scents every week.  I use lavender, geranium cedarwood, peppermint, orange and grapefruit.

I pour about half a cup of EVCO and add about 5-6 drops each of three types of Essential Oil and store the oils in a glass bottle in the bathroom. I massage my body with the oils after each shower. I also use the oils on Cass’ hair to tame the frizz after each hair wash.

For face (face serum):
Rosehip oil ~ I use Trilogy rosehip oil
Frankincense or Geranium
Ratio is 2:1 (Rosehip oil : EO)

For treating my daughters’ pimples, I use Melaleuca oil (Tea Tree).

For my scalp to promote  hair growth:
I apply a few drops of these EOs neat on my scalp.

I think the oils to promote hair growth are working very well too. Lately, the slight balding patches on top and at the back of my head are not showing anymore! I shedded a LOT of hair at the height of anemia (caused by heavy menses which was caused by a big fibroid).  I have been applying these essential oils on my scalp every night after my shower for about a year. I wasn’t bothered when my girls commented that I smelled like pasta and roast chicken from the Rosemary and Lemongrass essential oils. I just wanted more hair to grow on my head without spending a fortune 🤨

Do read The Never List of chemicals not to have in your skin care and personal care products. Try to avoid these chemicals as much as you can.

Another friend was talking about the expensive face serum and moisturisers from the department store. She paid almost what I paid for my Premium Starter Kit for a small tub of cream, serum and toner.

What else other than reducing the look of wrinkles can that tub do?  Not one darn thing. And mind you, it may take tubs of creams to maybe reduce a few lines off your face, or maybe none at all, speaking from experience.

Ladies, I can diffuse uplifting beautiful smells, make my skin happy and healthy, use the oils as perfume, make my car and bathroom smell like spa with what I got in my box of starter kit. Plus do other amazing stuffs too. My eldest daughter loves to steal my peppermint EO to use as perfume!

I’m seriously not ready to look old or my age.  So my frugal mind says, why buy a once off use tub and bottle of cream and serum? When you can get a whole kit that has a ton of other uses and cost just about the same price. No brainer friend!

Just drop me an email  at if you wish to try the Essential Oils.  I can even loan you a diffuser set with some sample Essential Oils for you to try.  You can also click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) or Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.


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Rubbing Clove Essential Oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil On Your Teeth

I have ultra sensitive teeth, no thanks to years of excessive brushing and lemon juice.

I used to drink lemon juice with water first thing in the morning.  This practice helps to cleanse the digestive system, stimulate digestive enzymes and assist with weight loss. Sometimes I would suck on lemon slices. I didn’t notice or feel any difference to my teeth until many years later when I experienced teeth sensitivity.

Lemons and lemon juice are highly acidic. Over time, routine consumption of lemon juice will corrode your tooth’s outer covering – the enamel.

Erosion is the loss of tooth enamel, caused most commonly by acid attack. When the enamel is worn away, it exposes the underlying dentin (which is yellower in colour than enamel), and this may cause you to experience tooth sensitivity.

I used to brush my teeth after every meal but not anymore, so as not to corrode the teeth enamel any further. I still brush my teeth twice a day with an extra soft toothbrush and a mild toothpaste.  After meals, I rub my teeth with a cotton pad, dabbed with clove essential oil and organic extra virgin coconut oil.

Clove essential oil
Clove Oil is one of the oldest remedies for tooth pain and oral health. Thanks to the ingredient Eugenol, it has been used for centuries to anesthetise patients suffering from tooth ache.  Eugenol has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties too.

People have used essential oils for oral health for centuries, and clinical studies are finally proving their safety and efficacy. In addition to therapeutic herbs and other healing agents, many essential oils show a very beneficial effect upon teeth and gums as well.

Clove essential oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Rubbing clove essential oil on your gums or brushing teeth with it has antibacterial properties which can prevent cavities, gingivitis, bad breath, and tooth decay.

Dab 2 drops of  clove oil with a few drops of organic extra virgin coconut oil on a piece of cotton pad and rub on your teeth and gums.

Melaleuca oil (Tea Tree oil) and peppermint essential oil can also be added for extra protection and a fresh breath.

Do not rinse your mouth after rubbing the oils on your teeth and leave it for about 20 minutes before rinsing.

The effect is amazing!  You will get super clean and smooth teeth. In fact, I think rubbing the teeth with cotton pads is cleaner than using a toothbrush as you can  get to hard-to-reach parts of your molar teeth without hurting your gums and teeth.

Try it and you’ll believe me!  But use only good quality and unadulterated essential oils. Do not compromise on the quality of your essential oils.

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YL July Order

I am always in a good mood whenever I receive my monthly parcel from Young Living 😍

This month I ordered all my favorite essential oils ~ Stress Away (this oil can really  do wonders in removing some of the stress off my mind at a few sniffs!),  Joy (just like Orange, Joy is a happy essential oil. The scent makes me happy and I use it as perfume too!) and Frankincense (one of the must-have EOs at home and a great beauty and anti-aging EO).

For the Orange oil, I got it FREE! You read it right.  Young Living rewards its loyal members with free oils regularly.  Orange essential oil is one of my favorite oils and I use it everyday as a perfume and car air freshener. Sometimes I dab it outside my nostrils as the scent just puts me in a good mood.

Health benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil at a glance:
Photo credit:

Other Benefits
Known as the king of essential oils, Frankincense oil relieves pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis. It helps to heal boils, infected wounds, acne, circulatory problems, insomnia, and various types of inflammation as well.

More recently, Frankincense oil has been used in European and American hospitals and is the subject of substantial research. Frankincense is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for ageing and dry skin. The ancient Egyptians used it in rejuvenation face masks.

Special Promotion available only on 14 July 2018!


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One day Special Promotion on 14 July 2018!!
This promotion is only valid until 14 July 2018 11.59pm GMT.
Valid for order processed online via Virtual Office. I can help with your order too.

Don’t miss it!
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Just drop me an email  at if you wish to try the Essential Oils.  I can even loan you a diffuser set with some sample Essential Oils for you to try.  You can also click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) or Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.

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Homemade Air Freshener With No Harsh Chemical

I love stepping into any place that smells good but the thing is I am allergic to synthetic fragrances. One of the side effects that I get when I smell synthetic air freshener, especially those for cars is I would feel nauseous.  Sometimes I would get a mild headache from smelling overpowering artificial scents. Whenever I step into a lift that someone had just left a trail of strong perfume or after the condo cleaner had sprayed air freshener, I would have to hold my breath until I reach my destination seconds later.  I wouldn’t want to take any chance for feeling nauseous and choking my lungs and nostrils with chemicals.

The other day, someone had accidentally spilled fish blood and water onto the floor mat of my car after buying fish. Even after washing the floor mat, the odor of stinky fish lingered in my car.  The aroma of  pandan leaves in my car couldn’t cover the stench of dead fish in my car and I felt like puking.  That’s what prompted me to make my own air freshener and it is so easy and so fast!  It took me under 5 minutes to whip up a bottle of 50ml air freshener,  I kid you not!

All you need is 3 or 4 ingredients and a spray bottle.

1. Spray bottle ~ I used a 50ml clear plastic spray bottle bought from Craftiviti.
2. Filtered water
3. Essential oils ~ you can use any scent that you fancy. I chose Orange, Lime and Cedarwood ~ 10 drops each. You can pick Lavender, Peppermint, Grapefruit or any citrusy scent. You can even choose Rose, if you can afford it 😉 (Pure organic Rose Essential Oil is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world!)
4. If you have vanilla essence, put a few drops as well. I love the smell of vanilla in my air fresheners. It feels as if I am sniffing vanilla cakes and cookies and that’s enough to satiate my desire for these snacks.

1. Fill up spray bottle with filtered water and leave about 5cm space for the Essential Oils (EO).
2. Drop EO of your choice into spray bottle.
3. Add in vanilla essence (optional) but recommended if you love the smell of vanilla.
4. Shake well before spraying.

After a good spray of homemade air freshener in my car, I dabbed a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil and Vanilla essence onto cotton facial pads and slot them between my car air-cond vents.  Now my car smells so lemony and vanilla-ish. No more dead fish stench.  Love the smell of my DIY air freshener so much 🤗  Best of all, I don’t get nauseous and dizzy from smelling it.

I am a stickler for quality essential oils. The cheaper ones  just won’t cut it for me.  I’ve tried essential oils that are so much cheaper and I ended up discarding them ~ oregano and grapefruit ones to be precise. They smelled so fake and strong I knew at once they were adulterated.

You can read more about the brand I’ve used for 3+ months here.

These recipes are for small batches. Feel free to double or triple if you find a mix you really like.

These homemade air freshener concoctions make fabulous gifts and they are pretty affordable too.

You can use whatever type of water you have available- I just used plain filtered tap water.

Give your spritzers a good shake before you spray to make sure the oils are mixed into the water.

Let me know if you need help to get the essential oils. I can get them for you at wholesale price.  Just drop me an email  at  You can also click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) or Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.

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Savvy Minerals Lipstick

Two months ago in April, in my very first purchase from Young Living, I ordered my  first Savvy lipstick and I am so in love with it!  The color I chose was Wish (Nude Rose) and the color suits my skin color to a tee!

What I like about Savvy lipstick is that the colors are slightly glossy and very natural. Not the striking red, bright orange or fluorescent pink type of colors. Before this purchase, I was hunting around for a glossy lipstick that’s made from natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals and lead. And I finally found my baby at Young Living!  I can’t wait to try their lip gloss in my next purchase.

Why should I get lipstick from Savvy Minerals by Young Living?

Because all other lipsticks out there have LEAD.

Lead is a known carcinogen found in lipsticks and hair dyes but never listed because it is a contaminant and not an ingredient.

When you kiss your kids, lead gets into their system through their lips or skin. When you eat with your lipstick on, you ingest lead and chemicals.

Remove the worry and ONLY USE SAVVY LIPSTICK and LIPGLOSS from Young Living.


How to test Lipstick for “Lead”.

Lead is a chemical which causes cancer.

Recently a brand called, “Red Earth” decreased their prices from HK$67 to HK$9.90. It contained lead.

Brands which contain Lead :-

1. Christian Dior – 4
2. LANCOME – 2
4. Y.S.L – 5
7. RED EARTH (Lip Gloss) – 2
8. CHANEL (Lip Conditioner) – 2

The higher the number of lead the higher the content which means a greater chance of causing Cancer. After doing this test, we found Y.S.L. lipstick to contain the most lead. It is not easy to “REMOVE” because of the lead. Watch out for those lipsticks which are suppose to stay on longer.

Here is a test you can do yourself:

1. Put some lipstick on your hand
2. Use a 24k-14k Gold ring to scratch on the lipstick
3. If the lipstick color changes to black in time then you know the lipstick contains lead

Share this information to all your girl friends (copy and paste).

If you wish to purchase this lipstick at member price, click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) or email me at You can also Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.


Photo credit: Oily Families on Facebook

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Essential Rewards June Order From Young Living

I received my Essential Rewards order for June from Young Living yesterday and I immediately diffused the Eucalyptus Radiata at night.  Ever since I started diffusing a mix of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Thieves during bed time at night, my Allergic Rhinitis is under control. I hardly have nasal congestion and sneezing when I wake up in the morning.

Receiving my parcel from Young Living every month makes me very happy! It’s like waiting for a present to arrive every month and you can’t wait to use the contents inside.

After shower last night, I rubbed two drops of Cedarwood onto my scalp.  Young Living essential oils are very pure and concentrated. One or two drop is enough  for me to massage my entire scalp and while there is still some oil on my palm, I rub the oil on my  face and hair. Cedarwood essential oil helps reduce dry or flaky scalp. It stimulates the scalp and increases circulation. This oil has a very  pleasant woody aroma too and can double up as a perfume.

I also rubbed a drop of Orange Essential Oil on my neck, nostrils and temples. I love the scent of orange essential oil. It can really give me an instant mood lift like an euphoric magic!

According to research, the benefits of orange oil include:

  • Fighting cancerous tumors
  • Increasing circulation
  • Killing bacteria and pathogens
  • Decreasing wrinkles
  • Improving complexion
  • Easing anxiety
  • Decreasing hypertension

Today I tried the Lemon-Sandalwood bar soap made from 100% pure therapeutic essential oils with no harsh chemicals. The soap is non-drying, very creamy and produces a nice amount of suds, without SLS or paraben. I use it to wash my face and body. You will step out of the bathroom smelling fresh but without the lingering perfume fragrance from regular soaps.

Young Living Bar Soaps are:

    • 100% vegetable based formula
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Contain fatty acids (such as vegetable oils) and glycerin that combat over-drying
    • Infused with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils
    • Formulated without synthetic ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, glycols, sulfates, synthetic dyes or colorants, EDTA, or animal-derived ingredients.
    • Organically grown ingredients

There is really something magical and mystical about these essential oils.  They  are plant life, God’s creation in nature. I am starting to fall in love with them!

Let me know if you need help to get the essential oils and the diffuser set. I can get them for you at wholesale price.  Just drop me an email  at  You can also click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) or Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.

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Thieves Household Cleaner

My bottle of Thieves essential oil-infused Household Cleaner  from Young Living has arrived and I am so excited to find recipes to whip up various uses for it.  With Thieves, I can now ditch my regular bathroom cleaners with harsh chemicals.  And with Thieves, I now have the peace of mind to rope in my daughters to help clean the bathrooms 😆

Thieves Household Cleaner

Thieves Household Cleaner is an all-purpose, concentrated cleaner formulated with 100 percent plant-based and mineral-based ingredients. Formulated with the power of Lemon essential oil and Young Living’s proprietary Thieves essential oil blend, this cleaner provides a deep clean without dangerous or synthetic ingredients.

To my daughters reading this post, there will be no more excuses not to wash toilets ok!  You will thank me one day that I have delegated the toilet-washing task to you. 😉


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DIY Essential Oil Blend For Decongestant / Nasal Congestion / Sinus Buster

Essential oils can support your essential life. Whether you are looking to reduce pain and inflammation from over exercising, help soothe an upset stomach, ease situational anxiety or depression, ease nausea or help prevent a cold or the flu – there are countless recipes just for you.

I am getting more and more hooked on making essential oil blends for just about everything and every situation ~ from anti-stink armpit spray to baby powder, face blush loose powder, sore throat gargle to mouth rinse to sinus buster. The list is just endless and what I really love is that I know what goes inside all my personal care products ~only pure and pesticide-free essential oils, baking soda, arrowroot powder and witch hazel without the yuckies.

When I was down with a cold two weeks ago, I had a bad bout of nasal congestion.  I couldn’t sleep well as I had trouble breathing. The blocked nasal caused a painfully piercing pressure on my  head when I tried to inhale.  Still, I did not resort to over-the-counter cold medicine. Instead I made my own decongestant and the result was very effective in relieving my blocked nasal.  As a result, I could sleep better and got better within a week, without any medication.

Decongestant Roller Bottle Recipe (10 ml bottle)

  • 4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 4 drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil
  • 10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 4 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Thieves Essential Oil


1) Add essential oils into roller bottle. I recycled my empty 10 ml Young Living essential oil bottles and affixed a roller ball (from Young Living) to it.

2) Fill rest of bottle with carrier oil, be sure to leave space at top. This is optional and I did not use any carrier oil. I prefer it to be undiluted.

3) Insert roller ball and cap, roll bottle between hands to blend oils together.

4) To use, apply small amount to the areas around the nose and nostrils.  Be sure to avoid eyes. Repeat as needed.

A note of caution: be sure to get your essential oils that are pure and are of therapeutic grade from reputable sources. Cheap essential oils are adulterated and contain pesticides and herbicides that may cause harm to your body.

Let me know if you need help to get the essential oils. I can get them for you at wholesale price.  Just drop me an email at You can also click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) or Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.

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DIY Sore Throat Gargle With Essential Oils

Someone brought home some nasty bugs and didn’t take special care to use separate cutlery when we were eating. I got bitten by the bugs eventually.  I find that when I am chronically sleep deprived,  it takes a toll on my immunity. I get bitten by flu and cold bugs pretty fast when I lack sleep. I started with a mild sore throat and advanced to a cold with nasal congestion. Darn it!!

The most common cause of a sore throat is a cold or the flu. You often first realize a cold or the flu is coming on when you get that first bit of pain and scratchiness in your throat.

Being an all-natural wellness mommy, I googled for an essential oil recipe for sore throat gargle.  All that’s needed are 3 ingredients, that’s it and in just a day, my sore throat is gone!  I love my Young Living essential oils!

Just a short introduction on Young Living essential oils:

Young Living’s very strict “Seed to Seal” standards regulate the company’s processes and that of its suppliers.  Young Living takes the methods of distilling and producing an essential oil very seriously, which ensures that the essential oils they produce are nothing less than therapeutic grade or functionally active. Also Young Living owns 11 of their own farms around the world where they employ beyond organic practices to ensure quality and consistency.

The quality control measures that Young Living imposes upon itself and its partners go beyond the current organic standard, which is why they are able to deliver 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils with all the natural ingredients and therapeutic properties that occur naturally.

Ok, back to how essential oils can help make a sore throat go away quicker or avoid one all together!

The following essential oils for sore throat pain will kill germs, ease inflammation and speed healing of this annoying and painful malady:

1. Peppermint
Peppermint oil is commonly used for treatment of the common cold, cough, sinus infections, respiratory infections, and inflammation of the mouth and throat, including sore throats.

2. Lemon
Lemon essential oil is known for its ability to cleanse toxins from any part of the body and is widely used to stimulate lymph drainage, to rejuvenate energy and purify skin.

Lemon oil is derived from the skin of the lemon and is excellent for sore throats since it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, high in vitamin C, increases salivation and helps keep the throat moist.

3. Clove / Thieves
Clove essential oil is useful for boosting the immune system, so it is extremely useful at discouraging and relieving a sore throat. The sore throat benefits of clove oil can be attributed to its antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties. Chewing on a clove bud can also help a sore throat (as well as a toothache).

I added 2 drops of Clove and 2 drops of Thieves. If you have no Thieves essential oil, you can use Clove. Thieves essential oil is a blend Clove, Lemon, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus therapeutic grade essential oils.

4. Tea tree
According to a 2013 study, tea tree oil has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects against germs. It’s often used as an antiseptic for gum infections and other oral problems.

Baking Soda
According to American Cancer Society, rinsing your mouth regularly with a salt, baking soda, and water solution (1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon salt mixed in 1 quart water) can help prevent infections and helps your mouth feel better. Gargle with the mixture to relieve a sore throat, but don’t swallow it.

Several studies have found that gargling several times a day with warm salt water can reduce swelling in the throat and loosen mucus, helping to flush out irritants or bacteria.

What Is Needed For Sore Throat Gargle
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
Boiled filtered water
2 drops each of the following essential oils: Lemon, Peppermint,  Clove / Thieves, Tea Tree

Dilute the sea salt with some warm boiled water.
Add in baking soda and essential oils.
Mix well.
Store in sterilized bottle.

Gargle several times a day for at least a minute each time but DO NOT swallow.

A note of caution: be sure to get your essential oils that are pure and are of therapeutic grade from reputable sources.   Cheap essential oils are adulterated and contain pesticides and herbicides that may cause harm to your body.

Let me know if you need help to get the essential oils. I can get them for you at wholesale price. Just drop me an email at  You can also click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) or Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.


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DIY Essential Oil Deodorant Spray

We all know that store bought deodorants contain harsh chemicals that may disrupt hormones, mess with your microbiome and may even cause cancer. Paraben, aluminium, triclosan, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, among other chemicals, are the main suspects.

Some of the ingredients in commercial deodorants are just a term that actually comprise other numerous ingredients – take fragrance for example, it goes by other names such as perfume and parfum. It’s a term that represents a long list of undisclosed synthetic chemicals such as phthalates, aldehydes, benzenes and other toxic substances that have been linked to allergies, dermatitis, reproductive problems and more.

If these compounds are of concern to you, ditching all underarm deodorant products is the only way to ensure you’re not exposing yourself to potentially toxic chemicals.  If you sweat and smell a lot and really need to use a deodorant, at least try to shop for fragrance-free and natural deodorant.  Read the labels and choose products labeled paraben, triclosan and fragrance-free.  The more people spend their money on products that don’t contain these chemicals, the more manufacturers will move away from using them.

Better yet, you can make your own deodorant using only natural ingredients! I’ve made my own deodorant spray and it is SO EASY and FAST to make it!  Just a few minutes  and voila, you have your own chemical-free spray deodorant that smells heavenly.

This essential oils deodorant spray recipe contains  just two ingredients yet it still works well. Beat that!

DIY Essential Oil Deodorant Spray Recipe
This essential oil deodorant spray recipe is made up of  2 ingredients such as:

  • witch hazel: a natural astringent that shrinks the pores on the armpits hence controlling over-sweating. It also acts as an emulsifier to combine the essential oils
  • essential oils: have great scents that keep skin smelling clean fresh and scented, are powerful antioxidants that protect the sensitive skin, are strong antimicrobial and antiseptic agents that fight off bacteria responsible for bad body odor

What You Need:
Witch Hazel (you can get it from iHerb or Lazada. I got mine from Lazada.)
50 ml spray bottle (where to get it)
Essential oil funnel (where to get it)

Essential Oil Blends For Deodorant (where to get them):
10-20 drops lavender
10-20 drops lemon
10-20 drops peppermint
5-10 drops Frankincense
5-10 drops lemon grass

Pour witch hazel into a  spray bottle using a funnel. Fill up to 3/4 of the bottle.
Drop essential oils into spray bottle.
Shake well before using.
That’s it! Spritz once or twice on each armpit then let it dry.
Store your essential oil deodorant spray in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.
One spritz can last for about 6 – 8 hours, depending on the amount of physical activity you do that day.

This recipe works LIKE A CHARM on me! I sweat buckets and smell but not anymore now.  My two teenage girls also use it.

You can play around with a wide range of essential oils for your DIY deodorant spray.  Eucalyptus, ylang ylang, grapefruit, orange, geranium, etc.  Once you’ve tried your own DIY spray deodorant, you wouldn’t want to use chemical-laden store-bought ones.

A note of caution: be sure to get your essential oils that are pure and are of therapeutic grade from reputable sources.   Cheap essential oils are adulterated and contain pesticides that may cause harm to your body.

Let me know if you need help to get the essential oils. I can get them for you at wholesale price. Just drop me an email at

You can also click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) to enjoy purchases at discounted prices with freebies or Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.

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Colorful Meals

Eating colours is always a very good idea and I take great pains to ensure that my girls and I do.  Even on super busy days, I include an organic raw tomato into their fruit box.  I prep a fruit box or a smoothie  for the girls every day. In fact raw tomatoes are a staple in our fridge and the girls and I eat them every other day.

Yesterday was a very colorful day for us.  Each and every meal that we had was colorful 🌈

As it is often said, eat the rainbow to ensure that you are feeding your body super nutrients that equip your cells like defense weapons against every day stressors and aging. Eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables will maximize the body’s ability to heal daily and prevent against all forms of diseases and cancers.

The first meal of the day at 5:15 a.m. for Cass was a  slice of wholemeal bread with butter and avocado. Half a banana. Bananas are good and inexpensive prebiotics to include in our diet.  Prebiotics are food for probiotics, the good bacteria in our guts.  Lunch box for recess for Cass was organic buckwheat noodles seasoned with sesame seed oil, sesame seeds, organic soy sauce and Korean seaweed.

Alycia had a wholewheat English muffin with butter and avocado for breakfast.

Fruit of the day was smoothie ~ a blend of apples, oranges, organic New Zealand spinach, juice from one lemon, Manuka honey and a powerful shot of Ningxia Red from Young Living.  NingXia Red is a powerful juice drink that contains whole Ningxia wolfberry puree — a super blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices, natural stevia extract, grape seed extract, pure vanilla extract, and orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils.

Let me know if you want me to help you buy Ningxia Red at wholesale price (email

Tea time for me was boiled purple sweet potato and a bowl of red soup of beet root and carrots.

Dinner was yet another traffic light colors meal consisting of sauteed organic NZ spinach, onion egg omelette and Tomyam fish with colorful vegetables (brinjal, tomatoes, ladies fingers).

I love everything colorful, including my meals. Just looking at these bright colors set me in a good mood.

Eat the rainbow 🌈:
It’s no secret that eating the rainbow can help you succeed with your weight loss goals, not to mention the array of nutrients you feed your body. And coat your body with the nutrients it needs. These colorful benefits can strengthen your immune system, promote a healthy heart, create radiant skin, and even help you live longer.

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DIY Natural Face Toner With Pure Essential Oils

I love using essential oils as part of my natural skincare routine. I have been using essential oils for over 2 years but I only started using it on a daily basis about a year ago. I have a bowl of essential oil blend in the bathroom that I would apply on my face and body after each shower. I apply it on Cass’ hair too to help detangle her hair.  It’s composed of extra virgin coconut oil and a mix of several essential oils. I change the scent every week.  I love simple and chemical free skincare and make-up.

Skin care is an important part of me. What you eat and put on your skin equal to how good your complexion and skin are. Plus your hormones. If your hormones do not wreck havoc, you will most likely have blemish-free skin if you follow a healthy diet and right skincare regimen.  Getting sufficient beauty sleep is very important as well for beautiful skin and complexion.

As part of my chemical-free journey, I made my own face toner for the first time.  And it’s SO EASY!  All it takes is a few minutes to concoct the face toner.  But getting started for the very first time takes some time. It took me a week to source for witch hazel and bottles at the most affordable prices.  Thankfully I have a good mentor who is guiding me and offering me advise.

It only took me a few minutes to prep my DIY face toner with 4 ingredients for a 50ml bottle. I made this face toner with Alycia in mind as she’s a sucker for skincare products.  She secretly uses my essential oils as perfume though I’ve told her umpteen times that my essential oils are expensive and not meant to be put on clothes as perfume. Oh lordy! No wonder my essential oils are finished SO fast!

What’s in this homemade facial toner?

Witch hazel – Witch hazel is a natural astringent that minimizes the appearance of pores, reduces inflammation and skin irritations, decreases oil and redness, and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Essential oils

Lavender essential oil ~ this is an all-around super powerhouse for skin care.  It’s gentle and great for all skin types.  It soothes and calms irritated skin.  It also has powerful antioxidants that slow aging.  And lavender improves the appearance of complexion, reduces redness, and fights acne.

Lemon essential oil ~ lemons are natural astringents. This makes them good for toning your skin, reducing oily skin, tightening large pores and firming the face. Lemon essential oil is one of the most powerful anti-acne essential oils. It contains powerful ingredients like antioxidants, vitamin C and citric acid which fight off acne causing germs and boost collagen production, thereby reducing scarring.

Note: Lemon essential oil is photosensitive. So do not apply it on your skin then expose that area to sunlight. Use it indoors or at night time for your skin/hair. If you’re planning on heading out, wash the area you’ve applied the lemon oil to very thoroughly.  We only use this toner at night.

Frankincense essential oil ~ this oil has the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity, defense mechanisms against bacteria or blemishes, and appearance as someone ages. It helps tone and lift skin, reduces appearance of scars and acne, and heals wounds. It can also be beneficial for fading of stretch marks, surgery scars or marks associated with pregnancy, and for healing dry or cracked skin.

Frankincense oil has been shown to help fight cells of specific types of cancer.  A 2012 study even found that a chemical compound found in frankincense called AKBA is successful at killing cancer cells that have become resistant to chemotherapy, which may make it a potential natural cancer treatment.

Here’s the DIY Face Toner Recipe:

  1. Fill a 50 ml bottle almost full with witch hazel. I use Thayers bought from Lazada. My friends get their Thayers witch hazel from iHerb. I did a comparison and found out that the price is the same and I got mine within 2 working days after payment to Lazada.
  2. add 10-15 drops each of Frankincense and lavender essential oils and 5 drops of lemon oil. (You can add 10 drops of tea tree / melaleuca oil if you have oily, acne / breakout prone skin)
  3. shake to mix.  And shake the bottle before each use.

To use, you can spray on a cotton swap and apply all over your face and neck after washing your face or simply spray some on your palm and apply the toner on your face and neck. Then follow with your normal facial moisturizer and the rest of the skin care routine.

Some recipes use apple cider vinegar in their DIY face toner. But I find the smell of ACV  a tad offensive to be left on my skin 🤧 Plus I know the girls will be turned off by the smell of ACV in the toner.

My next few projects will be to make a day time face toner which excludes photosensitive essential oils, a beauty serum and mouth rinse.

This DIY face toner with essential oils helps to restore your skin’s pH balance, shrinks pores, moisturizes and refreshes skin! It’s a vital part of a good skincare routine.

Next up in this blog is my DIY spray-on deodorant with essential oils.

If you are interested to get the essential oils from Young Living at wholesale price, I can help you.  Do drop me an email at  You can also click here  to sign up as member (signing up online is so easy and fast!) to enjoy purchases at discounted prices with freebies or Whatsapp / call me at 019 266 4290.


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Hump Day, 18 April 2018

Someone made my blood boil today, till I felt steam spewing out from my nostrils!  This girl is driving me insane with her daily dawdling and lackadaisical attitude towards punctuality, among other things.  Having the ‘privilege’ to attend school in the afternoon session has definitely made her a lounger. And going to a school that’s within the neighborhood makes it worse.  I’ve been reminding her that her 2 years of honeymoon period will end too soon (doesn’t time fly?) and she’s going to have a hard time readjusting her internal body clock and mentality when schooling time is back to morning session when she goes to Secondary 3.

After the entire morning dragging her feet and telling me three different time she needed to be in school for a dance competition practice with her friends (from 10 am to 11 am to 12 noon!), I was enraged. I waited for her the entire morning, only to be told  that she actually needn’t have to be in school in the morning. I could have gone out to run a few errands but I waited at home for her. I wasted my entire morning and the worst had yet to come.

She pestered me to get ready, which I already did like an hour ago but when we were at the front door of the house, she darted back into the house and guess what she did? She had forgotten to pack her bag!  She pulled out her time-table and had the cheek to pack her bag with me waiting furiously at the door!

Oh. My. Girl!!

When will she ever learn? I was so incensed that I barked at her non-stop from the house to school ~ a whole 10 minutes, lashing out on my stroppy and impassive teenager.

After dropping her off in school, the rage had already wiped out my appetite and mood completely. I could feel a slight throb in my head, caused by stress.  I went to the tai chau restaurant to meet the hubs for lunch anyway and swallowed down my food just to fill my tummy.

When I got back, I was still in a foul mood. The wind-down phase this time took quite a while. I needed to de-stress to get rid of the anger headache. I put a few drops of Young Living Stress Away and Peppermint essential oil into the diffuser, and took a short power nap on my Osim massage chair. I woke up feeling as right as rain 😊


Stress Away Essential Oil


Stress Away™ is the first product to contain the unique relaxing combination of  Lime and Vanilla pure essential oil. Other essential oils in Stress Away include Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea and Lavender.  I love the scent of vanilla. It reminds me of mum’s homemade vanilla cake. Mum baked a lot of yummy cakes to fill our perpetually hungry tummies when we were growing up. She still bakes fantastic cakes now. Stress Away evokes a sense of relaxing, happy and feel-good hormones in me. Love it so much!

Just an update on my application for Drama Queen to be moved to the Dual Language Program (DLP) class in her school. She was finally ‘promoted’ to the DLP class last week, on Cass’ birthday! Am so happy for her. I hope she can continue to maintain  the required grades for all her subjects, failing which she will be kicked out of the DLP class to make way for better deserving students  😰

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