For the past few days, DH had been really busy with work, so busy the gals and I hardly had the time to talk to him and spend some quality time together. DH had been busy with the preparation of a big function of 500+ pax for one of his corporate clients. Two days ago on the day of the function, DH even had to leave the house for his shop at 4am to ensure that everything for the function which begun at 8am was ready, for he cannot afford any slip-up. Well, the sleepless nights and sacrifices were all worth it for DH received compliments for a job well done from his client. Here are some snapshots of the function :

Once again, if there’s anyone who is looking for a reliable caterer for just any functions, try out Catermate.

DH Alan can be contacted at 019-266 4297.

Oh, this is not a sponsored post.

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5 thoughts on “Catermate

  1. You sure this is not a sponsored post..?? kekekkeeke!! you should ask .. your DH .. to reward you for writing about his business.. kekekkee!!

  2. Mamabok… yup, come to think of it, must really ask DH to give me a big reward for helping him advertise for free here, ha ha!

  3. wah so lucky la your hb, your free adertisement hehehe

    too bad i’m not in kl, cos really like his dedication to the assignment, can be trusted 😀

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